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corticosteroids medicine

corticosteroids medicine

what arthritis drugs cause the most risk forinfection... next infection risk in rheumatoid arthritis andspondyloarthropathy patients under treatment with disease modifying drugs, corticosteroidsand tnf-alpha antagonists reported in the journal of translational medicinewas an article from germano and colleagues from the university of rome describing incidentinfection risk in patients treated with a variety of medicines. the most frequent infection site was respiratorytract, and bacteria were responsible for three quarters of all infections.the combination anti-tnfalpha with corticosteroids was found to be the most pro-infective treatment,whereas dmards alone were relatively safe.

physicians, therefore, should be aware thatthere may be an increased risk of infection when using anti-tnfalpha and cs therapy together.anti-influenza vaccination appears to provide broad protection, adding evidence to supportits use in these patients, and deserves further study.conclusion: a cautionary note when using these medicines.

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