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combination asthma inhalers

combination asthma inhalers

as an emt you may be able to administer albuterolor any other bronchial dilator, to do so you might use a metered dose inhaler or a nebulizer and i'll show you how to set it up. first a metered dose inhaler, before using thisyou must first make sure this is for the right patient, the right dose at the right timeand the right route. and before measuring it you should shake it vigorously for at least30-60 seconds. ask the patient to exhale and as they breathe in depress the canister inorder to deliver the medication. for using a nebulizer we can use it with a mouth piece or the face mask.

to do this we take the medication chamber open up our albuterol and place our dose into the medication chamber. typically the dose will be 2.5mg or .5ml mixed in 3mlof normal saline this is already pre mixed. next a t adaptor, attach it to the top ofthe medication port, mouthpiece and reservoir chamber. the oxygen is connected to the bottom

and at a flow rate of between 6-8 liters per minute we will nebulize the medication. thisdevice is used for a patient that is conscious and able to hold the mask effectively. ifthe patient is not able to hold this device to their face we may use an aerosolized maskin place of the t adapter. remove the t adapter place the face mask on and again a flow rate between 6-8 liters per minute. this is how you use a nebulizer.

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