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brown inhaler name

brown inhaler name

♪ all the leavesare brown ♪ ♪ and the sky is gray ♪ i went for a walk ♪ on a winter's day ♪ i'd be safe and warm ♪ if i was in l.a. ♪ california dreamin' ♪ on sucha winter's da-a-a-y ♪ ♪ stopped into a church

♪ i passed along the way ♪ well, i got downon my knees ♪ ♪ and pretended to pray ♪ you know the preacherlikes the cold ♪ ♪ he knowsi'm gonna sta-a-a-y ♪ ♪ on sucha winter's da-a-a-a-a-y ♪ ♪ and the skyis gra-a-a-y ♪ ♪ on a winter'sda-a-a-a-a-y ♪ ♪ if i didn't tell her

♪ i could leave today ♪ on sucha winter's day ♪ [ cheers and applause ] daly: that is a battlefrom team christina! give it up for lacy and al! [ cheers and applause ]whoo! whoo! what a great battle,ladies. thank you.

pharrell, what'd you thin? pharrell:let me start with lacy. when you started, i want tythe first four bars... -hi, mama!-shh, shh! -[ laughs ]-sweet pea! the first four bars,you exercised such contro. you're a star, for sure. but then alisan is singin,and you just became this thunderstormover and over again,

and i'm like,"man, what a weather syste" [ laughter ] you were awesome. adam. adam:lacy, you did a tremendous . you're 18, and there'sa lot of really good things about your voice, and the issues with itare gonna be ironed out, and you're gonna bethat much better.

so it's like you'reat the beginning of your ca. on the other end ofthe spectrum, alisan is rea. it's imbalanced onlybecause of experience and a. i don't think that you twoare that far apart. thanks, coach.blake shelton. blake: i disagree with onelittle thing that adam said. actually, i kind of agreein a little way, too. i feel like it's too diffettypes of -- of vocalists. totally.

so it's hard to go, "well,she's here and you're here," because she's never goingto be here, i don't think, because that's notwhere she's -- -i didn't mean stylistical.-i know that. that's what i'm sayingi agree with -- with partly of what you're saying. but i also agree that lacydoes need just a little bitmore time. so you're basicallysaying you agree.

i do.i agree, and i disagree. took the really long way adto get there. -it's hard to follow.-i don't know what i'm say. i need another drink. yeah, you sure do. in this battle,that was alisan's moment. thank you, coaches.christina. ladies, i'm so proudof -- of both of you. you guys came out here,and you slayed everybody.

lacy, you're 18.you are so ahead of the ga. i don't even havea critical thing to say, because, from the blinds,i saw so much growth in y. alisan,you're a four-chair turn. your talentis undeniably great. all right, christina,a tough decision, but who is the winnerof this battle? um, i'm really movedby both of you. and i just dohave to commend you, lacy.

you're a strong girl,you have a strong voice, but the winner of this bateis alisan. alisan, congratulations. you're gonna move onto the knockouts and represent team christi. alisan's natural ability and her vocal rangeis incredible. my love!thank you.i'm obsessed with you. i'm so honoredto be on your team.

she's undefeatable in my e, but we'll seewhat the competition brin. alisan: i'm so excited to pworking with christina. it's amazing to havemy babies experience this. oh, mommy. ...and support me and --[ laughs ] it just means everything.my family is the world to . nothing comes before them, and to be able to keep dogthis is --

-dream come true.-it really is. coaches, let me remind yo,lacy is available to stea. lacy, anything you'd like tyto your coach? christina, i just wanted ty thank you for turning arodin the first place. you are one of my biggest i,so just thank you so much. thank you, love. big thank-youto lacy, everybody. ♪ boom! clap!the sound of my heart ♪whoa!

♪ the beat goes on and on anand on ♪we got a steal!blake shelton! you're on the show still!

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