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cortisone inhaler names

cortisone inhaler names

hello. my name is glenn furuta.i'm the director of the gastrointestinal eosinophilicdiseases program at children's hospital colorado. in this videowe'll provide instructions on how to properly take topicalsteroids for eosinophilic esophagitis. we're making thisvideo because these medicines have been used for a number ofyears to take care of asthma, but we give them to our patientsand prescribe them in a little bit of a different fashion. thismedicine will help your esophagus feel better so thatyou're able to eat and drink

more easily. this medication iscontained in a multidose inhaler and needs to be sprayed in themouth and swallowed in order to coat the esophagus. this is amultidose inhaler which can be used to treat asthma. theseinstructions will be different from asthma treatmentinstructions because you will be swallowing the medicationsinstead of inhaling it. the first step is to shake theinhaler for 15 seconds before using it. you should then removethe cap from the mouthpiece. it's important that you do notattach a spacer to the

mouthpiece. the next step is totake a breath in and out, and then close your mouth around themouthpiece, sealing your lips. press down on the top of thecanister and swallow the medication that is sprayed intoyour mouth. do not breathe in until after the medication isswallowed. some of the medication may come out of yournose or mouth. you should repeat these steps if you'reinstructed to take two puffs each time. it's important thatyou don't rinse your mouth out or eat or drink anything for 30minutes after swallowing the

medication. this will allow itto stay in the lining of the esophagus for a longer period oftime. it's also important that you take your medication everyday to decrease the inflammation and prevent it from returning.

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