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daily inhaler asthma

daily inhaler asthma

asthma is a problem in the lungs in whichthe lungs produce excess mucus, causing a feeling of constriction in the lungs, notallowing the person to be able to breathe properly or take deep, full breaths. thereare two types of asthma: extrinsic and intrinsic. one is caused by the body’s own immune systemproducing excess mucus and lung constriction; the other is a problem when a person breathesin cold air, breathes in a chemical agent, or exercises too much, causing restrictionwithin the lungs. conventional medicine treatments of asthma are typically steroidal or non-steroidalmedications in inhaler form. they can be used on a daily basis to suppress symptoms or onlyas needed. long-term use of steroids can cause muscle weakness, adrenal suppression, weightgain, and fluid retention. asthma typically

begins early in childhood. some of the causativefactors include genetics; secondhand smoke exposure during childhood; exposure to environmentalmolds, allergens, or pollutants; food sensitivities; multiple antibiotic prescriptions before theage of one; and multiple vaccines. to diagnose a patient with asthma, i first do a medicalintake of their recent symptoms. i then listen to their lungs for any abnormal sounds thatindicate they are having an asthmatic attack of some sort. i also perform a blood testto assess for food sensitivities that may be irritating their condition, and i may performa stool test to make sure that they're digesting their food properly. asthma is a conditionin which the body’s immune system inappropriately responds to the environment, so my goal withtreatment is to control the body’s inappropriate

response by introducing anti-inflammatorynutrients and removing dietary irritants. dietary irritants include diary, wheat, gluten-containingfoods, soy, eggs, white potatoes, nightshades, red meat, and caffeinated products. so insteadof eating these foods, i ask my patients to instead eat organic green vegetables, fruits,and whole grains. i also prescribe vitamin c and fish oil for their anti-inflammatoryproperties, magnesium to help relax smooth muscle in the bronchial airways, probioticsto support a healthy digestive system, which in turn helps support healthy immune system.for patients with ongoing asthma attacks, i’ll prescribe a botanical formula thatcan remove excess mucus secretion, open up the airways, and control the asthma attack.in fact, these botanicals are so powerful,

they can eliminate the need for an inhaler.asthma is difficult to treat; however, when patients follow my protocol, they have a decreasednumber of asthma attacks, decreased severity of those attacks, and rarely do they needtheir inhaler.

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