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brown inhalers

brown inhalers

("just a picture ft. kehlani" by kyle) ♪ you look for fans but you could have us ♪ you know it's so much bigger, babe ♪ just a picture, babe ♪ it's just a picture, baby ♪ - good morning. okay, so, i have to cut this grass. milana's here trying to help me. - well...

- milan, not really, right? good for nuttin' ass. but look at how long this grass is. i don't think that this little-ass lawnmower can cut this grass. it's too long. milan, what am i gonna do? - [milana] you're gonna have to go back and forth a couple times.

- it's like a forest. i don't know how to work this thing. but look at the handle. it's not sticking like how it's supposed to. i don't think miles assembled it properly. your brother's good for nothing, eh? - [milana] yeah, good for nothin'. - good for nothing! and why isn't a man doing this?

like, why do they have me doing this? they see that the grass needs to be cut. alright, how does it work? maybe i should google it. i'll be back, 'cause i have to figure this. we figured out how to work the lawnmower. adam is cutting the grass because i made a big stink about why the hell am i cutting this grass and i wentoff on his ass, you know

what i'm saying, 'cause he wasn't cuttin' the grass. eh, that rhymes. that's right. (loud motor) kay, let me try. oh my god. - homeowner problems. - [latoya] yeah, make sure you don't run over the cord. they said to be mindful of the cord.

- obviously. - [latoya] "obviously." this is my man voice. look at how he's cutting the grass. (laughs) clearly he hasn't cut grass before. adam, have you ever cut grass before? your first time, right? - it looks alright.

- [latoya] no, you suck. - i suck? - [latoya] you suck, yo. - are you gone? - [latoya] yo,honestly, are you gone? do you see? what the hell? this patch right here is long. this is short.

this is long. - am i doing a good job? - [adam] you look good doin' it, but you ain't really working anything. it's been cut. - i got grass on my shoe. - [adam] she got grass on her shoe. - [adam] got the hot tub ready for tonight. yeah, yeah.

- that was a workout. i actually like cutting the grass. here's the finished product, don't judge me. it was our first time ever cutting grass in our life. so, here it is. (sings high-pitched note) what do y'all think? thoughts?

thumbs up if adam and i did a great job. teamwork makes the dream work. (hip hop dance music) - okay, so, we just left the mall. baby got a nice outfit to wear to the bet awards. do you wanna show them what you bought? while driving? - yeah. - awesome.

- well, they gon' see it. - when they gon' see it? - when we're at the awards. - i got my outfit from house of cb. i'm so excited to wear it, it's so sexy. you like it? - you're lookin' like a apple. - a juicy apple, you wanna bite me? - a juicy apple.

(long n sound) i wanna bite on this burrito i'm driving to right now. - right? i'm trying to eat thatburrito like groceries. - how 'bout you cook that grocery that we bought? - whatever. so we're going to burrito boyz because that's ourfavorite mexican joint. well, not really.

our favorite mexican joint is in minnesota. but our favorite burritos are at burrito boyz. so if you're ever in toronto or something, you should definitely hit it up because adam and i are addicts. - anyways. - [adam] to the point that we may even open one. - we may even open one, right? that's a great idea.

- yeah, but that idea's already in motion, but anyway. - you don't tell me anything, that you're, anyways. i get my cut and that'sall that matter-- (laughs with emphasis) (crickets) - shoutout to everybody who tuned in on friday on our live stream, so dope. - yas. - we had so much fun.

- oh, my bad for saying "yas," but it was dope, yeah. - you know who killed it for me? - who? - jalin, he kills that "yas, yas." - i know. - yas, auntie, yas. yas, yas. - [adam] so much. - jalin always says, "yas."

i never used to say it until he came into the picture. yassa. yo soya, ya man. hola. real good, real boss. anyways, about the grub. i'm so blessed, milan. hi milan! - hey!

- my beautiful cuz. - thanks! we're matching. - we are matching. twinsies. anyways, how's caleb? - are you kidding me? - huh? - [adam] look at jillian's mother face.

- they're talking, eh? - [adam] what? - nah, i don't think so. - [latoya] what do youmean you don't think so? - she ain't talking to no caleb. - [adam] cable, internet cable? - so you and cable internet are talking? why are we laughing? - [adam] internet cable.

- she didn't answer. so you date 19-year-old boys? - no! - so you guys are talking? - no. - so what if i set up a date? is that okay then, jillian, if i set up a date? - no. - [latoya] cable internet and milan? - [jillian] nope.

- [latoya] why? - 'cause she doesn't need to be dating right now. - what is this, summertime, you know? she has to have some fun, she doesn't have to - [jillian] well, that's why she have friends. - [latoya] do her homework. - [jillian] she have friends. - [latoya] yeah, so caleb and her are friends andwe're all gonna go out. - [jillian] uh, no.

- what? - [jillian] she's going to summer school for math. - did you flunk math? - no, i didn't flunk math, it's upgrading. - okay, well then, caleb can - [jillian] her concentration is gonna be-- - [latoya] be your tutor. he's smart, he's going to university. (baby whines)

(speaks in baby talk) come, mommy. it is my big girl and you look ju-- damn. like, look at them. - like twins. - [latoya] y'all get on my nerves, man. hi, adamette. see, i have to put a bow in her hair,

else she looks too much like her father. - hi. - hi, she said hi, hi. you should be sleeping right now, and mommy and daddy are leaving you for two days. and grandma jillian is going to-- grandma jillian is gonnatake care of you, okay? grandma jiji. - [jillian] i ain't no grandma.

- yes, you are. are you gonna miss sami? - of course. ♪ i'm gonna miss my mom, oh ♪ and she's so special ♪ i love my bo, oh ♪ eh neh neh neh ♪ eh neh eh ♪ - [jillian] what did you, what are you gonna wear?

- well, i see milan left to go talk to she boyfriend, on the phone, cable internet. (speech in fake accent) - [jillian] toya, what are you gonna wear for the thing? - something cute,honey, you're gonna see, i'm gonna be looking tight and right. ♪ caleb and millie sittin' in a tree ♪ k-i-s-s-i-n-g ♪ is that what you guys do in school?

- [latoya] no? - i'm not in kindergarten. - [latoya] oh, okay, my bad. ♪ first comes love ♪ then comes marriage ♪ then comes a baby in the baby carriage ♪ - [milan] stop. - [jillian] that is ridiculous. - [adam] ridunkulous.

- [jillian] no, that is ridunku-- - [latoya] baby dad. don't hold my baby like that. if we have another baby, the baby better look like me. god. - no, he won't. - [latoya] i know,'cause his genes are too strong, it's annoying. - [jillian] it'll be a boy looking just like them.

- [adam] that's us. - [latoya] daddy longlegs, yo. - [milan] look how uneven my tan is. i look hombre. - [adam] you went tanning? - [latoya] hombre! - [latoya] "i look hombre." - sunday to... i came back last night.

well, in the morning. - [latoya] how was it, boo? - it was good. - [latoya] are all the dudes out there cute, or? - [adam] is that all you talk about? - [jillian] it's a private school. - it's a all-girls school. - [latoya] oh, any girlscute out there, or? - most of the girls i was playing with

are engaged on the team. - [latoya] what are you talkin'-- - 19 years old, engaged to be married. - [latoya] well, that'swhat they do out there. in the country. - in like south amer-- i mean, um. - [latoya] south carolina? - south, like the southern--

- [latoya] yeah, they get married. - at 19 or 20? - [latoya] they get married, they have their weddin's. - they get married. - [latoya] they have their wed, and then they get their white picket fence house. is that what y'all do in south carolina? y'all get married to your high school sweetheart and then you buy the house of yer dreams.

and then ye-- - i wish i had an accent. - they probably think - [latoya] you do. - [jillian] you have an accent. - i want a south carolina one. - [latoya] i want a south carolina accent. - accent, i'm from the south. - they don't speak like that. - [latoya] i'm from the south!

- they speak like that. - they said they don't speak like that. - [latoya] shirley, shirley? - that's how theyspeak up in the movies. - baby, today, you're gonna be in a regular baby position. - [latoya] i'm gonna kill you. oh, you're so mean. (cries) - she hates...

- [latoya] she's not a regular baby. - clearly not. - [jillian] she's older now. - but look, if i do this. - [latoya] she's never liked that position. - the opposite way, she likes this. - [jillian] 'cause that's a game. that's alright. she likes that.

- [latoya] she comin' after the phone, of course. (coos) (kisses) that's my girl. - you best lay like a regular baby. like a regular typical baby. you look like that, you look like a regular typi-- - oh, she is a bit sweaty. don't do that to my baby.

come. you stupid, daddy. - [jillian] reaction. - [latoya] hey, that's mommy's. (whines) here. that's mommy's phone. - [jillian] yep. - [latoya] you're rude.

- [adam] where'd you learn this? day care, so you're sending my baby to? - [latoya] there, yo! oh, god. - [adam] gods, she donefell out the world. - good morning, hunties and huncles. say, "good morning!" mommy and daddy are going to la. she's looking at her auntie.

hi, sister-in-law. - [voiceover] hi. - so auntie jillian, and your auntie amina, they're gonna take good care of you. but yeah. i'm gonna miss you. this is my baby girl, i'm gonna miss her. we're on the plane. on the plane, on the plane.

on the plane. on the plane, on the-- - sorry? - we're on the plane. - you just killed my song right now. it's going-- - yeah, i killed your song adam, i was killing it. - what is that supposed to mean? you don't like my song?

hello? acknowledge the huntiesand huncles, please. that's rude. - don't try to switch around onto me. - you're so rude. - how 'bout you were rude interrupting me? - i wasn't interrupting you. anyways, what have you been doing this entire flight? listening to music, what else?

- i compiled a new task list of things i need to do. - and i'm reading... this book, it's called mind gym. it's pretty good so far. i read the first chapter. - she read it upside down, the entire book. just being honest. - shut up, "i'm just being honest." - [adam] future voice.

- we might see him tomorrow. - i'd rather see ciara. - that's great and i wanna see chris brown. - okay, why do you gottaswitch it like that? i just said i'd rather see ciara than fugee. - okay, that's great. and i'd rather seechris brown than future. - let me tell you, chris brown. - if you come

100 meter in radius, trust me. - if he comes? - around, like if i knowhe's around, he ain't-- - if he comes 100 meters. - yeah, i'm gonna tell him, "yo, fall back, "this isn't your girl, go all the way down there." - eh, a little jealous, eh? - nuh uh. - jealous.

so what, you still got the hots for me, your wife? - yeah, you're all raggedy and all, but still, you're all i got. ♪ i'm thinking about you ♪ i'm fucked up - [adam] we're in the la streets right now. - we da streech, screech. (light techno music) good morning hunties and huncles,

i'm getting dressed in the bathroom. i'm also listening to an audiobook. i'm listening to "think like a success, act likea success" by steve harvey. it's a great audiobook so far. he gives great advice, and he shares his life experiences, and he's hilarious. i'm listening to it on which is the leadingprovider for audiobooks

and they have over 150,000 downloadable titles. they have nonfiction, they have fiction, periodicals. you know me and my self-help books. it's all about self-help for this crazy lady right here. (chuckle) i like listening to audiobooks, especially when i'm getting dressed andwhen i'm doing chores, when i'm running errands and such.

it's so much easier to listen to books than to read books, especially in my hectic life. thank you so much to audible for showing my channel love, and guess what, all my hunties and huncles get a free audiobook so you can try out their service. all you have to do is go to i repeat,

and get yourself a free audiobook, eh. anyways, let me get backto beautifying myself (sigh) while listening to this book. this is adam right here, this shirt on all inside out, lookin' all sexy. he worked out this morning. west side, we're on the west side. what bitch is calling you right now?

gimme that. - [adam] about that. - [latoya] gimme this! gimme the phone right now. - i got hoes in different area codes, you feelin' me? - who dat? - my aunt. - your aunt? the hell, you don't have aunts. adam has me ironing his sh--

i mean clothes. ask me if i know how to iron. i don't even know how to use an iron. first of all, i think i need an ironing board, right? yes, thank you, bring the ironing board for your baby moms, your wifey cuh, your girlfriend. - [adam] make sure you don't iron the belt, aight? that's a louis beltthere, don't iron that. - [latoya] shut your ass up.

- [adam] oh my god, this is the first time you've everironed anything. you are becoming... i was just about to compliment you and you go and do some foolery. - don't worry, you, i'm trying to get it nice and crisp for my daddy. - [adam] do you think there's girls out there who call their man grandaddy?

- ew, that's weird. i bet you women who date old, old men, they say, "daddy grampy, grandaddy." okay, so we're all set, i'm ready. this is my two-piece red dress. i love it, it's so cute, oh my gosh. all the instagram tricks be wearin' the house of cb so i thought i'd try them out andthey are swaggy.

i am loving this piece. do you like this, adam? - bringin' the two phones to the bet awards. - i can't believe you're wearing this. he's wearing his two phone case holster thing. - it's my thing, you feel me? i'm gonna go right to 2 chainz and be like, "yo, what up, my name is 2 phonez." - oh my god.

anyways, this is my outfit with my red purse, my freakin' phone is coming out. i have so much ish in, i have my inhalers just in case i freakin'pass out when i see chris brown. eh, just joking. outfit of the evening, eh, all white everything, cuh. - nah, nah, not white everything. got some black in there, you know?

just the throw in the bet vibe to it. but all that matters is the two phones, you feel me? business as usual. - we look kinda good together. - i know, i just realized that. (smooth harmonica music) (chuckles) - [adam] good job, jimmy. alright, thanks so much, jimmy.

jimmy got some skills.- [latoya] he was good? - [adam] jimmy got some skills.- [latoya] oh, his name was jimmy? - [adam] yeah. - yeah, he has skills. okay, so we're heading to our driver, jimmy. - who i just recorded. - and he calls me. - we didn't even know he was our driver.

hey jimmy! a beautiful day in la. (fluid hip hop music) phillip and emmanuel hudson! (wags tongue while vocalizing) we're here at the bet awards. - you guys carrying cameras? - yes, i'm loving your dreads, eh? they're proper tings, yo?

- [adam] atl in the building. - atl in the building. - represent clayton county, the hood. - eh, clayton county, cuh, eh, cuh.- [phillip] south side. - [latoya] y'all arenominated, ain't y'all? y'all are nominated. the funniest ninjas - ninjas?

- in america. i don't say the n word. - you don't say the n word? why? - [latoya] okay, go ahead. y'all can say it. - it's nigga. nigga nigga nigga nigga. - at the bet awards, you feel me? nyaw!

- nyaw! what the hell is that? - [adam] that's some chinese. - [latoya] thumbs up if you know these crazy brothers out here. you know what i'm sayin'? why ya askin' all them questions? - [adam] why you askin'all them questions? - [latoya] i think we're sitting

with these crazy characters. i'm 'bout to have the time of my life. it was great meeting y'all. - you too. - nyaw. - [latoya] nyaw! yas, emmanuel. yas. take a picture with the fan, yas.

- oh my god, don't do that. - [latoya] yas, oh my god, adam hates when i do that too. - don't do dat. - [latoya] yas! adam is flirting with this pretty lady behind us. hey! hey, pretty lady! - hello, hello. - you're beautiful.

- thank you, so are youwith this red dress on. - oh, thank you, and your little outfit. - [latoya] yes. - can i say that? - [latoya] she is, yes it is, she's gor-- mmhmm, mmhmm. - [adam] what i do, right? - mmhmm. - mmhmm, mmhmm.

- what do you mean? i'm legally blind. - i look so cute. okay, so we're 'bout to enter the awards. characters out here, look at this character over here. there's a character right, what, what the hell is that? - [voiceover] terrence j! (audience cheers) jason derulo!

kendrick lamar! - to bet, thank you for always recognizing the women in hip hop. ("ayo" by chris brown and tyga) (screams) - [chris brown] bet, what's up? ♪ we poppin' like ayo ♪ all my bitches got real hair chilling ♪ with the top down screaming like ayo

♪ i'mma take her (screech) down ♪ when she bring her friend around ♪ ("the hills" by the weeknd) ♪ the only time that i'll be by your side ♪ oh yeah ♪ i only love it when you touch me, not feel me ♪ ("feel so good" by ma$e) - [latoya] bad, bad. ("i need a girl part 2" by p. diddy)

("love like this" by faith evans) - oh, we ain't gonna stop, come on! ("mo money mo problems"by notorious b.i.g.) - what a night. - that was the best live performances - right. - [adam] in one place i've ever seen. - [latoya] by all our favorite artists. - shoutout to cricket.

- oh my gosh, shoutout to cricket for inviting us here, because if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be experiencing so much awesomeness in one night. and right now we're going to the cricket after lounge area just to hang out and eat 'cause i am hungry. (music) ♪ baby won't you come my way ♪

and listen, y'all, i didn't get to meet chris brown. where the hell is he? get ready, we're taking a photo. - alright, we're leaving, we're going to our hotel. - [voiceover] all good? - [adam] yep.

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