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drugs to treat asthma

drugs to treat asthma

for treating asthma either acute or chronic,we have certain points we already mentioned. now we have other points on the arms and thehand, which we can use or even leave the needles there for the asthma condition. one of thepoints is called a lung 7, and it's also on the lung channel. so, the lung channel startsfrom the chest area, the upper chest area, and then goes just past the chest, then followsthe inside of the arms, goes all the way to the thumb and ends up at the end of the the lung 7 is a point on this line which we can locate through the hand. so, we usuallyput the hand like this, and the index finger lands at the place on the lung channel whichis 1.5 inches above the wrist line. and this, if you touch that, there is a notch on thisbone and that's the lung 7. so we use this

point to either treat acute or the chronicasthma, and then we can thread the needle this way and even tape the needles there forthe acute asthma attack.

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