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cortisone inhaler brands

cortisone inhaler brands

mother! i agree that you'rea capable genetic engineer. but the first mistakeyou made is.. ..that you conductedexperiment on your wife. the second mistake isyou didn't get her aborted. i thought i willinduce many genes.. ..in one of the infantsand make a super human being. hence, i placed many.. ..dna genes seedsin my wife's womb, doctor.

it could've been a landmarkin genetic research. well, it is futile toargue on whatever happened. the heart of boththe infants are the same. in medical history, thesekinds of infants don't survive. we will separate the infantwith heart from the other.. ..and get rid of the other. it is a clinical waste. and sacrificial surgeryis legal in this case. look, it is easy toget rid of this infant.

it's not been named yet. she is right. okay. no, doctor. what are you doing? don't dare to eventouch my children. don't be stupid.this is the only way. no. they are my children.

they are god's gift. if something happens to them,i will kill you. "you and me." "i'm moon and you're sun." "we are together." "why don't we unite?" "we are incompletewithout each other." "if i'm a flower,you're the fragrance." "slowly."

"our respective futureswill take a new turn." "we are togetherduring difficult times." "our dreams are together." "though there arestorms around us.. ..we have our kin with us." "a little naã¯ve, a little naughty." "a little naughty, a little naã¯ve." "however we are,this is how we are." "join the little moments."

"break the rules of the childhood." "we are good, however we are." "the magic andthe body is unique." "it is the mirror of friendship." "we are together.why don't we unite?" "together, with many colors,we will live the way we want." "no matter what the world says." "we are little crazy,we are out to defeat the world." "we are always together."

"we want to color theworld with our own colors." "we are one,but our intelligent is double." we love energion! thank you. hi friends. the reason for today'scelebration is.. ..health drink made withlocus lactose, energion. other health drinksguarantee in their ads.. ..the child who drinks our drinkwill grow very fast.

he will pluck mango from the treejust by raising his hand. we don't make such false promises. because you very well know that.. ..compared to otherhealth drinks in the market.. ..energion has purchased70 percent of the market share.. ..in just one year. energion increases energyin the body.. ..and memory powerin a child immediately. not in years..

..not in months.. ..but within minutes. okay, sir. – thank you. ma'am, do you have an invitation?– i don't have invitation. then i'm sorry..– my friend invited me. why did you stop her? ma'am, you can go. thank you. – i went to them10 years ago asking for job.. ..who are my competitors today.

when i'd been to submit energion.. ..they thought i was a fool. everyone said there are thousandssuch products in the market. they chased me away. at that time,none of your gods supported me. but the one who came as my god.. ..is sudha. my loving wife. it is because of her mydreams have come true today.

only because of her. many international companieseither want cooperation.. ..or partnership. they tried to buyme by paying me millions. we have to.. – no. i won't sell my company. i won't sell my child. my life. ladies and gentlemen..

..the future is mine. let's celebrate. wow. superb speech. brilliant, dad. akki, at last, you got trapped. he target ladies consumers. and by giving emotional speech,he managed to impress them. dad is very good at it. hey. don't tell these business tipsto your mother. – excuse me, sir. come on, let's enjoy.

let's go and drink wine.– hey akki.. ..you've become so lean.did you pass the exams? how is it possible? my brother is a nerd. – be quiet. aunt, what are you doing here? you left uncle freely? look how he's flirtingwith foreign lady. keep a watch on himelse you will lose him. never mind.he's just talking to her. gojer.

gojer? you don't know what gojer is?it is a tiny little insect. i agree they are naã¯ve. you know what,when he was 8.. – aunt. don't tarnish my image.– go. go from here. i got to go.i will call you later. okay? i will call you. – madam. hi. i'm r.r. raghuvanshi. head of r&d department.

it is our first assignment. you speak german and french too. we need you fortranslation services. so can i have your number please? you just keep my company card.okay. bye. madam, you will morebeautiful in sari. hey, chili fritter. madam, why did you eat that? have water.

what have you done?do you drink regularly? every day? what's this? – what did you say? my throat is burning. it was to happen.because it wasn't water. it was strong vodka.and moreover without water. you had it at once. you will now see everything double. if dad comes, let me know.

like pakistan attached to india,you're attached to me. hi. i was a little surprisedseeing you. – thank you. i mean a modern girl like you.. ..is interested in jibran's book. you also brought italong to the party. do you also like jibran? 'water fall is betterthan that lake.. ..in which other'sshadow is seen. what are you doing? you starteda gathering in the party? – quiet.

those in love cannotlive without couplets. and those who read jibrancan't stay without falling in love. hi, i'm anjali. and you are? akki, what are you doing? –i guess you're drunk than me. no, i don't drink liquor. with which aunt are yousinging devotional song? hey. i thought it was some thorny bush.

but you found a flower. oh god. i'm high. i see you double. hey, it would've been aproblem if you saw four. madam anjali. meet mr. akilesh and mr. vimal. they are m.d mr.ramchandra's.. – hi. ..twin sons. - yes. oh. the conjoined twins. – yes.

i'd read in the paper. you're not able to even stand. can i drop you home? correct. he will drop you.. raghu, dad is calling. what are you saying?– hurry up. he will get upset. okay. i got to go now. see you sometime. – yeah. hello, brother.

i'd read it in childhood stories. if the minister walks withthe king he doesn't become a king. she saw me and smiled.. ..and you waved out at her? she saw you and smiled? – yes. she was seeing left. – she wassaying goodbye to you by waving. we have to be unitedin this strike. let's summon the union workers.. ..and show our strength.

come, brothers. stop working.come with me. – come on. come. get down. – come. come, brothers. come. why are you going ona strike unnecessarily? all our needs are being fulfilled. then why should we starvefor no reason? - we have a reason. look, when we have a strong reasonsomeday, nobody will listen to us. my fellow workers won'tparticipate in the strike. let's get back to work.

brothers.. ..they said the companyis making profit. then why don't we askthe company management.. ..for our rights? awful smell. why did you bring me here? listen, what are they doing here? brothers, we will go on a strike.- they're protesting against.. ..our company.– they are starving since two days.

their demands are justified.we should support them. greetings. congratulations for your victory. let's join them. – what? here with them? – come. if they will venttheir anger on us then.. move. let them sit. the company.. ..makes us toil..

..and make huge profit. i ask them.. i spent so much money on them. medical,education allowance, insurance.. ..gratuity, bonus, quarters.i did everything for them. disloyal. we'll call off this strike! they're cheating us. why are you putting meto shame sitting there?

dad, your traitor sonhas brought me here. shut up, akki. it can't be their decision. some rival company isprovoking these labors. you are the security chiefof our company. don't give excuses to prove it. we won't give into demands! listen. – yes? i will go to toilet and come.– okay.

put the tiffin inside.they will see. give it. idiot. - we will starve,but never back down. it is our final decision. and you have to support us. our strike will never end. we will put an end to it. – yes. please come and speaka few words. – no. please come, sir.– four buckets please.

please make it fast. – friends. the seed to changehistory is revolution. if you are determinedtowards your aim.. ..then your demands willget fulfilled automatically. not automatically,but by a phone call. wow. please come. they look so yummy, isn't it? watch the fun now. come. keep it.

vimal, take it. smells great. i'm famished. – keep the change. akki.. he said even if i man starves.. ..he will destroy the world. who said that? tagore said. – i'm fine now. bad stomach.

leader, you had beenthe toilet, right? but i smell food when you burp? i had food two days ago. i'm suffering from acidity. i see. the smell is coming fromtop floor not ground floor. what's the matter, leader? – no. actually.. – what? i vomited.

i want to go to toilet. let me go. – what's this? how is that everyone is sufferingfrom it at the same time? first, you wanted to go to toilet,you went and came. now we want to go. let's go. who brought this here? don't laugh. – you greedy men! can't you stay without eating?

listen.. – what have you done? you cheat.– why are you hitting him? he is suffering from diabetes.he will die of starvation. even i'm suffering from diabetes. me too. - me too. but i have leg piece with me. you idiot. look, the leader is hitting uncle. i'm your leader.

he is hitting uncle. leave me. did you see the melodramaof their hunger strike? life is a game for you.you know what protest meaning? you destroyed their hope. they were fighting for theirrights. – stop lecturing me. pandey, sir hasmade a request to you. release all the workers. don't file any caseagainst them. please.

okay, sir. release everybody.there's an order to release them. get down. listen.. – everythinghappened because of you. we landed in trouble because ofyou. – we shouldn't see you again. you landed us in trouble.– he landed us in trouble. did you have food? – let's go. sir, where are you?i want to meet you. turn around and see. over here.

the production was supposed to bestopped for two months, isn't it? you had promised me. you took money andthe strike is over? sir, the managing director'ssons came and ruined everything. they ruined my plan. i will complete the work next time.– rubbish. i want energion formula. i paid you for it. give me some time, i'll surelyattain the formula and give it to you.

where did you bring me? – thanks. doesn't this placesmell of dead rats? keep your mouth shut forsome time. – after item no. 34.. ..now it is item no. 35. ..a couplet on mr.tagore's principles. so, start bidding. the bid starts from rs. 20, 000. rs.20, 500! rs.21, 000!

rs.21, 500! rs.22, 000! rs.22, 500! rs.23, 000! rs.23, 500! rs.24, 000! rs.25, 000! rs.26, 000! rs.27, 000! rs.28, 000! rs.28, 000, 1!

rs.29, 000! akki, no one is bidding. our bid was the last.. ..then why did you increase thebid? – you perhaps haven't seen.. ..it is a great poem. – really? have you even heard of mr.tagore? – yes. "i only drank some, but.." idiot. that was asong from amitabh's film. oh really? – say it.

rs.30, 000! 31,000! 32,000. - 33,000! 34,000! brother, i only have 34,000. when it's the matter ofcompetition, don't hesitate. just win. – you.. rs. 35,000. rs. 35,000, 1! rs. 35,000, 2!rs. 35,000, 3! sold!

money, sir. akki, give my wallet. i'm not running away with it. take it. there's rs. 34,000 in it. you won't reform. and here's remainingrs. 1000. – fraud. hi. hey. – hi. do you come here often?

yes, if i want something,i come here. happy birthday. my birthday? – no? never mind.advance birthday gift.. ..from me. that's why you tookmy money. – be quiet. have a look. wow. for me? – yes. i thought i missed it.

don't do that. otherwise, the people in thepicture will die to suffocation. bye. – see you. bye. mummy, she is the girl, anjali. good morning, anjali madam.- hello, sir. i've written aboutmy feelings in it. please. i've giving it to youkeeping it in god's feet. ‘respected anjali madam..

..the moment i saw you.. ..i decided that onlyyou will be my life partner.' your bio-data was veryhelpful to the priest.. ..in matching ourrespective horoscopes. even my mother hasagreed for this alliance. my mother. she's chemistry teacher. he talks about youall the time, dear. he always keepsgazing at your photo.

to prove my love.. ..i'm also ready tosacrifice my life. believe me. what's all this? what is this? this silly boy was refusingfor marriage until today. only now he agreed. look aunt, am i a dollin the market that's for sale.. ..that anyone can buy? sir, i respect you.. ..professionally.

please. the era ofwriting love letter.. ..if the girltalks freely is gone. if you leave me like this and go away,i won't be able to bear, anjali. anjali, listen to me. anjali, please. what do you think?is it accident? no, sir. it doesn't look like an accident.it looks like robbery. the watch has been stolen, moneyfrom the briefcase has been stolen.

i don't think itis local people, sir. volga. – yes. – hi. – hi. i'm dinesh. chief security officer. i'm coming in a moment. please have a seat. he will be here intwo minutes. – okay. hello. – hi. hello. –hi.

i'm ramchandra. – nice meeting you. i'm volga from den post. 'chief reporter volga.' yes, volga. you are gold medalistin indian institute of science. research head.. ..embryo productionand manipulation.. ..international russianacademy of sciences. you pioneered inagro-biotic technology..

..creating human meal from cows. you've done a very goodresearch on my background. what is the secret formula.. ..which made energion no.1? do you want me to tellyou my trade secrets? do you think cola will tell you.. ..their trade secretsafter 100 years? whatever ingredientswe use in energion.. ..we print it on the back.

read it. so, you use the sameingredients as others.. ..but energion givesan instant result. it's like.. ..you have one nose,i have one nose.. ..you have two ears,even i have two years.. ..but are we alike? i have two eyes,you have one, two and.. ..and third eye.

you think i'm a fool? you're not a journalist. you are a spy. you think i will get flattered.. ..if you send a white lady? look what she has recorded. the quotations to changethe cupboards of this office. both of you have thisdrink thrice a day.. ..and watch how yourintellectual will increase.

get lost. she shouldn't be seen inthis office again. – yes, sir. akki, i want to write couplet,.. ..don't drink much.– you're able to write couplet.. ..only when i drink. hey guys! hey anjali. – hey. stunning girl. – thanks. sorry, we got a bit delayed. it's okay.

she's the one who wantsto interview you both. hi. akki. hi. how are you? – thisis vimal and akilesh. – hello. hi. – this is volgafrom den post. ukvania. u.. what? - ukvania. – ukvania? brother, russia.ukvania separated from russia. okay. – i can't believe it. i'm original. xerox.

he is always like this. satish, i'll have vodka. you? vodka for me please.– one more vodka and.. gave him warm water. you? any fruit juice. – okay. give me two orange juices with ice. anjali, do you takeclasses to teach russian? so what are you the chancesof revival of socialism.. ..in russian countries.– no chance.

hey, this is nightclub. you started talkingabout revolution even here? why do you talk here aboutthe big books that you read? this is the difference betweendonkey and horse. – she'll get bored. yes. all good. cheers. – cheers. hey, this looks lovely. what's this?– oh, it's a pen drive. yes? – yes.

hey, nice. lucky fellow. look where it's swinging.– here you go. your shots. akki, don't drink so fast,i'm getting high. and your orange juice issobering me down, what about that? i pay for four pegs, but he drinktwo orange juices and sober me down. hey. – i need a repeat. which country are you from?– get lost. postpaid or prepaid?

i will give the connection.– who is he? come to my room. – idiot. the one you want to talk.. ..to is not available for now.the phone is switched off. sorry, madam. sorry. and that's russian kick. right. hey, is she a girl or a lightning.she drove me crazy. – shut up.

wonderful performanceafter drinking orange juice. akki, she is an innocent girl. this world is sopeaceful and beautiful. we realize that aftercoming out of the disco. yes. – yes. wonderful world. but there is no place for this. oh god. mother, i'm really sorry. i came to watch movie straight fromoffice. – why are you behaving..

..as if you got a russian kick. –i need to urinate. where do i go? then you should've informedthat you will be coming home late. i called, but i didn't get network. i'm with nimmi and.. nimmi will drop me home.– where are you taking me? hey mr. cherry, you want some urea.- i'm sorry, mother. shut the fly.– my finger got stuck. flowers. beautiful flowers. yes, very pretty.

night show that'swhy i'm late, mother. please mother,nimmi will drop me home. mothers. does your mother knowthat this nimmi has beard? one will have to lieto everyone at times. no one can defeat me in lying. okay. let's play a game. a lie game. ready? – okay. waiter. – yes, sir. – did you growhair to sacrifice it in tirupati?

it is so dense.how do you look after it? what are you doing, sir? come on, sir. – this akki.. hey, it is my turn. look, size zero. that was a good one. look at them. they are kissingeach other's mouths. but don't worry. – akki.

i won't try to doanything as such with you. never. what are you doing?– even i won't do that. are you not in the game? you won't lie? i don't feel good.. ..talking to me. i hate to.. ..see your face.

even i don't good talking to you. i just hate you.. ..in two of you. i'm not at all jealous. he always interferes. i think i'm in.. ..love with you. please accept my rose. me too.

my darling. good. got rid of the trouble. the papers you asked for. man, it is not complete. you said you willgive more details. you give more money.. ..i'll give more details. this is all you willget for what you have paid.

no, i've given you lots of money. you promised more.this will not be useful. raghu! raghu! you left me.. my raghu!my son! you left me and went away. bring the dead bodyout quickly. come on keep it on the stretcher quickly. careful. come on. – raghu, my son!

move back.- raghu, my son. oh, my god. girls like you provoke boys. from braziers to bangles,you buy everything. you eat for free in the hotels. you wander all over the city. you fulfill all the desire. and then you ditch the person. it is not their mistake.it is you who fool them. no madam, i didn't love him.

then what does this letter mean?tell me. he has written that he iseven ready to sacrifice his life.. ..to prove his love. he wasn't an illiterate.he was an educated guy. look, by writing 'respectedmadam' he'd started so nicely. i'd never seen such a wonderfullove letter until today. what was the problem inmarrying him? – mrs. mallika. we can explain everything to you. how dare you call me 'mrs.'?

do i look like amarried woman to you? okay, ms. mallika. why'd he be in love with anjali? we are in love with anjali. what did you say? yes. – what do you mean 'we'? why are you keepingyour hand on his shoulder? stand apart. stand straight.

oh, my god. i heard that.. ..you are conjoined twins. yes. – yes. how can you bothfall in love with her? no, not me. he will fall in love. hey girl, do you love him? yes. you see that. please let her go.

did you find these twosamples in diwali sale.. ..buy one get one free? it is a good deal. okay. you love him. then will you marry both?- no. – of course she will. then what will you do in between?– i will cover blanket and sleep. where? underneath the bed or on the top? ms. mallika, don't worry.we will take care of it.

you just withdrawthe complaint. okay? please. – he confused me. ms. mallika, can we go? thanks. you keep finding the solution. let's ask one thing. one and two, how is possible? it is very unfair. hello.

r&d lab is on fire. i don't know how it happened.the entire staff is safe. the firemen areturning off the fire. i'm coming right away. where are you going? fire? sir, it doesn'tlook like an accident. it looks like conspiracy. i will give you a confirmedreport in two days.

what's going on, dinesh? security lapse. such a huge loss. mr. pandey, i have a request. the company hassuffered heavy loss. if you say it's a conspiracy.. ..then we won't beable to claim insurance. do what you feel is right.– please. we will say it was an accident.

foreign language what are you both talking? as if russian radiois being played. make even us understand something? volga wants to know.. ..if both of you get twindream or different dreams? wow, what a question?- both of us share one heart.. ..but other things individually. volga, don't worry.– he won't reform.

it smells cow dung. we could'vegone to some romantic beach. but volga wants tointerview you in this farm. happy with the smell? come. – thank you. okay. i'll click a snap. okay. – okay. anjali, milk is sent to energionfactory from here. - okay. over there?– can you please stand there? smile. – cheese.

this is the mixture wefeed the cows, right? – yes. is your father goodat baby designing? ready? there are around 7000 cows here. i just want to take one more snap.– with the cows? the cow dung shouldn't beseen in the snap. has your father gone to gujarat? yes, gujarat. – yes. where in gujarat he isplanning energion factory?

why is she questioning? anjali, does she wantto interview us or our dad? okay, you know what.. ..just go and join them,i'll take a picture. come on, go.– yes, let's click one. come. yes. are you done? yes. - photo shoot over? how are you, durgadas? – i'm fine. how are you?

i just want to go to the toilet. volga, you need togo behind that building. hey, what happened? why is your pant wet? don't you have decency? it happened in urgency.the pant got wet. why are you embarrassing her? no, i just slippedin the toilet. – oh. durgadas,you didn't fix alarm in the toilet.

how will you know ifany girl falls in the toilet? come on.– i was saying a nice thing. hey, enough, akki. spray this one. it is very strong, brother. even if an old man applythis girls will fall behind him. why are you spraying it here? come on, let's hurry up. what are you wearing?

are you we goingfor a competition? it looks like school uniform. i wore decent clothes togo to theatre. – take it off. i said take it off. quick. don't ruin my hairdo. what have you hung?i feel suffocated. – it is style. you will do what i sayfor the next three hours. come, let's go. you're such an idiot.

i brought you both herebecause the theatre is empty. it's superb movie. it's about youths and politics. the heroine is sitting beside you. akki, what are you doing? i trained you all night. i told you to rest your headon my shoulder only for rehearsal. now, rest it onher shoulder. – yes. hold her hand.

mosquito. that's okay. why is your hand shakinglike an 80 year old man? caress her hand slowly. it is my hand, idiot. are you kneading flourto make rolled breads? softly. with complete feel. very slowly.

next? did you finishmaking rolled bread? now, put pickle and have it. idiot. – akki. idiot. your books andcouplets have spoilt you. kiss her, man. kiss her? no, kiss the gatekeeperof the theatre. turn around and kiss her.

kiss her. not the air, kiss her. sorry. not me, he.. akki, your clothes are scattered. how many times have i toldyou to quit smoking cigarette. it was a last one, mother.i won't smoke from tomorrow. people say twins are the same. why don't you learnsomething from your brother? your dad has spoilt you.

they are film tickets, mother.we'd been last evening. who's the third person?– you keep yelling at me. ask your naã¯ve son to whomthe third ticket belongs to. see this, mother. she's the third ticket. ask now. – who is she? she is a friend, mother. – oh. she is my friend.. ..but she's his kissing friend.– be quiet.

what did you say?she is his..? – yes. who can ever thinkthat he knows all this? that's not all, mother.– what else..? – akilesh! vimal! tell me later. hey, dad.– the three of you, come down. you are done for. i think he found your dvd.– be quiet. who is she?

that's volga from ukvania. she wants to write about us. she is just a reporter, dad. not reporter, she's a spy.. spy? ..who has cometo steal our secret. she came to office first. and she clicked snaps ofall the documents on my table. i caught her.

next.. ..someone set ourr&d department on fire. and you both.. ..took her around our cattle farm? daddy, you are overreacting. shut up, akhil. be quiet. she trapped you when i was out. everybody wants to snatchthis company from me.

do you know how hard iworked to build this company? they didn't know about her. you've been very lenienttowards them. – okay. calm down.– they will get spoilt. – relax. go from here. go. listen. volga is not that cunning. she's a very dumb chick. come volga,let's have a drink. – no.

it's been a rule. i haven't broken it in eight years. on fridays i don't drink. i lost my brother on friday. it's me. sentimental. dad was suspectingher unnecessarily. hey vimal, you wanted me meet me.what's the matter? volga..

oh. excuse me. – yes. hey, why are you opening her bag? wait, i will listen tosome russian party tracks. oh. how could you open my bag? please, never do this again.– good music, volga. what do you have to say for these? no, it's just waste. they boring pictures. – no. these are intentionallyframed and focused.

you didn't take our pictures.you misused us. tell me. who are you? definitely not a journalist. you are a spy. – please listen. you have come to steal my father'strade secrets, you bloody cheat. you lie from head to toe. i won't toleratethis kind of behavior. you bloody cheat. stop it.

okay. listen. my investigation broughtme from ukvania.. ..to your father's product here. you are lying. no. you don't know how big this is. you think raghu'sdeath was suicide? no, he was killed. murdered. man, it's not complete.

this is all for your country,your people, your children. whole generation willbe ruined within 10 years. i don't care whathappens after 10 years. i want my money now. bloody, i will kill you. don't play with me.you will regret this. hey volga, bring me more money.. ..i will also giveyou video evidence also. catch him and hit him.

quick. come on. please let me go. i didn't.. please. no. raghu was money-minded. but he was intelligent. he came across some research findingthat would've exposed your father. that is why he was murdered. sir, we've been feeding energionto this rat from past three months. it is very active.

we've been feeding this ratfrom past six months. but it is very lethargic. do you see these three rats? we're feeding energionfrom past one year. they died one by one. when we dissected one.. ..its brain, heart.. ..kidney, everything was damaged. nervous system was failed.

if rats are in this conditionafter eating energion, then.. ..children will surely be affectedif they eat this for five years. actually, the whole system..- raghu.. i hope you didn'ttell this to anyone. i didn't tell anyone, sir. i've saved it in the system.- thank you, raghu. you should be promoted. thank you, sir. - good. your father burnt theresearch lab like accident.

he destroyed all raghu's proofs. one more thing.. ..your father's driver,ajay ratnam.. ..spied on your company. that is why he was killed. but, you could've goneto the police. why didn't you do that? this is the matter of billionsand billions of dollars. this people just would've..

..bought the police. i would've been tortured.. ..arrested and deportedback to ukvania. i'm more worried aboutmillions of kids. my concern isthe future of india. i have got moreproof in my room. okay, i'm going to work tonight. connect all theends of the parcel. so, i'll show youall my findings tomorrow.

because you are not in the positionto understand me right now. you better go home now, okay? vimal, why are yougoing to the club? vimal? why did you allow himto drink so much? what's the problem? dad, is there anything wrong.. ..in our factory and energion? what nonsense?

volga was saying something. wretched girl. dad, what do you importfrom abroad? i think you are mixingsomething in energion. vimal, go home. we'll talk about it tomorrow.- no, dad. she said that raghu's deathwas not a suicide. it was a murder. she said she hasthe proof. - proof?

not now, we'll talk tomorrow. go from here. nathu.. - yes, sir? take them home. - okay, sir. madam, sir told me to dropthem at home. - you go. oh god, why did you drinkso much? - mom, i didn't drink. no mom, i swear by you..- stop swearing. did you have food?- to my stomach content. mother, something wrong isgoing on in our factory.

dad is doing something wrong. raghu, who workedin our factory.. ..he didn't commit suicide.- you stay quiet. it is not the time to say all this.go to sleep now. there's something in her fist! what happened? she swallowed that pen drive.come on, let's go. vimal, answer the phone. good morning, anjali. - vimal?

vimal, turn on the tv.watch the news on tv. what's the matter? tv news. hurry up. anjali, what happened? vimal, last night i spoke to her..- she worked in ukvanian embassy.. turn off the tv. - don't knowhow this happened. volga is dead. - she fell fromthe balcony and died. she used to sit and drinkin her balcony.. - vimal.

think she over drank last night. and she fell downin state of intoxication. it is said that.. - hey, akki. let me sleep.. - akki! look, volga. volga is dead. look, we think,this is an accident. volga was over drunk.. ..and she fell down.

how can she fall? ask him! volga had proofs regardingenergion and you. last night she suddenly died. dad, how is this possible?- how did it happen? didn't you hear the news? she was over drunk.she fell from the balcony. - no. this is not possible! she didn't drink on fridays.

even last nightshe wasn't drunk. we both know this. you.. - sir.. you are behind this. - oh! aren't you sober yet? what rubbish is he saying? she warned me. she said that whoever goesagainst you.. ..you would kill them.

you murdered volga. vimal, shut up. are you mad? shut up. you were drunk so i couldn'ttalk to her properly. oh really? for a foreignerwho is a stranger.. ..you are suspecting me? i don't suspect you,but i am sure about it. it is you!

first raghu, then volga. who is next? - it is you. i will kill you. you areblaming dad? - leave me! what will youunderstand? selfish. you don't see anythingother than yourself. there's a problem ifsomething happens to you. you live for your happiness. you don't care where themoney comes from. what a bloody product ofcapitalism and cosmism.

hey looser, stop. listen, hugging any labor.. ..will you become sheikh vivera? your shirt, pant, belt.. ..and even your underwear.. ..who bought this for you? the victims of bengal's flood,gujarat's earthquake, and tsunami.. ..unisef, ngos.. ..where do you givethem donation from?

whose money do you spend? do you get money by drivingthe truck of municipality? you'll never reform.. - shut up! don't fight! stop fighting! akhilesh! vimal, stop! akhilesh, i said, stop! leave him! what is going on?

why are they both fighting? stop! i'm telling you, stop fighting. enough! you stop them. - they are notlistening to me at all. what happened? why areyou both fighting? mother, he is blaming dad. dad? you are livingwith a misunderstanding.. do you know what he had done? both share the same heart.

these kinds of children don't livelong according to medical history. we will separate the childwith the one who has a heart. we will get rid of the other. children are crying.can't you take care of them? doctor, you come here immediately.- what happened to akki? he has got fits. - my childis not feeling well. listen, keep the phone.- please come immediately. he has got fits.- what happened to akki? i am taking themto the hospital.

i didn't forget that. that memories haunt me. i didn't want totell this to anyone. let that scary memories.. ..be buried in my body. son, what are you saying? i don't understand what you say.- no, mother.. you won't understand. i don't want anyone.

leave me on my condition. i left you, go away. mother, why didn't you separateus when we were born? i can't do.. i can't do anythingwith my wish. you can't even walka step without me. extra fitting. what? hey, without me you area zombie, understand?

do you have a heart? heartless fellow? i brought you up with difficultyso that you fight and separate. you both are no different. you are one life. yes, serve me. i don't want to eat. even i don't want to eat. hello, i'm anjali.

sir, he is mr. alexo. ukvanian embassy official. - hi. madam, if he signs.. ..then we'll get the post-mortemdone immediately.. ..and handover himthe girl's dead body. this is just a formality.you sign here. excuse me. why didn't you come homeeven after seeing the dead body? mother? - are you coming now?- how can i come, mother?

she was my friend.- what if she was your friend? mother, listen to me.- you listen to me. do as i say. please, mother.- sir, wait. that madam's body ison my table now. why are you refusing?- when did i refuse? we have to open her stomach. what is in her stomach? it is a pen drive.it is like a small sim card.

the police shouldn't find it. oh god, it is adangerous work. rs. 5000 is very less.- you explain it to him. no, not less than rs. 10,000. take rs. 2000 now. rest will giveyou when the work is done. let's go. hello? - vimal? yes, anjali? is volga'spost-mortem done? volga swallowed a pen drivebefore she died. somebody is trying to take it.

you come here soon. anjali, there are secretsof our company in it. it shouldn't go in wrong hands. you try to get it.i'll be there. okay. i'll try. mother.. they are takingvolga's body to ukvania. i have to go there. akki, stop being stubborn.go now.

will he have food? - i won't eat.- only then i'll go with him. then even i don't want togo to the hospital with him. i don't love him. if he didn't have food,even you would stay hungry. so, i was stubborn thathe should eat. i don't have a heart.. ..but i'm not stone-hearted. mani, come here. sir, token no. 12.

she's a school girl. we haveto send her to the lab. chief has asked you tosign the report. hurry up. - sir, you go.i'll handle it. it is a simple work.you are cutting so much. how long would you takefor such small thing? see what fell. brother, did you getthe pen drive? i didn't get any pen drive. the one who diedwas my close friend.

no madam.. - that is my pen drive. keep this rs. 10,000.- what are you doing? no, i don't want. keep this also. give that to me. please. - take this. i'm givingyou whatever i found. did you get it? - where is it? no, i didn't get.. i didn't find anything in thatgirl's stomach other than liquor.

don't act smart with us. - i didn'tfind anything. what are you doing? you are lying to us.check his pockets. what is this? you gave it tothat girl, isn't it? you! can we see her body?is the post-mortem.. go away. hi anjali. - hi, akki. take this.

keep it carefully. she was a very nice girl. vimal, go from here. go. what? what are you doing? we have come here to see volga'sbody. - i'll tell you later. you leave. anjali, come with us,we'll drop you. - go quickly. i will go alone. you leave.

what's happening, anjali.- go. i have to take the reportfrom the inspector. you go. hello? sir, there's a small problem. pen drive is with vimal. - oh god. dinesh, i want that. send a new guy. it should look like robbery. be careful.

it will be done, sir. stop the car! don't stop. let's go. i told you to stop the car,didn't i? - let's go. stop! mad, bloody idiots!have you gone mad! what do you want?- trying to act smart? give me the money. - one minute. one minute.

look, don't ruin my faceor my girlfriend will abuse you. you want this watch?i will give you. stop blabbering, give methe money. - leave me. hey, give it to me. give me the money quietly. why are you arguing with them? it is just a watch.give it to them. hey! we are giving you what you want,then why are you hitting him?

we are giving it to you. let me check your pocket.- we've given you everything. you scoundrel! what is going on here?go away! - hit him! hey, stop! come out! they are there! nab them. give it to me. wait!

nab them! akki, leave me. akki, let's go from here. akki! go away! give me whatyou've kept here. no! - give it to me.- leave it. hey! - akki! let's go, the work is done!

let's go. - akki, stop them! scoundrels, ran away! stop them! akki.. - vimal? what happened to you? vimal? hey? you don't worry. nothinghappened to you. - akki, dad.. akki, dad's.. - vimal? it is a small wound.we'll go to the hospital.

i want to tell you somethingabout dad.. - you'll be fine. i'll call the ambulance.you'll be okay. - dad.. vimal, nothing willhappen to you. nothing.. vimal? don't do that. look at me. vimal, you'll be fine. we'll reach. a little more. vimal.

vimal, get up. your heart is beating. i can hear your heartbeat. you'll be fine. i am here. i'll not leave you. we both are one. talk to me. please, stop! somebody help me! stop!

stop! please, stop! help! vimal, talk to me. talk.. i hurt you. forgive me. nothing will happen to you. i'll not let anythinghappen to you. please, stop! stop!

somebody, please stop. auto! auto! auto! i beg of you, please stop! my brother is hurt. i have totake him to the hospital.. - hey.. help us. - careful. pick them up.- please, take us. sorry sir, vimal is brain dead. his heartbeat is still beating.

we have one option. if we transplant vimal's heartinto akhilesh's body.. ..then we can save akhilesh. we have to take a decision soon. oh god, what happened. hello sir, i'm inspector manu. what is the police doing? we read in the paper daily.. ..thieves come from other city..

..and they loot people and flee. what do you have to say? we will nab them. can i get back my son?- you can talk to the patient. sir.. - okay. excuse me, sir. ma'am, sorry butyou'll have to leave. sir, i think this is a conspiracy. it was a robbery.

it's not just a robbery. they wanted to rob. volga's death was notan accident. what did they rob? she had swallowed a pen drive. there your companysecrets in it.. ..vimal told me that. my rolex watch. vimal's cartier watch.

platinum chain. after post-mortem,i took it from the ward boy.. ..and gave it to vimal. to snatch that.. there were 7-8 people. they attacked suddenly.- can you recognize any of them? enough. sir, we will inform the police. i will give the testimony.

you've stolen the prooffrom the mortuary. they'll arrest you for that. media will tarnish the company. even international companiesare involved in it. they'll bribe the police too. you please don't tell.. ..about this to akhilesh. he had a heart transplant. he won't be able to bear it.

understand? yes, sir. you won't get her.. ..i will get it.' 'his nose is like a fritter.' nothing serious at all. i was just pulling his leg. shall we go? madam, i want to talk to you.

i'm raghu's mother,who worked in your company. i want to tell yousomething important. the same raghu who committedsuicide by jumping in the river. my son was not such that he wouldcommit suicide for bribe. morning when i wascleaning his room.. ..i found this file hiddenbehind god's photograph. i think these papers.. ..are the photocopies ofyour company's log book. i am a chemistry teacher.

reading these papers,i felt that.. ..there is something wrongin your company's product. you come to this temple often. so, i thought i would givethis file to you. dad, let's go. you are not ready yet? i have some work left.i'll reach there by 11:30. okay, bye. 'i am a chemistry teacher.'

'reading these papers,i felt that.. ..there is something wrongin your company's product.' 'mother, there's somethingfishy going on in our factory.' 'dad is doing something wrong.' sudha, give me a cup of tea. hey, what are you doing? the milk got spoilt. then why did you mixthis in it? it is your company's product.

yes, but it is for children. have you gone mad? will you tell mewhat this is? what is going on in our factory? what are you mixingin the milk powder? sudha, there's nothing in it. somebody is misguiding you. who gave this file to you? if i tell you the name..

..will you get them killed? eat it. i will send you a truck full. you eat this four times a day. where are you going? stop! you blind man! you crushedall my vegetables. scoundrel! will you also jump? sudha, come. have a seat.

yes vanraj, tell me. ramchandra, where are you? i am leaving for the office. sudha has come home. she is telling mestrange things. yes pratap, tell me. the twins thatwe had attacked.. ..from which one of them died.. ..his brother is following me.

he saw me in the market. idiot, i had told you.. ..not to return until i tell you. what do i do now? shall i kill him? - look, alreadywe have a lot of problems. leave him.. ..and go from there.is that clear to you? hello, pratap? yes, vanraj? is sudha hereto take divorce from me?

tell me, where doi have to sign? shut up, ram. sudha says there's somethingwrong with your product. - my god. many international spies weresent to steal my business secrets. that didn't work.. ..so they are spreading rumorsto defame me. my own wife is suspecting me. alright, then. i will not go anywhere from here.

here, i've turned offmy cell phone too. you will get me lunch today. i can influence anyone now. talk to the foodsafety commissioner. tell him to raid mycompany immediately. ram, what are you saying? instead of explaining her,you are talking about.. ..witness and proofs.- okay, i'll dial it for you. commissioner on the line.

what was the need.- talk to him. hello, i'm session courtmagistrate, vanraj speaking. pratap, what happened?did you flee from there? hope you didn't hit him? you go back to village. i will call you. fifth floor.. you be in the parking lot, arun.. ..you go and handlethe reception.

i will call you later. dinesh.. - good morning, sir. i have somebody's numberwho belongs to your staff.. ..i want to know whosenumber is this. - tell me, sir. 94400.. ..0071. you? stop! - sir.. sir, stop. just two minutes.

they are food inspectorsfrom the food safety department. okay.. - they arehere to raid, sir. i'm ranganathan. - i'll just come. take them inside. where are you going? - yes.- you stay here. go and give the samplein the sterilization unit. give him some more. brother, take some more.- no, enough. mr. akhilesh, everything is fine.

everything is okay. thanks for your cooperation.- sure. sir, is this product safe? it is nothing special.. ..it was just a routine check. this product is veryhealthy and hygienic. they've followed therules of iso and isa. this company isvery transparent. we checked all their records.everything is clean.

energion has nothing wrong. the government has givenyou the certificate of mr. clean. sudha, don't you trust me? everyone misguided me. vimal.. even vimal had told me. sudha, he is a kid. he doesn't know what'sgood or bad. he doesn't know the difference. sir, akki sir saw pratap bihari.

he has reached methrough his phone. sir, he doesn't know about you otherthan my hand in vimal sir's death. akhil, is this the time to swim? come on, let's have food. hurry up, i'm famished. my head is aching.you both have food. okay, you take rest. wow. come, keep it here.we'll serve ourselves.

are you alright? are you angry becauseof the raid? whatever happenedwas for good. look.. ..government has announced in thepress that our product is foolproof. even after spending millionsof rupees.. ..we couldn't have donesuch nice publicity. have it. why are you quiet?

did you argue with dinesh? gm told me. i wanted to talkto you about him. dinesh has been workingfor our rival company.. ..and he is spying,i suspect him. or.. ..there's something betweenhim and that russian girl. it is possible that he isinvolved in vimal's murder. you are getting angry, isn't it?

vimal was born with you.. ..but he was my son. won't i have love for him? even i feel like choppinghim into pieces. but anger makes youlose your mind. it is not enough tobreak one arrow.. ..you have find the onewho shot it. who is in the root? we will go after him.

we'll knowwho is the traitor.. ..who is cheating us? then we will uproot him. until today, i was a fool.. ..but now i've understood. i can't believe this. how did your dad get vimal.. akki, i'd told your dad aboutthe pen drive in the hospital. he instructed me not to..

..tell the police or you. what else could he do? he is the root of all this problem. our company imports thesegoods from ukvania. - import. so what? shipping documents.this is called 'no feed'. what does it mean? human feed, animal feed,and no feed. the government decidesthese grades.

this comes in the'no feed' grade. it means no human oranimal can eat it. the government has prohibited it. my dad tells it fertilizersand gets it imported. he mixes them in thefood given to the cows. volga was clicking our photosthe other day, to confirm this. that day stealthily she took.. ..the samples of milkand energion.. ..labs tested it and okayed it.

moreover the product got passedin the government raid too. this is a puzzle for me. see this. i understood till here. but everything is inrussian after that. let me see that. the same symbol thatwas on the bags. pota farm products is the factorythat manufactures this. this is a helicopter crash.

even this happened in ukvania. look at this photo. it is dad. whose photos are these? there must be some connectionbetween these photos and energion. didn't volga tell youanything about this? energion.. energion will diminishour next generation. any lab in india cannot proveenergion to be a dangerous product. the dangerous slow deathin india..

..was born in ukvania. everything is related to ukvania. akki, my friend ashoklives in ukvania. he works in the indian embassy. he will surely help us. there are two members. hi. - hi. i'm good, how are you? - i'm fine.- ashok, i had told you about him. hi.. - official in indian embassy.

hi. i made a booking for them. passport, please? - sure. okay? - thank you. your room key. thanks. - good. come. in 1991, the ussr brokeand became 15 states. one amongst that is ukvania. until ussr was one country,there were secrets. now they revealing.so, we have problems.

the military rule here is,whoever opposes.. ..have no guaranteefor their lives. did you come to know anythingabout the photos that we sent you? oh yes, ussr is broken now.. ..but in 1992, in barcelonaworld games.. ..they participated as one country,and even won. look, here are the athletes ofukvania who won the medals. the same photos. - okay. after 10 years..

..these 39 athletes werekilled a helicopter crash. wait, how many athletesdied in that accident? 39. i've brought this old newspaperfrom our archive. look at this. we took these photosfrom volga's pen drive. there are 45 athletesin this list. only 39 died in that crash. this means, six of themare still alive. - yes.

if we can talk to them,we'll get the answers. can i get their addressessomehow? - sure. i'll try from my source.- thank you. hello. - hello. stop greeting people.do your work first. oh my god, what's all this? my bag? my money? the thief was here, i don'tknow what all they stole.

no thief spreads things like this.yes, think about it. your currency and your jewelshave not been touched. he has only takenenergion powder with him. we shouldn't stay here.let's leave. don't tell this to ashok.he will get worried. he is already there. akhilesh, you were right. those six people were not inthe flight that crashed. - yes. according to the informationthrough the consulate..

..i've got the addressesof those six athletes. sir, you did the work in a jiffy. akhilesh ramchandra? - yes? who can call me here? hello? - wherever you go,you can't escape from my eyes. you said you were going to france,then how did you reach ukvania? oh, dad i came to meet friends.- ashok from the embassy.. ..when did he becomeyour friend? you taught me.

it is not enough tobreak the arrow.. ..you have to know whoshot the arrow. who is the root of it? we'll find it out. we will find the traitorand uproot him. dad, you taught this to me. trying to act smart? akhil, it is better that somesecrets remain secret. i want at least one sonto be alive. - oh.

you return immediately. i'll come.. but afterknowing the truth. dinesh.. akki, whose call was it? my dad. how did he know thatyou are in this restaurant? no idea, sir. let's go. you stay here, i'll get the car. how did he know the phonenumber here? - i don't know.

the number is written here. somebody is following us. here they are. excuse me, sir. i like that car. that grey. - are you talkingabout that car? it is a beautiful car, i like it.is it a russian car? americans cleverly brokeour communism. now they dumped theirproducts in our market. akki, i've called this fromthe 'rent a car'.

it has a gps system. you'll be able to findall the addresses. - okay. sir, thank you so much.we'll be back in two days. it's my pleasure. thank you, sir. - hey, my scarfis in the car. - come with me. bye. - see you, sir.- i'll be back. - yes. want a pose? this is our indian style. hi. smoking cigarette isinjurious to health.

throw the cigarettein the dustbin. yes, keep the city clean. okay, now you pose. just one. say cheese.. no, no. it won't open. okay. okay, i got it. thanks, friends. why are you getting angry?i'm just clicking your photo. hey you.

take care, bye.- thanks ashok, bye. nice pose. why areyou getting angry? ashok! ashok? - ashok! ashok! - anjali, let's go. come on, let's go.we have to leave this place. let's go, anjali. hurry up. sit inside. come on. anjali..

hey, calm down. ashok had come for us. akki, why did they kill him? anjali, they wanted to kill us. we're here to save millionsof life and not one. poor ashok got sacrificed. one amongst the six livingathletes live here. here, left turn. russian language

'she was a little angel.' she was a born winner. her school principal was astonishedto see her swimming talent. he sent him to the sports boardof moscow for training. in the world games of 1992.. ..fiona won a gold medalfor the unified team. the whole city celebratedher victory. but 12 years ago, she sufferedfrom a strange disease.. she had fits and she actedlike insane.

no doctor could treat her. but she died. it is strange. everyone died the same death. uro disorder, kidney problems.. ..mental illness, heart attack,and death. the other athletes werekilled in that air crash. whichever athlete won medal in1992, none of them are alive. they are all dead.something fishy about it.

she is our last hope. only she is left now.we'll try. palace of arts. will we find nadia? - who knows? hopefully. - hopefully. hi, indians. welcome. you dance really well, nadia.- russian language she is asking how do youknow her name?

ask her if i can talk to her? we'll talk about work to her. in 1992 world games.. ..only she is alive amongst theathletes who took part from ukvania. i have to talk to herregarding that. why talk about it now? tell her that we want toknow about these photos. nadia, please.- russian language listen to us for a minute. - stop!

many lives are at risk.please. just listen to us. it is the question ofinnocent children's life. who are the people with mydad in this photograph? he is dr. niquist. he is a nutritional scientist. he was the nutritional plannerof world game athletes. he is carpo, dangerousmilitary officer. sorry to ask you this..

..but only you are alive now. during the training of the worldgames, i fractured my leg. i didn't take the trainingfor one year.. so, i didn't fall sick. you're alive only because you didn'tcomplete the training, right? what wrong happenedin that training? i don't know what happened. within 7-8 years, they all weresuffering from major diseases. except you, all died in theair crash, isn't it?

it is a secret. whoever knows this, gets killed. helicopter really blasted.. but no one died. what are you saying?- are you sure? no one died? - yes. how can someone survivethis crash, because.. that girl is telling everythingto akhilesh sir. how many more timesdo i tell you?

kill them right away. hey, is she okay? - yes. niquist didn't die in air crash. they've kept them confinedin some secret place. he is treating the athletes. only he can save the childrenof your country. there's no other way. but there is no chanceof meeting him. these men will not allowyou to reach him.

she says.. if you want to live.. ..then go back to your country.- yes, sure. we'll take her to the hospital.- you'll be okay. relax. hey, thanks. big help. thank you very much. i have to take herto the hospital.. what? why are you arresting me? what have i done?how can you do this?

what's the secret in this powder? you've come to the point now. we want to meet niquistand question him.. - niquist.. niquist died 10 years ago. if you are adamant on meeting him,then we will kill you. look, niquist is alive. i know, you have hidden him.- sir, please! since you've come here, you've beeninterfering in delicate matters. i want to see, to what extent youwere trying. - were you following us?

you were with ashokof indian embassy.. is it a crime to meet someone?it is not a conspiracy. we are just tourists.we didn't do anything. how did ashok's car blast? what is he saying?- why did you both.. ..run from there. - we didn't run ordo anything. ashok was our friend. they've charged uswith ashok's murder.. ..they'll arrest usand torture us. why? why don't you want tolisten to me?

why are you lying to me thatniquist is dead. - akki, please. where have you hidden him? you are trying your best tosave those 39 athletes. there are 40 lakh childrenin our country. they are drinkingthis poison daily. you don't know, the next generationof our country is on stake. it will create chaos likeany atom bomb. i want to stop this chaos, so it isimportant to meet niquist. it will be possible if youshow me some sympathy.

please, have mercyon our children. sorry.. i didn't take this gunto threaten you. i want you to help me.. hey! i want you to listen to me. i snatched this gunto save lives. i don't want to hurt you. i'm sorry. keep the gun.

he is saying that you'vecrossed your limits. what is he saying?- says, you'll repent. sir, please. sir.. hello. - niquist? how is your father? i told him, you understand.. you are also a scientist.. ..like ramchandran. no english, russian.

he is giving us20 minutes to talk. he is telling him toget the secrets from you. he says.. ..you are dangerous. you are a hooligan. not to let you go out of the lab.- thank you, sir. he has told him to becareful from you. carpo has sent him. do people drink thisin your country? - yes.

but there's a puzzle.. ..we did many tests, but didn'tfind anything wrong in it. why? until this inhalationenhancer is used.. ..you can't detect the fault. chemicals have been separated. this is the dangerous steroid. is there connection between thesesteroids and death of the athletes? then why did you give thisto your athletes? we wanted to win more medalsin the world games than america..

..and had to put them down. you did this crime tomake ukvania proud. but millions of childrenare targeted by this. no.. i didn't do this. this is your dad's invention. your dad was a professorin the moscow university. no. 1 genetic scientist. he was doing many kinds ofresearch on humans and cows. we asked his opinionfor our problem.

we had a discussion. he agreed. he invented a new way for us. by transplanting theembryos in the cows.. ..by changing their genes.. ..he made a new creed of cows. if they wereadministered steroids.. ..then their milk willmake the athletes stronger. on the other hand..

..no one can detect thosesteroids in any test. it was none other thandr. ramchandra's invention. we gave all the athletes.. ..that genetically modified milk. we got the results immediately. the performance of theathletes increased. your dad became a hero. we congratulated him. we participated in 1992world games with full zoom.

our athletes made newrecords in many games. they won many gold medals. not only america, they left behindall the countries.. ..and became no. 1. every person of ukvaniacelebrated the victory. but when the athleteshad nervous breakdown.. ..and there wasmental disorder.. ..you came to know aboutthe side effects, right? if everyone knew about it..

..that we won medalsby cheating.. ..then they would've takenback the medal we had won. they would've prohibited usfrom the world games for 10 years. our country would've been defamed. to save ourselvesfrom this problem.. ..we had to hide thoseathletes from the world. on the 10th anniversary of1992 world games.. ..we gathered all the athletesin the pretext of honoring them. carpo had a dangerous plan.

he wanted to kill everyonein the air crash.. ..and hide the truth forever. i didn't agree.we had an argument. i told them that we'll usethem in the medical research. we are secretly treating themin the army hospital. i gave them an ideaand saved everyone. instead of the athletesin the helicopter.. ..we kept 39 dead bodiesof the orphans. according to the plan..

..the helicopter was crashedin a jungle. they announced it thatall the athletes were dead. carpo announced me as dead.. ..in the air crash andconfined me here. 28 athletes are alive. urgent.. where is the toilet? why have you come here? don't you feel sadseeing all this? he would've died long back.

thank god that we've keptthem alive. give these reportsto your scientists. they'll know whattreatment to give. a truck is leaving.. ..get into that. come on. russian language. please, i need that. please, open the handcuffs.

give us one chance. please. presley, let's go. akki? get him! why did you do like that? why did you kill vimal? i'll tell you, it wasyour dad's order. don't kill me.- i'll not spare you.. ..or the one whogave you orders.

don't worry, it is me. akki, are you okay?- i'm okay. i need this. the athletes who are ailing.. ..they have only medals with them. don't snatch that from them. i wish that nothing likethis happens in your country. dr. ramchandra.. ..is the great scientistof our country.

he has provided uswith 24 hour electricity. he has even given water.- why have you come here? we have an arrest warrant. all this is for the brightfuture of our children. this invention isthe beginning of.. tamil nadu police, we've come toarrest ramchandra.. stop there. where are you going?- we have only one aim.. ..to make india as super power. dr. ramchandra is doing that.- go away from here.

i have some important work,i have to leave. arrest him immediately. stop, where are you going? where is ramchandra?- he must be here. look there. wait, wait. there's somethingwrong in energion. energion is dangerousproduct for children. ramchandra escaped andthe police is looking for him. listen, come here.

where did you get this coat? that way? - yes. ramchandra has been accused ofmixing steroids in milk powder. mixing poison in energion.. ..the police is lookingfor ramchandra. during a guajarati meeting.. he is the same! scoundrel! you are the one, aren't you? you made poison, isn't it?

you want to killour children, isn't it? he is the murderer! - please,listen to me. you'll die. - listen to me. you'll go into hell! what wrong did ourchildren do to him? hit this scoundrel! hit him! don't spare this scoundrel!hit him! - let me go. you want to kill our children.- leave me. let me go. hit him!

hit him hard. - no. he shouldn't escape! hit him! you killed many children. hit him! - don't spare him.- hit him hard! move aside. - hit him hard.- leave him. don't hit him. - hit him more. forgive him. please.please, let him go. hit him. - let's go from here. let him go! - where areyou taking him? - nab him.

they are sitting inside the car.don't let them go. - hurry up! hit him more! move aside! it was ramchandra's car.a black color scorpio. dad! - stop! i'm telling you, stop the car. don't take it inside. stop it. - stay quiet, dad. stop it, i say.

stop it! - they arecoming after us. stop! i'm telling you to stop! they kill whoever they see. stop! stop it! stop the car, i say.stop it! stop it! scoundrel! cheater! you betrayed me? you ruined me.

hit him as much as you want. i will endure everything. but people willnot forgive you, dad. i just want you to live. surrender yourself. surrender? - i will takeyou to the police. what wrong have i done? i was so proud of you. you are a renowned scientist.

dad, what have you done? that too in the energionpowder made for children? scientist? king of genetics! who understood my capability? one minister asked for bribeto see my file. no company helped mein my research. it is not your cup of tea. they chased me out.

i packed my incompleteresearch in a box. i gave the name'energion' for it. fool. scoundrel, idiot. i cheated. i trapped people. dad, they consideredyou as god. the power that you call as god. the one who is the creator.

i completed his incomplete work. i wanted to makesuper human beings.. ..who would live more than 100years and not 50-60 years. that was the extremeof my research. energion was my first step. i will do further researchwith the money i get. for this research.. ..you will use childreninstead of rats? dad, you'll diminisha whole generation.

hey, this society is myresearch lab. which invention doesn'thave any side effects? answer me. every invention startsafter destruction. what if millions of people diefor the lives of billions? let them rot in hell. the scientist inside youhas died long back. you are just a psycho now. you have gone mad.

hello? police? hello? control room? can you connect meto the commissioner, please? hello, can you hear me? hello, i can't hear you.- my hard work of years.. ..you broke all my dreams. i am not mad! your science is making youkill your own sons. you call yourself as a father.

who? who says i'm your father? your mother?didn't your mother tell you? you have 10 fathersincluding me. yes, my dear. yes. you have 10 fathers. 10! there are genes of 10 menin every cell of your body. for example.. ..sachin tendulkar, ilayraja,chess anand..

..amithab, vivekanand, rajni.. ..michael jackson, etc. i wanted to create a human beingwhich has qualities of these men. god couldn't have done it. i did it. genetics have done it! baby designing. you are the pieceof my experiment. you are useless.

you disappointed meby taking birth as twins. you are not the son thati wanted to make. you are.. flop. fail! failed test tube baby. no scientist would like to showhis failed experiment to the world. the day you were born,i should've killed you. dad? - i kept you alive. i showed mercy on you by bringingyou up. you are questioning me?

whatever love and affectionthat you showed till today.. ..this relationship,was all this a charade? dad, was everything a lie? when we keep dogs.. we keep dogs.. ..we feed them biscuitand even kiss it. it licks us. but when it bites us,we kill it! dad, we are your dogs?

pet dogs. at least dogs are loyal. akhil, i want to live. i don't want tolive in this country. dad, i may be made up ofgenes of 10 men.. ..but in every 10th cell of my geneshas one part of demon ramchandra. that demon is telling me.. ..that i should leaveyou here and go. don't go! don't leave me and go!

stop! stop! stop! i want to live! stop, don't go! you all go and look there. 'in the pedlat villageof gujarat.. ..police got a complaint ofstench coming out from a cave' 'they found ramchandra's rottenbody when they reached there.' 'he had gone missing.' 'the children who used energion..

..are being treated in therelief camp around the world.. ..as a safety. 'he was his own father.. ..but for exposing him and forsaving the next generation.. ..the president.. ..honored akhilesh withnational bravery award.' do you see his nose?it is like a fritter. he looks like you. look, he is like akki.

look at his mischief.- hey, leave her. he is smarter than me.

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