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brown inhaler side effects

brown inhaler side effects

this story is told in the perspective of afemale. this is a precautionary tale. i understand that this was my fault, but maybeif i can help one person by telling my story, it's worth it. i don't drink as a general rule, but oncea month or so i'll go out with friends and binge. my friends and i had a great night at a barin the city, and they left. i was chatting up a cute guy so i decidedto stay. i went back to his place.

post-coitus (very unsatisfying for anyoneinterested), i'm ready to head home so i call an uber to pick me up. i don't know where i am - i know the cityi'm in but not my exact location. i order the uber, but it's taking forever("requesting....requesting....requesting...") so i cancel it and try again. pretty soon a car pulls up. i drunkenly mumble something like, "s'thisthe uber?" and i hop in. mistake. ubers apparently are supposed to have somekind of marking on the vehicle.

the guy pulls away and starts driving. we're chatting, i'm fumbling for a cigarette,and the next thing i notice is that we're headed on the highway, but in the oppositedirection of where i thought we needed to drive. and we're going at a solid 90mph. then i get a call from my uber driver. he's there, and i'm not. because i'm in a car with a fucking nutcase. i start texting my friend frantically countingoff mile markers for her.

then i realize that's going to do jack, becauseshe's probably drunk too. so i call 9-1-1, but i realize this guy iscrazy - he's refusing to let me out of the car - so i've got to do it on the sly. it's been 40 minutes now. i'm terrified. i don't know where i am, i don't know whothis is. we're driving at over 100mph, weaving in andout of traffic. this guy is trying to get me to hang up myphone call ("yo get off the phone; the fuck are you calling?

better not be a snitch"), and also smokingpot, so i don't want to do anything that might provoke a violent reaction from him. i start chatting to the 9-1-1 dispatcher asif it's my friend, praying that they'll catch on. "hey girl, it's me! yeah i'm with someone right now, we're drivingpast [highway exit]. no sweetie, it's not my uber. i thought it was, but it's not. it's a shame you can't come and meet me andbring friends."

thank sweet baby jesus, the operator catcheson! he gets me to stay on the phone while he sendscops, and we develop a code - if i see cops, i'm supposed to casually put my hand out thewindow, which looks semi normal because i'm smoking a cigarette. we pull into some random little housing complexand he busts out some powder and forms two lines. i now have confirmation that he does drugs,which means he's probably emotionally volatile. i relay this to the operator, in code ("ohgirl i wish you were here right now, this guy just busted out the coke!

you'd love it. he's taking a really big bump, man after myown heart") etc. pretty soon i can see the lights from thecop cars so i start waving my hand out the window - at this point i don't care if he'son to me or not. i don't know if he has a weapon but i slumpdown in my seat just in case things get hot. the cops surround us, get him out of the car,and then (once it's safe) they extricate me as well. they whisk me to the hospital for a drug testand evaluation and that's where my story ends. on my way to the hospital, as i'm explainingall this to the officer, i find out that of

the guy's 40-ish years on this earth, he'sbeen in federal prison for 30 of them, for violent offenses. i want people to learn from my mistakes, andif nothing else, call 9-1-1 and stay on the line. i've been reading around this subreddit fora while now, and i'm a pretty keen observer, but through reading accounts of shit on herei've become a lot more paranoid about certain things, and i think today is the day it paidoff. i live in a basement apartment of a somewhatolder building, at least 100 years old i figure. there is no "front door" entrance to it, onlytwo side entrances which tenants can use to

reach the laundry room and one back door intothe building, which only i have the key for, along with the building managers. i've only used the back door a few times,and that was for moving furniture in and out because my side entrances are impossible touse for stuff like that because the stairwell is so steep and the walls so narrow. otherwise, i never use the back door. where i live it's really snowy at the moment. lots of ice and shit around. two days ago when i left through my usualside door, i noticed that there was a shoveled

path to the back of the building, which literallyno one has a single reason to do or be back there. there is nothing back there for use. only a door to get into my apartment likei said. but i thought this was highly suspicious,but i chocked it up to whoever the contractor for snow removal was just trying to be thoroughand clear a path to the back because surely they don't know who uses that back door ornot, they have no reason to. (there's actually a porch that can help youget into the main hallway, too, but that door is as locked down as can be, but again, noone knows that but tenants).

anyways, ever since the shoveled snow i'vebeen a bit more suspicious. three weeks ago someone stole my motorcyclefrom the driveway close to the back door (probably 20 feet away?) and it's put me on high alertbecause obviously i'm fucking pissed and violated that someone went so far as to steal my motorcyclefrom my driveway under video surveillance (unfortunately the cameras were broken/notset up right so there actually was no recorded footage, only a big camera pointing at you). two nights ago i stayed up literally almostall night reading stories on here because i couldn't sleep as it was, but reading thestories didn't make me feel any better about that, heh.

but it's all put me on hyper-awareness. so last night around 10:30pm or so i let mylittle dog outside for the last time of the night. i hadn't slept in 36 hours or so like i sadabove and i was ready to pack it up. when i came back in from letting my dog outi took a look at the back door and realized that the deadbolt was disengaged, which sortof unnerved me. that's highly unusual because there's no needfor it to be. even more than that, there is a key brokenoff inside the deadbolt. so i have literally no way to lock that bitchat the moment.

my alarms are going off on all levels. i figure there's a chance that it's nothing,but as an extra measure, i put a big ass brick in front of the door so that if anyone openedthe door the brick would move and i'd know that someone used the door because of it. then i went to bed. three o'clock in the morning comes and mylittle dog starts barking her fucking head off. and i think to myself fuck no. no one comes down to the basement at 3am.

(the laundry room is across the hall frommy apartment but no one is doing laundry at 3am unless they're a meth head, and i heardno laundry being done.) i get up, and get close to our main door,being very quiet, letting my dog bark. my dog is a dachshund by the wayĆ¢€”big bark,little bite and it's noticeable. as i approach my door i hear the door knobjiggle a bit, but thankfully i engaged my deadbolt before bed. i'm freaking the fuck out about this at thispoint. thankfully, i've sort of prepared for thissort of situation in my mind. a thousand times i've anticipated someonecoming down and trying to open my door, because

i live in the city and there are shitty peoplewho do shitty things like break into people's homes. i stand back from the door and yell to theman that "i have a glock 9mm in my hands ready to unload with lethal force. the police are on their way. (they actually weren't, i was so amped upi didn't think about it at the time.) if you attempt to enter my premises i willkill you." i then heard footsteps book it the fuck outof there up the side stairs and away. this morning i filed a complaint with my apartmentcomplex demanding that they change the locks

and take care of the situation. lastly, here's a picture of my foot in comparisonto one of the footprints they left. i post this in case anyone thinks i'm lyingfor whatever reason. thank you, everyone on this sub for sharingyour stories. you really saved my ass on this one. for a bit of back story, my mom was datingan abusive prick at this time. we'll call him ian. because of ian and the crazy fights they hadgotten into, we couldn't lock up my house at all.

he had kicked in both the front and the backdoor to the house and they never fixed. my mother and "ian" were at the bar all day,everyday. i told you this so you would know why thehouse wasn't locked up and where my parents were when this happened. this incident occurred when i was around 12years old and my little brother around 10. i was a really small girl and this age andmy brother was sick all the time so he was very, very tiny and frail. my mother and ian were at the bar as usual. when you opened my front door you it put youin the living room, and you could see the

back door. there was a hallway to the right that ledback into the bedrooms, and that is where my brother and i were. we were in his bedroom with the door closedplaying something on a playstation. it was around midnight or 1 a.m and we wereplaying and having a good time when i heard a weird noise. my brother didn't hear it and i didn't wantto creep him out. i told him that i wanted to go get a drinkand told him to stay in the room and i would bring him something.

to get to my kitchen you would have to walkdown the hallway, in front of both the front and back door because it was behind the livingroom. i kept hearing strange noises so before ileft out of my brother's room i told him to get into the closet and work on our fort sothat it would be ready when i was done getting our drinks and a snack. (i raised my little brother for the most partand took care of him) i had a terrible feeling, a sense of dread. i could tell something wasn't right and thiswas a way to get my brother to hide without scaring him.

he frightened easily and had really bad asthmaattacks and at this time we had no inhaler or his breathing treatment machine for him(good going ma!) i knew if he started having an asthma attackon top of being scared it wouldn't be pretty. anyway i left the back room and decided tosee what was going on. (because i was such a badass at 12 years old,but i had to protect my little brother) i start sneaking up the hallway as slowly andquietly as i could. i was terrified, i could "feel" that somethingwas wrong. before i made it to the end of the hallwayi hear a man. it sounded like he was growling.

it was a deep, terrifying noise. i can't explain it but the feeling that washedover me damn near made me puke. so i of course freeze. i have no one in this town, i don't know anyoneand my dad is living in a different state, my mom is at the bar drunk as hell. i was sitting there trying to gather the courageto see what was around the corner, and going over my options when i hear my brothers dooropen. he sees me and the look on my face and freezes. i remember his eyes going so wide with fearbecause he must of heard the growl or whatever

it was too. i motion him with my hands to go back in theroom and he does. i gathered the courage to peek around thecorner and what i saw still freaks me out to this day. it was horrifying. i saw a man, probably around 6'6 and 300 +pounds sitting on my couch with a wicked grin on his face. that grin and the look in his eyes will foreverbe burned in my head. by some stupid luck the man didn't see me.

i slowly, so slowly snuck back to my brothersroom. i slowly shut the door and started going overmy options. my little brother was already horrified becauseof the growling noise this man was making, i am so thankful he wasn't the one who sawwhat was out there. i mustered my brave big sister face and calmlytold him that there was a man that i didn't know on the couch and he needed to be veryquiet and i needed him to be brave and keep his breathing in check. my little brother adored me and looked upto me so when i told him that i needed him to be brave he tried his best.

i told him not to move and he didn't. the first thing i tried was the window, butit wouldn't budge. it was completely stuck. i'm making myself stay calm for my brotherssake but i know whats sitting out there. so since the window was stuck i decided tostart looking for a weapon. my older brother lived here and i know hehad swords somewhere. (i dont remember where he was) as i'm lookingfor a weapon i hear the man sing: "i know your here"fuck. my stomach knotted up, the hair on the backof my necked raised and i instantly got a

cold sweat. and then i hear it. my little brother had started wheezing. asthma attack. fuck fuck fuck. i hugged him, reminded him about being braveand told him to sit still and focus on his breathing. i started frantically trying to get my windowopen. but it was stuck.

i looked around and started moving blanketswhen i find my older brothers cell phone that he always forgot. i remember thinking that i was lucky and felta bit of relief. i immediately called the police and told themwhat was going on, hysterical at this point but still remaining quiet. the dispatcher told me to remain on the phoneso she could hear what was happening when the man started banging on our bedroom door. it had been about 5 minutes into the phonecall when this happened and i could no longer remain calm.

i fucking lost it. i started screaming. i mean blood curdling screaming. the kind of screaming that would send chillsdown your spine if you heard it. i forgot to mention that our bedroom had theonly working lock. so the door was locked, he was trying to getin and banging on the door. his banging got louder and louder, he wasscreaming to let him in when it went completely silent. then he did the creepiest, most terrifyingthing ever.

he started fucking laughing. "you know i could just bust this door downin about two seconds right little girl?" tap tap tap now he's lightly knocking on thedoor and asking for me to open it. his demeanor completely changed. i then heard a scraping at the door. what i had imagined it was in my 12 year oldhead was he was scraping the door with his really long finger nails or something. but that wasn't the case. then i hear the police start screaming athim to get on the ground, put his hands up,

etc, etc. i heard him putting up a fight, followed bymore yelling and eventually silence. after a few minutes there was a knock on mydoor but at this point i was too terrified to open it. i thought that this nightmare guy was stillthere. so being in my hysterical state i startedscreaming "no no no please" over and over again. sobbing and shaking. i couldn't stay brave for my little brotheranymore.

i was on the floor holding him this wholetime, convinced we were going to die. eventually i calmed myself a bit and thistime a female officer was at the door so i opened it. there were about 5 cops standing in the hallwaylistening to me being hysterical. i refused to let go of my brother at thispoint but we both ran to this female officer and just collapsed sobbing hysterically. we had been so scared. it turns out this guy was completely wastedand high and drugs. i remember the cops walking me up to him andhaving me stand in front of him to ask me

if i knew this man. i didn't. but i'll never forget standing in front ofthis huge man, looking into his brown eyes that were completely bloodshot and filledwith hatred. i'll never forget that growling noise thathe was making, or the look of pure horror in my little brother's eyes. my parents were called and investigated forleaving us alone like that and for the doors being like that. my mom is a different person now, doesn'tdrink and is now married to a cop.

she completely changed. i remember asking her about it later on andshe told me something that i didn't know. the man had had a huge knife, so that's whathe was scraping the door with. i still don't know how he didn't get to us,or why he didn't just bust the door down to get us. it would of taken one half assed kick fromhim to kick the door down. it was super thin. it still creeps me out and i have had nightmaresfrom it. my husband doesn't understand why i get sofurious with him when he leaves the door unlocked

at night. i work third shift so i'll come home and thedoor will be unlocked. it's infuriating because i then have to gothrough every room in the house, and check the closets and and the other places thata person could hide in. i have two kids, and they will never, evergo through what i did. this all took place when i was around 8 or9. i lived in one of the more poor neighborhoodsof las vegas and had always been taught the dangers of adults with bad intentions. i had a best friend at the time, gavin, whoapparently had not been taught the same as

me. every single day gavin and i would walk homefrom the school, the three blocks from the elementary school down to his house and thenfinally mine at the end of the street. we had been doing this for the better halfof the school year without instance, however all it took was one singular moment for thatto change. gavin and i were making our regular trek fromschool towards gavin's house, making jokes and exploring what we were going to do thatday. ( it was usually watching pokemon and re-enactingour favorite scenes from the most recent episode. )

as we turned onto his street a beat up oldred truck stopped on the road and a ratty looking older man with a salt and pepper beardand bloodshot eyes stuck his head out of the grimy looking vehicle and immediately leanedtowards gavin and i and in a voice, filled to the brim with 'worry' he asked us: "wouldyou two help me find my dog? i think she's just down the block. she likes to run off on me and i could reallyuse your help." i was skeptical at best. i shook my head and explained that i reallyhad to get home and that my mother was waiting for me, but gavin?

gavin promptly said yes and ran towards thetruck without a seconds hesitation. i was frozen in place. the truck took off and i was left on the sideof the road cursing gavin and wondering what in the hell was i going to do now? as a child, i didn't realize that moment couldhave been the last i would ever see of my best friend. i didn't put it together that the man wasfull of evil intentions and just wanted a child or two to do god knows what to them. a dozen thoughts ran through my mind, of whetherto get gavin's mother or my own but at the

moment, the very real thought that he wasattempting to kidnap us wasn't on my mind. all i knew was that he gave me a very badvibe and i was to never go off with strangers. i had only made it a couple more steps downthe road before the unmistakeable clunking of the man's red truck hissed up behind me. i froze in fear before it quickly took off,speeding away and leaving gavin behind! i was so relieved. i turned and saw my friend clutching a dollarto his chest and running towards me, showing off his new reward. i asked him if they had found the dog andgavin said no.

that they drove around the block and he wasgiven the dollar and dropped back off on our street. we never told our parents and i never sawthe man again but it wasn't until years later i realized that the only reason that man letgavin go was because...i didn't go and out there an 8 year old girl would know what thisman looked like and what car he drove if gavin never came back.

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