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different asthma inhalers

different asthma inhalers

>> iggy: hi there! my name is iggy the inhaler. i heard that you may have asthma. inhalers like me help kids with asthma feeljust as good as all the other kids! what’s asthma? have you ever had trouble breathing, a lotof coughing or wheezing? those are all signs of asthma! and asthma is a problem of the lungs. here let’s take a look at healthy lungs do you see how easy it is to breathe?

(sound of breathing) let’s take a closer look! look at the small airways in the lung! do you see how wide open they are? look at how easily the air flows through theairways! when lungs are working well air passes throughthem easily and you can breathe comfortably. but look at the airways in somebody with asthma: do you see how the muscle bands are tighteningaround the airways? and look how swollen the area around his airwayis!

another word for swelling is inflammation! yuck! and there’s mucous plugging up theairway too! when you’re airways are narrow like this,kids have a hard time breathing! and that’s why they cough and wheeze! what can we do to help kids with asthma? (broncho theme music) >> broncho: a lot of things, iggy! >> iggy: broncho! i’m glad you could makeit! >> broncho: no problem, partner.

howdy, folks. my name’s broncho and i’ma bronchodilator. that means i’m a rescue inhaler. >> iggy: so what do rescue inhalers like youdo, broncho? these airways could use your help! >> broncho: heh heh, i’m glad you asked,good buddy! wow, you weren’t kidding, iggy! look at how tight these muscles are! bronchodilators like me can relax these muscles.just watch!! come on.

come on, little doggie. yeeehaw!! we did it iggy, these muscle bandsaren’t tight anymore! >> iggy: and look, the airway a little moreopen now! thanks, broncho! >> broncho: no problem, partner. but remember,bronchodilators are quick relievers! i’m only temporary and only last a short time! >> iggy: good point, broncho. the musclesaren't tight now, but there’s still a lot of swelling! i think we may need a controller.

>> coltron: did someone say controller?!? have no fear, coltron the controller is here!! >> iggy: hey there, coltron! >> broncho: good to see you, pal. >> coltron: so what’s the situation, friends? >> broncho: i loosened the muscle bands togive quick relief. >> iggy: but there’s still swelling, orinflammation, there. >> coltron: well coltron the controller isthe name, and putting out inflammation is my game!

inhalers like broncho are rescue medications,they can help kids stop wheezing and breathe easier! >> broncho: but rescue inhalers like me onlylast a few hours! >> coltron: that’s right, and long as thereis swelling and inflammation, the airways are going to get narrow again! good thing i can put out the fire! >> iggy: but you don’t work as fast as broncho,right? >> coltron: that’s right! i work slowly,but when i fix things, it’s more long-lasting! but it takes time, and i only work if usedevery day!

>> iggy: look, in the end the airway is open! >> coltron: and the inflammation and swellingare under control. thanks to a controller like me >> iggy: and with the airways clear a kidwith asthma won’t need to be rescued by broncho as often. >> broncho: bullseye! and the less you needme, the better your asthma is under control!

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