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different inhalers

different inhalers

puffit vaporizer by discreet vape alright guys, i'ma show you guys how to use the puffit vaporizer right from the start as soon as remove the cap it turns itself on if you wanna adjust the temperature removethe mouth guard use a rotary dial my side you can see that mine is set to 8 right now you can just adjust it like that, it's pretty simple.after that put your mouth guard back on some people like to leave it halfway on when they're about to use it take the cap off i'm take my mint leaves when you pack it you want to pack it all the way tothe top

loosely. just make sure it's nice and loose. get rid of any excess that might be on top and you just take a pen and pack it down tightly. this is for issue optimal usage you get the best vapor out of this. once you're all done put the cap back on and just depress see the light start blinking give it a few seconds for heat up. the first cycle usuallytakes anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds.

every cycle after will take just aboutfive seconds to heat back up. once it's heated it'll turn green, and then it's good to go. that's pretty much it

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