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drugs used to treat asthma

drugs used to treat asthma

difficulty breathing? think you might haveasthma or know you have asthma? hi, my name is mark brinson, i'm a doctor of orientalmedicine, human performance and physical medicine specialists. when people have difficulty breathingor asthma, there are several treatments that you can use with acupressure that will facilitateyou maintaining a better balance in your body, especially in the lung system. the lung systemin eastern medicine doesn't just relate to asthma and the lungs themselves, it relatesto the whole respiratory system and the skin so these treatments can also improve that.a couple of the points you can use are just lateral and directly below the clavicles.i usually do these, or have the person do them, with two fingers at the same time andjust a circular motion, this can help to increase

the overall lung function. another nonspecificpoint, more of a channel type stimulation that you can do, is very simply taking yourhands and stroking downward on the sternum. i would do this for about one to two minutesand possibly a little bit quicker than i'm doing it now. a third thing that you can dois learning how to breathe through the diaphragm, once again, instead of the chest. many timespeople with asthma start to get problems with their scaling muscles, they become a chestbreather. you can see mine kind of contract when i try to breathe through my chest. gettinga good massage therapist to work these out can help as well as learning a breathing exercise,where you lay on the floor for a period of about two minutes, practice breathing whereyou let your stomach rise, then the chest,

then the chest goes down and then the stomachgoes down. repeat that for two to three minutes until your body learns neuromuscularly tostart diaphragmatically breathing again. my name is mark brinson, wishing you balanceand good breathing in your life.

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