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combination inhalers for asthma

combination inhalers for asthma

joop, bronchitis, asthma, copd -2016 netherland - tilburg i'm joop kuijpens. i'm 58 years old. i'm from tilburg. i'm a medicinal cannabis user. i use medical cannabis since 2 years. from the beginning i have, i have bronchitis and asthma, later evolved into copd. i've had a lot of medication and at one point i thought, well i quit with all these medications.

also because i was against it. unfortunately i got more and more stifling. and ... anyway i was just considering to come back to those many puffs. and so then i came into contact with this foundation. and then i was able to test a vaporizer. and from the first moment, yeah well i still get goose bumps. from that first time it was like a very warm blanket around my lungs. i had air again and i could just do everything again.

so all medication is really a thing of the past! yes, for me it's just, in my opinion it's been my salvation. nice if you can just talk about it. and i'm very happy with it. well since 2003 my other half, on advice of the doctor, she could smoke a joint for the pain. she had me with a lot of pain. and now, they were actually standing with such eyes of "help! a joint?" well so we started, whether she started. and she continued using this as pain relief.

and she, just like me, in 2000, 2014 ... well two years ago, came into contact with this foundation. and since then she also uses the vaporizer. and meanwhile i make oil. and there you get quite a bit in this world right? at this time i also make tincture for her. now she has a chronic nerve pain, she can do less and less. first she started walking with a cane and now she's in a scooter. so she can do very little. and the tincture and oil, they really helps to relieve the pain.

she also has all kinds of heart medications, which we now also are building down in combination with, in co-operation with the doctor. the worst painkiller she has now completely stopped. she's even kicking of that medicine. now and then she' acts like a junck. either lyrica. very nasty stuff that's easily prescribed. and the dose is actually increased without problems. in order to get rid of it's really... a hell!

so she really needs oil and tincture. and that works very well. nja, the problem is just, you must always take care of it yourself. the plants to make a tincture, to make your own oil. and it's still just link to do it in netherlands it is tolerated they say but... they can get into my place just like that, through the backyard. i've got a very small box, you can empty it just like that. the moment someone from the neighbourhood says "hey, i see a plant over there"

and it's happened! and you need it very hard. because if you're going to get it in the coffee shop, you don't now what you get. there may be pesticides on it, there can be a lot of mess on it. when you grow for yourself you know exactly what you have. just so, you should not talk about it, i always say they're doing spastic about it. if you drop the word weed over here, it's like, ow junk! so... i just stay in a very protected area. and then i actually find that we can go a long way.

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