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brown puffer for asthma

brown puffer for asthma

hi i'm les whitley. i'd like to talk to youright now about controlling your breathing while running. you'll find especially thosenovice exercisers or novice runners that get out that have not been used to training theirbody and their respiratory rate will actually increase the more activity they begin's important to maintain an efficient breathing pattern so as not to hyperventilate or overwhelmyour body with the oxygen intake so that it compromises your physical condition. alsotoo to make sure you're taking in enough oxygen to sustain the level of activity as you'reperforming. breathe normally as you possibly can, deep breaths in as opposed to shallowbreaths. you may have heard this commonly referred to as belly breathing. if you takea deep breath in, don't think about the chest

expanding think about the stomach pushingout. because what that does it allows the diaphragm to pull in more oxygen so that thelungs more fully expand. so that every breath you take you're taking in more oxygen whichnot only fuels the brain, the heart, the lungs but also the muscles that propel your bodythrough the activity you're doing. condition yourself appropriately not to get overexcitedor overstimulated through your runs. as you're training and your level of conditioning improves,your efficiency of breathing will improve as well. it's important not to become frustrated,to not get excited while you're running, to relax, control your breathing by staying ina good efficient posture nice and tall. the more restricted your breathing becomes, youoften crunch down which restricts it even

further. the taller you run, the more uprightposition you maintain, the more the lungs are able to take in more oxygen and sustainthe level of activity through you're doing. so relax into your running. breathe slowly,controlled, and stay efficient in your runs.

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