Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

cortisone inhaler

cortisone inhaler

i just wanted to show you this medicationthat i've prescribed for you. this is how to use it. it comes in a small container abit like a rocket ship. to use it you need to twist off the top andthis is what it looks like on the inside. there is a small window there and that showshow much medicine is left inside the container. to use it there is a big red disc at the bottom.all you need to do is grab the disc, twist it all the way to one side and then turn itback until it goes 'click'. don't turn it upside down as the medicinemay fall out. to use it your teeth go here and your lipsgo here. take a big breath in, blow it all out.teeth, lips, inhale a nice deep breath. hold

your breath for five seconds and then gentlyexhale. it's best to wash your mouth out after you'vefinished.

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