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brown asthma pump name

brown asthma pump name

both: [singing] don't wake furby! beth hoyt: hi, guys. welcome to my damnchannel live. i'm beth hoyt. i'm joined by this familiarface, daily grace. daily grace: me! hello. beth hoyt: we'll both be herethe whole 60 minutes, taking

your questions all show. so get those in the chat. nate is playing commentdj all show. hi, nate. daily grace: hey, nate! nate: i'm in the corner. beth hoyt: you lookvery techie. daily grace: you are. nate: yeah, i feel reallyteched out right now.

beth hoyt: and you havea very scary thing right there on you. nate: shh! beth hoyt: ok, we're-- what? nate: it's sleeping. beth hoyt: i know. daily grace: for now. beth hoyt: thank god for that.

we're playing some games. we're talking aboutholiday movies. and miss mamrie hart of "youdeserve a drink" is here to make us a little somethingto sip on. grace, how does it feel tobe back in new york? how're you feeling? daily grace: hungover. beth hoyt: sounds about right. daily grace: yeah.

let's take some internetcomments. beth hoyt: yeah. daily grace: nate, [singing] hit us with the good stuff. nate: oh, geez. somebody just-- miss valley nine just said,"what, this is pre-recorded?" eh, prove her wrong. daily grace: how dare you.

miss valley nine is her name? nate: yes. beth hoyt: um, can you dothis if it's not live? you can. but would you? daily grace: it justgot festive. beth hoyt: would you do that? i'm so dizzy. and i'm nearing--

daily grace: let'stake another one. nate: yeah, i got a more legitone from juicy chica 26. "how do you survivefinals week?" beth hoyt: how do yousurvive finals week? daily grace: well, if your nameis juicy chica 96, i feel like you're doing a good jobsurviving life already. and you might notneed our advice. but how did you survivefinals week? beth hoyt: i like to have,like, a thing i'm

celebrating-- i'm planning to celebrate foras soon as it's done. so just think about thatthe whole time. have that bottle of liquor,like, right there. unless you're under thelegal drinking age. then just have, like-- beth hoyt: a good cheese. you could get a nice cheese. daily grace: all 16-year-oldslove fine cheeses.

beth hoyt: yeah, it's a treat. it's a treat for theend of your finals. daily grace: yeah,give yourself, like, little rewards. like, treat yourselflike a dog. like, give yourselflittle rewards. if you study for an hour, letyourself, i don't know, go on the computer for an hour. and if you study for anotherhour, then let yourself enjoy

your delicious cheesefor a little while. beth hoyt: yeah, take a nibbleoff that chunk of-- uh, i don't even knowa fancy cheese. daily grace: a gouda? beth hoyt: i'm from wisconsin,which is all cheddar. [bell dings] beth hoyt: cheddar ina very fancy shape. nate: i have another comment. daily grace: yay!

nate: ah, stephen [inaudible] asks, "what is your favoritealcoholic beverage?" nobody asks that enough. daily grace: i know. it's a hard question. it's like, does the octomomhave a favorite child? none of them. because she only caresabout herself. i don't know.

what's your favorite drink? beth hoyt: well, it dependsif it's favorite like-- i think vodka probablyis the most go-to. daily grace: i go for vodkasodas all the time. because they have a verylow sugar content. so you don't get as hungoverthe next day. it's about the hangoverfor me with that, too. daily grace: i feel hungover,but it could be worse. beth hoyt: it could-- italways could be worse.

daily grace: yeah, exactly. beth hoyt: i liketequila, too. daily grace: yes. beth hoyt: tequilamakes me dance. tequila makes me forgetthe night. nate: another one. beth hoyt: yep. nate: mr. blogger 27 says,"where will you be on new year's?"

daily grace: ooo! where will you be? beth hoyt: i'm goingto be in wisconsin. my friend's having a reallybig birthday party. so it's like a big reunion forall my friends from home. and all my friends arecoming from la. and it's, like, we're all justgoing to take over, like, a little bar in our littletown in wisconsin. daily grace: thatsounds so fun.

beth hoyt: what about you? daily grace: i don'tknow for sure yet. there is a small chance that imight be partying with tyler oakley in san francisco. beth hoyt: that sounds fun. daily grace: but there'sa small chance. we'll see if that happens. beth hoyt: that you'll be in sanfrancisco, or that you'll be at that party ifyou're there?

daily grace: both. so we'll see. here's hoping. beth hoyt: all right. keep us informed. daily grace: yes, i will. last thursday was a reallybig night for youtube-- for live youtube. did you guys watch the what'strending tubeathon?

grave was on it. daily grace: i was. and so was beth. you were there live, though. can you tell us whatyou were doing? it looked super fun. daily grace: uh, hannah hartfrom my drunk kitchen and myself made a vegan-- we tried to make it vegan,but then it didn't

end up being vegan-- eggnog. and then we answeredsome questions. i posed my butt off. and it was great. a lot of money was raisedfor the covenant house. beth hoyt: awesome. i turned it on whenyou were posing. it was great.

you were very in it. daily grace: oh, thank you. yeah, it was all for thekids in that house. beth hoyt: yeah, and i got tonot only introduce our pals the gregory brothers and key ofawesome, but i also did a little something with shannoncoffey of coffey chat. i love the holidays. i really love them. daily grace: oh, let'ssee the video of beth

and shannon, guys! beth hoyt: hi, shira andeveryone at what's trending. i'm beth hoyt from my damnchannel live and beth in show. shannon coffey: and i'm shannon coffey from coffey chat. happy holidays! beth hoyt: merry christmas! shannon coffey: happy kwanzaa! beth hoyt: are you excited forthe holidays, shannon?

shannon coffey: well,not really. i mean, it's hard for me to getinto the holidays, because i come from a broken home. beth hoyt: oh, i'm so sorry. shannon coffey: whenever i thinkabout christmas, i have this, like, one really strongmemory and it involves my mom cheating on my dad. beth hoyt: on christmas? shannon coffey: yeah,on christmas eve.

i saw mommy kissingsanta claus. beth hoyt: oh my gosh. shannon coffey: it wasunderneath the mistletoe that night. and there she was. she didn't see me creep downthe stairs to have a peek. beth hoyt: so she didn't know? shannon coffey: she thought iwas upstairs, tucked in my bedroom fast asleep.

shannon coffey: and then i sawmy mom tickling santa claus under his white, snowy beard. beth hoyt: did your dad see? shannon coffey: what a laughit would've been if daddy had seen. beth hoyt: why a laugh? shannon coffey: thenmaybe they would've divorced a lot sooner. beth hoyt: oh.

shannon coffey: um,hey, but are you looking forward to christmas? shannon coffey: yay. i mean, it's going to be achallenging year for my family after last year's incident. shannon coffey: what happened? beth hoyt: uh, my grandma gotrun over by a reindeer. shannon coffey: oh my god. that's horrible.

beth hoyt: walking home fromour house on christmas eve. shannon coffey: she walked? beth hoyt: it's goodfor her digestion. now, you can say there's nosuch thing as santa-- shannon coffey: i wouldnever see that. beth hoyt: --but as for me andmy grandpa, we believe. now, she'd been drinkingtoo much eggnog. and we begged her not to go. shannon coffey: i mean,how did you

know it was a reindeer? beth hoyt: when we found herchristmas morning, just-- just-- just gone. at the scene of the attack, um,she had hoof marks, like, all over her forehead. shannon coffey: thatis horrible. beth hoyt: and there was like--there was claws marks on her back. shannon coffey: i'm so sad.

i'm sorry. they should never give a licenseto a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves. shannon coffey: and my mom. santa is a monster! beth hoyt: so, yeah. my-- my grandma got run overby a reindeer. hopefully, this yearwill be better.

shannon coffey: yeah. shannon, what are youhoping to get for christmas this year? shannon coffey: all i wantfor christmas is you. beth hoyt: oh, no. i'm so sorry. i'm just--i'm seeingthe drummer boy. shannon coffey: parum pum pum pum. beth hoyt: pa rum pum pum pum.

both: happy holidays! daily grace: wow. that was kind of depressing. beth hoyt: yeah, i couldreally use a drink now after that. daily grace: well, whata great thing that mamrie hart is here! mamrie hart: hey! hey!

mamrie hart: somebodywants a drink? daily grace: yeah! mamrie hart: i broughta couple things. daily grace: you broughtpresents! beth hoyt: oh my god. daily grace: this is a lotof ingredients here. is this for one big cocktail? mamrie hart: mmhmm. daily grace: well, is thisa drink or a shot?

mamrie hart: this isgonna be a shot. daily grace: oh my god. mamrie hart: oh, yeah. i'm excited. beth hoyt: oh, good. i'm glad it's soy. daily grace: yeah, thank god. [inaudible] need it.

mamrie hart: all right,are you guys ready? mamrie hart: so sinceit's christmas-- mamrie hart: and so we'llbe on the good list. the nice list? what's it called? i've never been on it. daily grace: it's thenice list, yeah. mamrie hart: the nice list? i thought we would make cookiesand milk for santa.

beth hoyt: ok. daily grace: ok. mamrie hart: but it's justgoing to be a shot. daily grace: 'cause santahas a drinking problem! mamrie hart: he really does. and he can lose alittle weight. great. mamrie hart: here we go. mamrie hart: all right.

ready? mamrie hart: why don't you poursome rum in here, grace? daily grace: oh, no. how much? mamrie hart: you know. beth hoyt: this is a verycalculated cocktail. mamrie hart: that's good. that's good. yep.

and then we're going to addsome butterscotch schnapps that you'll have left over fromflaming butter beers. woo! what? beth hoyt: i wonder when thelast time this was opened was? oh, there we go. mamrie hart: it'srock candy now. beth hoyt: it's, like,crusted together. daily grace: sometimes i drinkit from the bottle.

beth hoyt: tastes like,yep, butterscotch. daily grace: really good. mamrie hart: then i havecinnamon schnapps, also called hot damn. daily grace: wow! beth hoyt: we used to drink thatdrink that at football games and tailgating, likeat 8:00 in the morning. that was our breakfastbefore-- mamrie hart: yeah, it smellslike aftershave.

and it keeps you warmif you drink that when you're outside-- daily grace: oh, it's pink. beth hoyt: wow, itlooks like-- mamrie hart: it's all natural. beth hoyt: --cough syrup. [interposing voices] beth hoyt: and it makesyou go, hot damn! that's natural.

mamrie hart: and thenwe're going to add some off-brand bailey's. mamrie hart: add some more. beth hoyt: oh, yeah? mamrie hart: yeah, for sure. so this should taste likean oatmeal cookie. beth hoyt: yum. daily grace: this is the brandthat bartenders trust. bartenders don'ttrust anything.

beth hoyt: yeah, they wouldnot trust [inaudible]. daily grace: dekuyper. beth hoyt: because they--from experience. mamrie hart: yeah, exactly. they've been done real wrong. beth hoyt: mmhmm. mamrie hart: all right,ready guys? mamrie hart: so this'll be-- it'll taste like an oatmealcookie, so you

could have it breakfast. beth hoyt: great. mamrie hart: i'm just saying. all right, ready? daily grace: shake it up. beth hoyt: shake it up. daily grace: shakeit up sister. mamrie hart: oh, thatlooks appropriate. just caught myself on themonitor, and that was not

flattering. all right, so we're goingto do the shot. and then you'll chaseit with a little-- mamrie hart: --witha little milk. nate: nate, you get one, too. nate: yay! daily grace: boy,you earned it. mamrie hart: you deserveit, nate. beth hoyt: here you go, nate.

oh my gosh. daily grace: i'm so excited. mamrie hart: [inaudible]. beth hoyt: here's yourliquid cookie. daily grace: [singing] i'm so excited. mamrie hart: and grace,i brought soy milk for your butt. daily grace: thank you!

my butt needs it. mamrie hart: oh, girl. daily grace: oh, girl. beth hoyt: just, like, to putright on grace's butt? is it, like, a-- daily grace: yep. mamrie hart: it's just-- it's just a home remedy. beth hoyt: is this somethingthat grace [inaudible] about

that we like. daily grace: i like naturalhome remedies. beth hoyt: wait. so what we do this? mamrie hart: so-- daily grace: we chase it. mamrie hart: --take the shot,and then chase it. beth hoyt: oh, ok. mamrie hart: so we'll do, like,a little, like, round.

and then we'll-- daily grace: nate, do you wantto come out and take this shot with us, or do have to stay? nate: i'm good over here. kind of tethered in. beth hoyt: i'll bringyou the milk. nate: i'll do it in-- in spirit. mamrie hart: all right,ready girls?

cheers! beth hoyt: cheers to santa. mamrie hart: merry christmas! beth hoyt: mmm. daily grace: thatis so delicious. mamrie hart: mmm! beth hoyt: i was chewingon mine. that is great. nate: super good.

mamrie hart: that tastesexactly like a cookie. daily grace: it does. beth hoyt: it was reallyincredible. you don't even need a chaser. it's so smooth and delicious. beth hoyt: you don't. one more for good measure. beth hoyt: wow, that'sdelicious. mamrie hart: hey,new best friend.

beth hoyt: wow. daily grace: hey, nate. you got some questions for us? nate: yeah! hold on a second. what what, what, what? beth hoyt: nate didn't eventake his shot yet. nate: i did. i did.

i drank it and i just pouredmyself some soy milk. mamrie hart: is he oneof those nerds who pretends to drink? beth hoyt: no, that'sdefinitely not-- mamrie hart: justkidding kids. nate: uh, casually babblingasks, "what do you want for christmas?" daily grace: hmm. mamrie hart: to watchthat video again.

daily grace: oh my gosh. we watched the greatest videobefore the show started. beth hoyt: we're goingto play a game. and we'll what the-- well, it's a tease. daily grace: we'll save it. we'll save it. mamrie hart: i want to watchyour video that we just watched again.

i was losing my mind. beth hoyt: i kind of thoughtfor a minute that you were maybe laughing at it. 'causewas-- it was-- it was an overwhelming amountof laughter. mamrie hart: you could heara pin drop in here. and i was going bonkers. beth hoyt: yeah, i thoughtthat she needed an inhaler for a minute. daily grace: she was in thecorner laughing by herself.

mamrie hart: i was, like,climbing those dioramas. and daily grace: i was like, oh,this is the moment that mamrie snaps and never comes back. mamrie hart: that's afun holiday game. mamrie hart: let's makemamrie lose it. daily grace: ooo. nate: ok, another comment. crystal pino wanted to know,"what is your favorite slash

funniest holiday memory?" daily grace: i'm going totake this shot first. daily grace: this is creatinga memory right now. ahh! mamrie hart: christmas-- beth hoyt: i know-- mamrie hart: --memories. beth hoyt: --one. i fainted in church.

i went to church onchristmas day. when i was going infor communion, i was so hung over-- mamrie hart: you faintedlike a whore in church. beth hoyt: right? well, that's funny that-- anyway. my soon-to-be boyfriend'sparents were, like, right there.

and i went up and i waswearing a really, really thick sweater. i was home in wisconsin. i had this thick-ass sweater. the whole mass, i was so hot. it was christmas mass,too, so it's so long. beth hoyt: and i was,like, really, like, red-faced and so hot. i went up for communion.

and right when i got up there,that's the last thing i know. all i know is that someonecarried me to the back in front of, like, the whole-- yeah. mamrie hart: were you gettingcommunion wine? beth hoyt: that wasa good one. mamrie hart: [inaudible]communion wine? daily grace: i have a similarstory to that. because we used to--

when my family was sort ofreligious, we'd only go to church, like, on christmas. and christmas mass is, like, thelongest mass of all time. and so my dad always tried tobe good by taking us there. and so, like, he, my brother,tim, and i went. and we went kind of late. and i hated going tochristmas mass. i hated it. we got there really late.

and we had to stand in the backof the church, because it was so full. and it was so crowded and hot. and tim was standing next tome-- like, five minutes into the mass, just walked out to thefront of the church, pukes in the bushes in the frontof the church. and my dad comes back, andhe's like, we need to go. and i was like, yes, tim! yes!

and we've never been backto mass on christmas. mamrie hart: using thatexcuse forever. daily grace: he just did itbecause it was so hot. mamrie hart: good brother. daily grace: and i don'tthink he ate dinner. i know, he reallyhelped me out. mamrie hart: that's awesome. thanks, tim. daily grace: it was achristmas miracle.

beth hoyt: great tip. mamrie hart: thanks, tim. daily grace: so if you guyswant to get out of church, just faint or puke somehow. mamrie hart: there we go. there we go. daily grace: we're here togive you life advice. beth hoyt: really great lessonshere for a good time with your family.

mamrie hart: lookat this table. doesn't it look like a bunch ofwomen who know what they're talking about? beth hoyt: this mademe feel so good. it really was-- daily grace: i'm back. beth hoyt: --so much morerefreshing than eating a-- nate: uh. nate: [inaudible]

elliot asks, "everyone give usyour best grace face." ready? go! nate: ok. nate: i have another one, too. keep going. sheep asks, "mamrie, what isyour favorite drink you made slash filmed for youdeserve a drink." mamrie hart: ooo,tastiest one. grace would know, too.

which one's the tastiest? daily grace: i know whichone wasn't the tastiest. mamrie hart: oh my god. the one direction? daily grace: no, thatone was fine. the one that we made that-- mamrie hart: that one--literally, three hairs sprung on my chest. daily grace: it was, like, everyliquor imaginable in one

shot glass. mamrie hart: i did fivedifferent types of liquor. daily grace: yeah, it was likea mini long island-- beth hoyt: like a longisland ice tea? but the one where it was, like,supposed to help you remember for school. grace and i did a drink thathad fresh juice in it. daily grace: like, spinachand carrot juice in it. mamrie hart: and then i wouldchase it with an almond.

daily grace: and then tequila. mamrie hart: but deliciousone-- there's the ashton kutcher fuggedaboutit that hadfigs and fresh thyme in it. daily grace: also, the veganbailey grace that you made was, like, the most deliciousthing i've ever had. mamrie hart: i wonderif we're friends. look at our shirts. beth hoyt: that was a reallyfunny video, too. mamrie hart: oh, hi.

this isn't the moma. daily grace: no. mamrie hart: this is just usstanding beside each other. beth hoyt: [inaudible]something ditsy happening over here. no big deal. you can find us onallposters.com in all different sizes. daily grace: yeah, they'reall really great.

beth hoyt: it was reallyfunny to watch too. i, like, laughed out loudin my bedroom when i was watching it. daily grace: they'rereally great. when tim came up to visit hestayed in my apartment. and i went over the next day,and he had bought so much booze, just so that he couldmake all of her drinks in my apartment by himself. mamrie hart: you guysmake the drinks?

does anyone make the drinks? i hope so. daily grace: i get totaste them and-- beth hoyt: we're tellyou that-- we're not faking that this was-- daily grace: delicious. beth hoyt: --insanelydelicious. mamrie hart: there's alsobig boi's hey yacht. that was kumquats and rosemarysimple syrup and gin.

daily grace: whateveryou made the, like, spicy gin something. mamrie hart: oh. oh, yeah, yeah. daily grace: anything that'sinfused is delicious. mamrie hart: anything but theone direction drink is great. beth hoyt: got it. thank you for thisdrink, mamrie. mamrie hart: you're welcome.

beth hoyt: but that's not allyou're here to serve. you started a new seriesfor my damn channel. tell us about it. daily grace: oh, yeah! mamrie hart: so i have a seriesthat just started last week called sing-a-gram. i mean, these pipes,they do work. beth hoyt: yeah, it's true. mamrie hart: they do work.

daily grace: surprise! mamrie can sing! mamrie hart: yay! so, yeah. so i'm a singing telegram whofinds herself, dare i say it, in some kooky situations. daily grace: well, let'sget into that kook. i can't wait. here's episode oneof sing-a-gram.

mamrie hart: that soundedinappropriate. [knocking] andy: yes, yes, coming. coming. mamrie hart: specialdelivery from sing-a-gram, singing telegrams. do you know a samantha clark? andy: uh, yes samanthaclark is my wife. mamrie hart: thenyou're my guy.

[singing] dear-- andy: why don't wedo this inside? andy: i'm--i'm sorry--i'msorry, what? da-- da-- uh, stop. i'm sure you're very sweet. but this-- this has tobe some kind of joke. stop singing. mamrie hart: i actually just gothired last week, so i just

need to finish thesong, and then-- [phone dialing] [phone ringing] andy: alfonzo is the-- is thecoffee cart guy at her work. mamrie hart: hmm. andy: alfonzo withthe great jokes. he makes a great braziliandecaf. oh. andy: ah!

mamrie hart: andy! andy! andy, no, no, no, don't cry. no! listen to me. you are going to meet the mostamazingly average woman to rebound with, ok? maybe she has a silly singingjob, but she's got a good heart and looks greatin a v neck.

ok, i'm just going to speedthrough it, ok? just the highlights. ooo. oh, who cares, right? andy: oh my god. mamrie hart: oh, no. andy: i can't help that! mamrie hart: ok, i don't thinkyou're going to call my boss, so why don't we just say thati sang the rest of it, ok?

yeah? that looks like a yes to me. ok. thank you for choosingsing-a-gram. you know what? actually, you know whati think would make you feel better? i think you should go in thereand get real dirty with a sing-a-gram girl.

wanna do it? got like 20 minutes. andy: get out! mamrie hart: ok. mamrie hart: all right, bye. andy: i can't get hard now. i'm sad. boners don't get hardwhen they're sad! grace and i here with mamriehart, and nate over in the

corner, where we liketo stick him. and we're taking all yourquestions all show. but also, we found this greatholiday movie trivia game. i'm really into holidaymovies. have you guys seena lot of them? beth hoyt: are you into it? mamrie hart: uh, yeah. daily grace: but i can be. i'm into things that are fun.

beth hoyt: ok, so grace isgoing to totally lose. but-- mamrie hart: namea movie starring jenny mccarthy as santa. beth hoyt: my gosh. mamrie hart: "santa baby." beth hoyt: did you know that thelifetime tv channel just plays christmas movies all ofdecember, all the time. mamrie hart: oh, like i don'thave raven-symone

on my google list? c'mon. beth hoyt: what wasi thinking? ok, anyway, we're goingto play this holiday movie trivia game. and we're turning it into adrinking game, of course. daily grace: 'causeyou have to. beth hoyt: yay! mamrie hart: everybody wins.

daily grace: moviesand trivia! beth hoyt: no, oneperson wins. daily grace: so beth andi have the questions. nate has the answers. and when you get it wrong, youtake a sippy sippy sip sip of the champagne. let's all do a practice sip. beth hoyt: all right,how does that work? so you, like, put it your--

am i doing it right? daily grace: yeah, nailing it. beth hoyt: you're close. so close. daily grace: center it. there you go. perfect. beth hoyt: oh, there it is. you got it in there.

daily grace: great. ok, so let's play this game. beth hoyt: all right, numberone-- what is the name of rudolph's dad-- vixen, dixon, dasher,or donner? daily grace: oh, shoot. beth hoyt: i don't thinkthis is something that's commonly known. mamrie hart: way to make methink of reindeer having sex.

like, i didn't eventhink about that. daily grace: i thinkabout it every day. beth hoyt: it's definitely notdixon, 'cause dixon isn't even a fucking-- daily grace: i was thinking-- beth hoyt: excuse me. daily grace: -- thatit was dixon. beth hoyt: keep itfriendly time. mamrie hart: we need to putsome dixon your mouth.

beth hoyt: ok, how can that,what i said, be worse than what she just said? mamrie hart: isn't oneof them donner? mamrie hart: don soundslike a dad name. daily grace: well, donnerand dasher, aren't they other reindeer? beth hoyt: yeah, they are. they all are. but which one's rudolph's dad?

i would say-- daily grace: so he workedwith his dad? beth hoyt: so you'resaying donner. mamrie hart: it wasa family business. beth hoyt: all right,we have a lot of questions to go through. so i'm going to say-- i'm gonna say donner,too, actually. daily grace: i'm gonnasay dixon.

beth hoyt: nate, what'sthe answer? nate: it is donner. i got it wrong. awesome. what a bummer. beth hoyt: grace, youwanna take this one? daily grace: ok, here'sthe question. mamrie hart: it's just,like, false. daily grace: 17.

who wrote the "nightmarebefore christmas"-- alfred hitchcock, martinscorsese, steven spielberg, tim burton? beth hoyt: tim burton! mamrie hart: tim burton! daily grace: i'm goingspielberg. nate? nate: are you trying to lose? daily grace: nate, i am trying,to the best of my

ability, to succeedat something. nate: it's tim burton. beth hoyt: oh! mamrie hart: oh! beth hoyt: so climactic. daily grace: i'm sobad at this game. mamrie hart: oh, here we go. number three. mamrie hart: the rabbitin the magic--

i can't read this. the rabbit in the-- beth hoyt: spell it out. just sound it out. mamrie hart: the rabbit in themagic hat in "frosty the snowman" is named-- scutt farkus, lil grinch, hocuspocus, or rabbit claus? beth hoyt: hocus pocus. daily grace: three of thosefour are male porn actors.

mamrie hart: uh, you guysneed to know what scutt farkus can do. beth hoyt: let me see howthat's spelled there. mamrie hart: scutt farkus,lil grinch, hocus pocus, or rabbit claus. it's not hocus pocus because, ifthere's hocus pocus, there better be kathy najimy. beth hoyt: that's so true. but it is hocus pocus.

daily grace: um, wait. i didn't even know that therewas a rabbit in a magic hat in "frosty the snowman." mamrie hart: yeah, me neither. what a weird placefor a rabbit. i'm gonna go withrabbit claus. daily grace: i'll gowith little grinch. mamrie hart: lil. you gotta say itlike a rapper.

daily grace: lil grinch. mamrie hart: thank you. beth hoyt: and nate? nate: clarence. daily grace: woo! nate: wait. beth hoyt: i think youread the wrong one. nate: these are mixed up. what number is this?

beth hoyt: number three. mamrie hart: number three. daily grace: number three. nate: i have hocus pocus. beth hoyt: yeah! nate: i just gave the answerto the last one. beth hoyt: were you not payingattention at all? that wasn't even oneof the options. clarence.

mamrie hart: clarence? nate: i think i'm goingto drink for that one. daily grace: and you didsuch a dramatic-- nate: sorry. mamrie hart: --clarence. nate: i'm gonna drink. mamrie hart: a tiny rabbitnamed like an elderly black man. daily grace: yeah, it wassuch a dramatic pause

before you read it. nate: yeah, i know. i was trying to think about it,and i read the wrong line. i think i might've spoiledthe next question. beth hoyt: so there's onewith clarence, at least. daily grace: well, the onewith clarence we'll skip. oh, it's number four. nate: don't give-- daily grace: numberfour is clarence.

nate: yeah, don't doholiday quizzes-- don't give the host of theholiday quiz thing drinks. mamrie hart: all right,number five. beth hoyt: number five. daily grace: it's a learningexperience, nate. beth hoyt: what did-- number five-- what did ralphiewant for christmas in "a christmas story." beth hoyt: a remote controlledcar, a bb gun, a bow and

arrow, a playstation? daily grace: a bb gun. you'll shoot your eye out. daily grace: hey, watchedthat movie. mamrie hart: thatmovie scared me. beth hoyt: really? mamrie hart: yeah. beth hoyt: that's weird. mamrie hart: 'cause ofthat creepy santa.

daily grace: yeah, the santathat pushes him with his foot down the slide. beth hoyt: i think we're alljust-- like, we all got it right, so we're just drinking. daily grace: also,yeah, the fights. beth hoyt: nate, it'sbb gun, right? nate: yeah. mamrie hart: 'cause you know tbsbe showing that all day. daily grace: they showit for 24 hours

straight the day of christmas. beth hoyt: yeah,it's the best. daily grace: ok,next question. number six, nate. nate: ok, thanks. daily grace: not clarence. what is the scrooge'sfirst name? "the" scrooge's first name? mamrie hart: "the scrooge," ibelieve, starring scutt farkus

as the scrooge. daily grace: you justgot scrooged. mamrie hart: i'm gonnascrooge all over you. keep it going. keep it moving. i'm out of control. daily grace: maxwell, ebenezer,bruce, or martin? mamrie hart: ebenezer. beth hoyt: ebenezer.

daily grace: yeah, butwouldn't it be great if it was bruce? like batman. beth hoyt: i mean, like-- nate: it's clarence. no, it's ebenezer. beth hoyt: grace,read this one. this is the last one. mamrie hart: do youwant me to do it?

daily grace: mmhmm. beth hoyt: or do you want tolook through these and see which one the best one is? mamrie hart: numberseven, nate. beth hoyt: here, we'redoing only one more. why don't you pickthe best one? here we go. this one. mamrie hart: why was thegrinch so nasty?

was it because he had a brokenleg, a small brain, a small heart, or a crooked knee? mamrie hart: how depressing. crooked knee. beth hoyt: that wouldbe a big bummer. daily grace: his scuttwas farkus. beth hoyt: wouldn't that begreat if it was all-- if he ruined everyone's christmasbecause he had a crooked knee? mamrie hart: he'd be like, youguys don't know how hard

stairs are. daily grace: he's got to get oneof those, what are they, jazzy chairs? beth hoyt: no pants fit right. mamrie hart: pants shoppingis a nightmare. i can only wear jorts. oh my god. if the grinch wore jorts, iwould watch that every day. daily grace: i smell a hipstergrinch coming out soon.

he had a tiny, tiny heart. mamrie hart: he hadsmall heart. beth hoyt: he had tiny,tiny heart. mamrie hart: small heart. nate, with the a. nate: small hearts. mamrie hart: you know what theysay about small hearts. beth hoyt: none of usare going anywhere. we wouldn't even if we could,'cause we don't want to.

so we'll be right back to talkwith you guys, get some questions in. daily grace: [burp] excuse me. mamrie hart: whoa. hoke colburn: whereto, miss daisy? dave: hey, we'redave and ethan. ethan: and you're watchingmy damn channel live. dave: bam!

daily grace: hi, guys. beth and mamrie andi are offering ourselves up to your questions. what you got, internet? nate: cad bear 99 says, "what'sthe worst christmas present you've ever gotten?" daily grace: the worstchristmas-- someone asked me this question recently. mamrie hart: this isn't apresent, but one time on

christmas eve, when i was likeeight, is when my mom decided was a great time for me to watch"roots" and learn about what slavery was. mamrie hart: and then, like, allchristmas i was just like, kunta kinte, man. beth hoyt: like, thisdoesn't matter. daily grace: yeah, and then it'slike, now open all these presents i bought you. mamrie hart: yeah, idon't know about--

nate: isn't it, like, when yougo home for christmas anyway, like, the time you're supposedto watch, like, awkward movies with your parents. oh, yeah, seriousscutt farkus. daily grace: scutt farkus. beth hoyt: --movies becomeawkward when you put them on beth hoyt: it's just hard. nate: well, that's true. but, like, i watched, like, "thekids aren't all right"

with my parents. beth hoyt: "the kids areall right." nate, they are all right. nate: oh, right. nate: they weren't allright after that. mamrie hart: oh, iknow that scene. i know that scene. nate: another comment. lauren meyers asked, "what areyour favorite dance moves?"

daily grace: i do thisone all the time. beth hoyt: ooo, that'sa good one. mamrie hart: you know whatelse you do a lot? nate: tap and point? mamrie hart: this. daily grace: yeah,i tap and point. daily grace: i've been doingthat for years-- someone made a gif of medoing that from 2007. mamrie hart: oh, wow.

daily grace: yeah, when michelleand i made a video in our first apartmentin new york. and it's me, like, tappingand pointing. so i've been doing it-- mamrie hart: it's agood move for you. daily grace: --for fiveyears, y'all. beth hoyt: it's a good one. mamrie hart: thanks,investigative creeper. beth hoyt: i do this a lot.

i jump. i jump and do this. 'cause i just get excitedand i don't really know how to dance. so i just want to get it out. mamrie hart: that's amazing. beth hoyt: that'swhat happens. i don't plan that. mamrie hart: i make it clap.

daily grace: whoa. beth hoyt: wait a second. mamrie hart: i mean, my buttwill sound like radio city at a sold out show. nate: ok, haley grace asks,"any the christmas traditions?" mamrie hart: the older i getthe more drinking is incorporated. mamrie hart: i do hot--

like, hot cider with rumon christmas morning. daily grace: yeah, tim and iusually have a heart to heart and get really, really wasted. so that's like a nice holidaytradition for us now. mamrie hart: aw, sweet. beth hoyt: yeah, i mentionedthis before. i always get drunk on mimosason christmas morning. my sister and i put fake nailson and play-- for some reason we play store clerk and wepick up credit cards.

it's really-- and youguys gotta try it. it's so fun. 'cause they always have longnails and they're so patient. mamrie hart: so you guys getdrunk, put on fake nails and sit at a table, and arelike, is that all? beth hoyt: and one person comesin with the purchases-- mamrie hart: cani see some id? beth hoyt: --and one personrings them up. you gotta do it.

mamrie hart: do you knowour return policy. beth hoyt: yes. yes. mamrie hart: 'cause if this isforever 21, we're only giving you store credit. beth hoyt: we don't turn them--we don't make 'em black, but it's more-- daily grace: but you call itstore clerk, but it's just you picking up credit cards?

beth hoyt: hey, guys,it's so much fun. mamrie hart: oh, i can't waitto visit wisconsin. daily grace: it's just, like,yeah, cheddar cheese, fake nails, and credit cards. mamrie hart: is this allthe cheese you want? nate: i have another one. mamrie hart: yeah, nate. nate: anton reinhold 13 says,"mamrie, can you do an impression of grace?"

daily grace: you can do animpression of me last night. mamrie hart: exactly. nate: wow. mamrie hart: my version of gracelast night-- just black out the screen. beth hoyt: yeah, justshow them-- show the bottom of your feet. mamrie hart: do we havea sensor bar ready? daily grace: i have somebruises and some cuts.

sometimes my legs workdifferently than my brain wants them to. but i'm here now. mamrie hart: it's achristmas miracle. daily grace: yeah,it really is. beth hoyt: also, i was saying,it's probably because, like, you're just back in new yorkfrom being in la, where you have to drive everywhere. so, like, last night, you wereprobably just like, and i get

to walk home. daily grace: i basically hitthat mentality where i was like, game on. i don't have to driveanywhere. and the game-- i lost the game. mamrie hart: hideyour tequila. hide your tater tots. 'cause grace helbig is back.

daily grace: nate, yes. nate: [inaudible]-- you guys didn't even needme to ding that one. tire boy 55 asks, "end of theworld survival advice?" beth hoyt: oh, good one. mamrie hart: giveme some tires. daily grace: um, what? mamrie hart: his nameis tire boy. beth hoyt: yeah, heshould be fine.

that's probably a goodthing to have. mamrie hart: do you needto be rotated? daily grace: thisis actually-- there's someone that i wastalking to in la that says that she plays this party gamewhere, like, she asks people, like, what exactly would be yourstrategy if the zombie apocalypse started happening. so, like, people haveto, like, think it-- think out what wouldyou actually do.

and she says that already knowswhat apartment she's going to go to that has a gasstation and a supermarket very close to it. beth hoyt: like, 'cause one ofher friends at the party answered so correctly thatshe was like, you're my-- beth hoyt: she's just beenphasing out her friends to be [inaudible]. beth hoyt: that's smart. mamrie hart: i would-- in zombieapocalypse, i would

cover myself in cilantro. because people are veryright or left. so depending on the zombie thatfound me, he might be like, this is soapy. daily grace: we're like,not into this. beth hoyt: that's very true. that or, like, fennel. yeah. mamrie hart: good to know.

daily grace: so justcover yourself-- beth hoyt: fennel. fennel. daily grace: --in herbs. nate: oh god. i knocked the hatoff the furby. ok, shannon wood asks, "what'syour favorite gift you've ever given?" daily grace: oh, i gave tim ayoutube channel last year.

beth hoyt: oh, that'sa great one. daily grace: and you shouldall go subscribe to it. tim will destroy you. mamrie hart: nice. mine's have a toss up. i gave a signed autographedhead shot of scott bakula once. because-- daily grace: to who?

mamrie hart: --the boyfriendat the time was really into "quantum leap." and thenrecently i got a oil painting commissioned of myfriend's face. you guys just missed whitewaterrapids over here. yeah, those are probablymy best. beth hoyt: that's really good. i thought you were going to makethe oil painting of the-- daily grace: the one thatyou're getting for christmas this year.

mamrie hart: oh, i'm gettingan oil painting of the ikea monkey and grumpy cat. already commissioned. daily grace: i'm so jealous. beth hoyt: wow, that'sreally good. daily grace: well, guys, youlearned a lot about us, but we're not done. we'll be right back. -so what are you goingto miss about earth?

-uh, internet. -what about food? -oh, yeah, food for sure. that's number two. -yep, number two. -bitches, you know whereyou are right now. -you're at my damnchannel live. -bam -and we're the wing girls.

-yeah, we are. oh, yeah, i forgotto say that. but i did this. does this make sense? -what's that? -no, i don't know. -you're tired. -hi, i'm chris crocker, andyou're watching my damn channel live.

beth hoyt: wow, thatwas intense. ok, we're back. we is daily grace, mamriehart, and myself. and it's time to play one of myfavorite holiday games i've never played before. daily grace: i'm soexcited for this. mamrie hart: i'mso [inaudible]. beth hoyt: so have you guys everplayed the antler game? but this is what we were teasingyou about earlier in

the show where we said wewatched a video before the show started. and beth had-- beth hoyt: yeah, i found it ona children's party website, which is, you know, soundsperfect for us. mamrie hart: it's definitelyin my bookmarks. beth hoyt: and then the onlyvideo online you can find, thanks to anita, is these peopleplaying at a senior citizen home or outsideof, like, a

church basement or something. daily grace: i have neverseen so much joy out of human beings-- daily grace: --untili saw this video. mamrie hart: i love laughingat the elderly. beth hoyt: [inaudible]posts in the comments here of the videos. they get really intense. and we're about to getreally intense.

ok, it's called theantler game. there's just, like, two steps. basically, you just blow up asmany balloons as you can, which is going to be awesomesince we're kind of drunk. beth hoyt: and then-- and thenyou just fill up these nylon pantyhose legs. and once your legs are fullof balloons, you put on your head to make-- to make an antlers--

to make antlers. mamrie hart: how many balloonsin each one? daily grace: howevermany you fit. beth hoyt: it's partof the competition. daily grace: and one of us mightbe reenacting beth's church scene here tonight. beth hoyt: it's notmy church scene. mamrie hart: and i mightbe reenacting tim. beth hoyt: oh, thatchurch scene.

yeah, that is mine. this is going to be interestingto watch. mamrie hart: i am simultenously terrified and stoked. beth hoyt: ok, ready? beth hoyt: set go. beth hoyt: oh, and we're takingquestions from you. if you want to throw usquestions, nate can give us questions, too.

are you making fun of me? mamrie hart: i don't knowhow to blow balloons. beth hoyt: you can'tjust talk to it. mamrie hart: yes, nate. nate: ok, i swear i didn'tpick this person 'cause their name. their name is great of nate. mamrie hart: oh, please. nate: and it's "what's thebest thing about 2012 for

you?" beth hoyt: the bestthing about 2012? nate: best and worst. mamrie hart: best and worst? beth hoyt: mine is this place,this job and this studio and my damn channel. beth hoyt: this balloonis too big for this. oh, and i'm already beth hoyt: oh god.

daily grace: mineis-- mine is-- mamrie hart: abandon! daily grace: the bestand worst is what's happening right now. this is pretty good. daily grace: oh, i'mgetting runs in it! mamrie hart: best, let's see. beth hoyt: oh, the worst? mamrie hart: worst, i didn'tsuccessfully, like, release,

like, a nudie pic. daily grace: ah, shoot. mamrie hart: jr'sworking on it. mamrie hart: i've officiallylost a shit ton of oxygen in my brain. daily grace: you've o-fish-allylost it? mamrie hart: i've o-fish-allylost it! that-- that--

daily grace: notthe champagne! mamrie hart: notthe champagne! daily grace: thisfish is drunk. go home, fish. beth hoyt: get your own glass. mamrie hart: is this 'causewe drank like a fish? i literally haven't putone balloon in here. beth hoyt: this is gonna-- this is gonna take us--

mamrie hart: i hope no viewersat home have that weird fear of balloons. daily grace: the elderly-- nate: all right. beth hoyt: yes, nate? how do those old people do it? nate: i have a comment! mamrie hart: yes, nate? bad man says, "favorite toyfrom your childhood?"

beth hoyt: oh, you guys rememberlittlest pet shop? did you have that? mamrie hart: i hadso many of those! beth hoyt: i love those. mamrie hart: there's acartoon of it now. daily grace: i had-- i had the shoes-- i had heelys before they madeheelys the way they are. it was, like, giant moon shoeswith, like, tiny wheels that

would pop in and out of them. mamrie hart: oh,that's amazing. daily grace: but they were thetiniest little wheels, and the shoes were so-- the sole of the shoe was sothick that if you, like, fell a little bit, you wouldeat shit, basically. mamrie hart: i had a japaneseexchange student in, like, the late '80s. and when she got back to japan,she sent me and my

brother and my sister each agame boy six months before they came to america. so, like, needless to say, iwas the cockiest biatch. beth hoyt: that just sets youup, yeah, for, like, major confidence early on in life. i was a [inaudible]. beth hoyt: that's likei had my teeth-- this is really, reallyexciting-- my teeth matured faster thanmost of my friends, so i got--

mamrie hart: oh my god,you're so gifted! beth hoyt: i lost allof my team first. and then i got headgearreally early. and i was the first oneto get headgear. and all my friends [inaudible]cool-- iit was, like, really cool,'cause none of my friends had even lost their teeth yet. so the orthodontist gave itto me, and he was like, just wear it to bed.

and i left wearing it, andthen told me mom-- i'm like, he said i haveto wear to school. so i wore my headgear, mybig silver headgear with my gold glasses. and i was so cool, because noone else had that stuff yet. mamrie hart: i wanted, like,braces and a retainer so bad. daily grace: me too. i wanted braces and glassesin third grade. and i faked my eye testso i got glasses.

mamrie hart: oh, whoa. beth hoyt: you did? daily grace: yeah, andi still have the glasses in my house somewhere. and they're just, like,clear glass. like, the optometrist wasjust humoring me. mamrie hart: i got braces for,like, six months my freshman year of high school just toclose the gap in my teeth. and i wore, like--

wore braces, closed it up, gota retainer, rocked it. beth hoyt: no, neverclose that gap. mamrie hart: i lost the retaineron spring break. my gap came back-- beth hoyt: [inaudible]story, nate mamrie hart: --and i was like,oh, now i'm really comfortable with myself. this looks great. i remember going--

daily grace: girl,you learned it. beth hoyt: yeah, youwant that gap. daily grace: nate, go ahead. beth hoyt: ok, nate,wehear now. nate: trg huston asks, "isanyone going to talk to christmas furby?" daily grace: no! nate: i'm gonna wake it up. and then grace, you'regoing to talk to it.

i hate it so much. nate: yes, wake up! beth hoyt: furbiesare so scary. i came into the office today,and it was just me-- daily grace: did i do it? mamrie hart: oh my god! i'm so jealous. you look like mardi gras. no, guys.

nate: that hat's [inaudible]. beth hoyt: furby, whatdo you think of that? daily grace: ah! ah! nate: ah! daily grace: i hate it! it's the worst. nate: it's a demon! beth hoyt: look at its eyes.

daily grace: his eyesare electronic. i hate it. mamrie hart: ya'll gotsome butter and-- nate: bring it over-- bring it over to grace. beth hoyt: no! daily grace: no, i hate it. [furby laughing] mamrie hart: you guys--

beth hoyt: did this-- did youdrink this or did it spill? daily grace: no, i drank that. beth hoyt: ok, good. mamrie hart: like, if i was justtransported into my body right now, i would be like,where did you find so much acid in manhattan? daily grace: if aliens really doexist, i hope that they're watching this momentright now. beth hoyt: and realizingthat we're other side.

that daily grace: we-- guys, this is the sign ofan evolved species. i finally understand-- mamrie hart: look at thissad [inaudible]. beth hoyt: that's the best. daily grace: i understand thejoy that the elderly had when doing this. beth hoyt: yeah, you guys, yougotta watch this video.

they are screaming over it. daily grace: one personliterally shouting hurray with their arms up in the air. beth hoyt: and the women haveamazing holiday sweaters. it's really exciting. daily grace: it's reallybeautiful. all right, friends,how are you doing? are you done with your eggnog? refill!

but not right now. right now, we're here toanswer your questions. what are they? i hate this thing so much. nate: well, ok, i was going tosay dazzy tron says to kiss-- mamrie hart: somethinghappened. oh, there goes my mic. [furby laughs] mamrie hart: ah!

beth hoyt: ah! daily grace: it lovedwhat it saw. beth hoyt: [inaudible]just said i saw you. mamrie hart: oh-- oh my god. i scarred that furby. beth hoyt: this furby isseriously going to kill us. daily grace: i'm havingthe best time. nate, hit us withsome questions. nate: i got--

dazzy tron wants someoneto kiss the furby. beth hoyt: no way. nate: what? beth hoyt: you get to. daily grace: the internetgets to. pucker up, internet. mamrie hart: ew! daily grace: ew! mamrie hart: what?

beth hoyt: what? you sicko. mamrie hart: did you guysgets a spanish furby? hey, you look amazing. nate: ok, ryan toomy asks, "yourscariest movie ever?" daily grace: scariestmovie ever? beth hoyt: "the strangers."it's so scary. have you see that? daily grace: i saw "cityof god" in, like, a

film class in college-- [furby speaking] mamrie hart: did hejust say my name? mamrie hart: is hesaying mamrie? this is the scariest furbyi've ever seen. mamrie-- nate: that's scary. daily grace: does it learn? mamrie hart: will it-- what?

fuck, you're a bitch. beth hoyt: screw you. mamrie hart: ok, i hate it. nate: pretty kitty meow meowasks, "if you could change your last name to anything, whatwould you change it to?" daily grace: uh, if i couldchange my last name to anything, what wouldi change it to? mamrie hart: that'sthe sentence. daily grace: let me, uh, thinkabout this for a second.

beth hoyt: yours is very good. balloons are evenly blown up. i think would-- i kind of like my last name. mamrie hart: yeah, i do too. daily grace: i didn't uselike my last name, but now i like it. beth hoyt: people used tocall me, like, go by [hocking loogie]

when i was growing up. well, my last namerhymes with fart. beth hoyt: you knowwho you are. mamrie hart: andpeople think-- and people think my name ispronounced "mammary," like-- beth hoyt: mammary glands? daily grace: i called youmammary for, like, a year. mamrie hart: she did. i let it go.

daily grace: and then our mutualfriend steve one day was like, grace, hername is mamrie. and i was like, whydidn't you-- mamrie hart: sweetsteve impression. anyway. daily grace: and i never knew. and i was like, why didn'tanyone tell me? mamrie hart: it's pronounced"mame-ree" with a long a. beth hoyt: yeah, ibet it sure is.

daily grace: like"shame free." mamrie hart: please, keepwalking off the table. beth hoyt: i guessfurby's going to keep walking off the-- mamrie hart: please. mamrie hart: he is saying-- beth hoyt: mamrie youtube. that's what he's saying. i've got a fan?

oh, get back here,you little guy. get back here, little guy. daily grace: go ahead, nate. nate: ok, lamb says, "you areall do an impression of the furby." beth hoyt: sure. daily grace: i'm an asshole. beth hoyt: i'm gonna kill you. mamrie hart: i hate myself.

[furby singing] mamrie hart: [singing] na na na na na. na na-- beth hoyt: oh, i see. he's getting tricky now. he's like, singalong,follow me with this. yeah, we can do that. daily grace: yeah, follow thisrecognizable tune, and then

i'm gonna change it. mamrie hart: yeah, andthen he peaces out. mamrie hart: go applyfor "the voice," you little piece of shit. daily grace: lookat ourselves. mamrie hart: i can't. like, why put a-- don't put amonitor under the camera and be like, just don't lookat the monitor. it's awkward.

daily grace: i feel likewe've accomplished a lot so far today. beth hoyt: i feel reallygood about-- daily grace: ok, well,way to even us out. beth hoyt: [inaudible]. daily grace: nate! nate: vicious taco 3241-- nate: i'm sorry. beth hoyt: nate, now he'slaughing at you.

nate: it's scary! beth hoyt: how does that feel? it feels [inaudible], right? nate: i know, it's-- i'm scared of him. i'm glad you guys tookit away from me. daily grace: i'm soscared, guys. mamrie hart: it said, hey,you're really cool. daily grace: what wasthe question, nate?

nate: oh, it was-- vicious taco 3241 asked,"funniest movie ever?" beth hoyt: funniestmovie ever. daily grace: funniestmovie ever. i watched "the net"-- or "theweb" with sandra bullock. beth hoyt: "the net," oh,i love that movie. mamrie hart: oh my gosh. remember when the internetwas a new thing? daily grace: yeah, and she,like, ordered pizza--

daily grace: --throughthe internet. no, please. not now. the adults are talking. mamrie hart: not that song. daily grace: how doesit turn off, nate? nate: uh, you put itin a dark space. you leave it alone. you neglect it like a child.

mamrie hart: oh, you guys,he's getting sleepy. he's going to sleep. shh. nate: let it go. mamrie hart: shh. i think he has asthma. daily grace: i think it'shaving a seizure. mamrie hart: um,funniest movie. the thing that makes me laughthe hardest is a horror film

movie i made when i was, like,10, where i'm a killer. and i'm, like, 50 pounds, havelong hair, glasses, and i'm killing people with atlantabraves tomahawk magnets. and i talk like this. beth hoyt: wait, didyou make this? or did someone-- mamrie hart: yeah, me andmy sister made it. beth hoyt: yeah, wewanna see that. mamrie hart: it's called "nightfight 12." what-- you

motherfucker. beth hoyt: now i'mnot the only one. that's fine. beth hoyt: kids, don'tdo this at home. daily grace: yes, nate? nate: two things-- first, we'reat 950 viewers, and we're about to hit 1,000. let's break 1,000. we are capable humans.

nate: and then, all right,the question is-- silly jilly 523 asks, "ifsomeone were to play you in a movie, who would it be?" daily grace: haleyjoel osment. nate: i can see that. mamrie hart: haleyjoel osment-- that is perfect casting. daily grace: yeah, ifeel like it is. beth hoyt: also,he's not busy.

daily grace: no,he needs work. mamrie hart: i think iwould definitely be played by grumpy cat. daily grace: or beaker. mamrie hart: beakerfrom the muppets. me played by beakerfrom the muppets. daily grace: perfect. beth hoyt: absolutely. mamrie hart: what about you?

beth hoyt: well, clairedanes has been practicing to play me. mamrie hart: oh, really? daily grace: homelandis a documentary-- beth hoyt: [inaudible] allof my sad moments. we just cry. daily grace: do the face. beth hoyt: it's just-- do this every time.

like, let everyone knowabout my talent. that's that. mamrie hart: that is great. daily grace: so good. mamrie hart: i saw claire daneson the subway once, and she looked straightthrough my soul. daily grace: yeah, i saw her atperch or something downtown in the east village. mamrie hart: shoutout to perch!

daily grace: greatbloody mary. mamrie hart: it's closed. it closed. beth hoyt: too bad. we're too late. ah, we couldn't save perch. biggest regret of 2012. mamrie hart: save perch. such a great bloody mary.

nate: bill nakip says, "do arave with the balloons on, please." daily grace: how doesthat happen? mamrie hart: do a what? nate: i don't know. a rave. nate: the furby's singing. beth hoyt: like, dance, butwearing these things? mamrie hart: definitely feellike i'm on rave drugs.

daily grace: will you playsome music for us, nate? some-- nate: i'll give yousome rave music. daily grace: --nondenominationalmusic? nate: they're looking forit, so we'll stick a pin in that one. beth hoyt: let's throwthe [inaudible]. oh, also, you know, this is[inaudible] one of my favorite dance moves.

is to, like, do a move. and then i, like, will,like, hit you. and where i hit you, thenyou get hit by-- yeah. mamrie hart: [snores]. daily grace: are we raving? is that what's happening? beth hoyt: yeah, i'llstart with the beginning of the rave. daily grace: ok, you'repassing a move?

mamrie hart: oh, wait, thisis like an interact-- daily grace: this is aninteractive video. beth hoyt: or we can passthe ball around, too. beth hoyt: this is so ravy. mamrie hart: [singing]. [music playing] beth hoyt: i hope they'rehearing this, too. daily grace: give this,give this, give this-- mamrie hart: giveit all you got.

that's some david blaineshit right there. mamrie hart: and i love thatyou just did a legitimate-- beth hoyt: i can't-- i cannot hide the body roll. at some point-- mamrie hart: he's loving it. get away from my drink. don't you even think about it. sick rave.

beth hoyt: are westill doing it? daily grace: it's how all ravesend-- with just people looking at each otherand being like, what did we just do? beth hoyt: is it over? mamrie hart: arewe still here? nate: hey, beth. we should play mad libs now. daily grace: oh, mad libs!

beth hoyt: i need that box. all right. ok, guys, one more holidaytradition i always do, which i've never done-- daily grace: other thanthe credit card game. beth hoyt: --is holidaymad lips. i'll need some wordsfrom you guys. maybe you could commentin some words, too, i you have them.

just right now. put in a word, like a nounor a verb, you know. you know what i'mtalking about. nate: and nate, so if any ofthose come up, tell me. but in the meantime-- daily grace: oh, shut up. beth hoyt: none from you. i don't want to hear-- youdon't speak real words. mamrie and grace, averb ending "ing."

mamrie hart: licking. a holiday. nate: i'm just gonnatake this back. mamrie hart: grace looks likea mardi gras brooch. beth hoyt: or she's likea teething toy-- like a teething toy. mamrie hart: totallya teething toy. daily grace: we're like cheaphalloween costumes, guys. beth hoyt: ok, weneed a holiday.

daily grace: a holiday? flag day. beth hoyt: oh, great. a person. mamrie hart: like policeman? or like donnie? beth hoyt: donnie. let's go with donnie. donnie the policeman.

beth hoyt: yeah, it'sfunny, right, furbs? all right, give me a place. daily grace: a place? an adjective-- two adjectives. mamrie hart: gooey. beth hoyt: all right,another one. daily grace: flaky. mamrie hart: ew.

beth hoyt: animals. mamrie hart: animals? manatee. beth hoyt: ooo, good one. mamrie hart: my spirit animal. lazy sea cow. beth hoyt: and there is not verymany of them out there. noun. daily grace: furby.

person. mamrie hart: nate. beth hoyt: verb. nate: watching. i got one in the chat thatsays "watching." daily grace: watching. beth hoyt: watching. oh, ok, it's just going to be"watch." but then-- verb ending in "ed."

mamrie hart: beginningin a what? beth hoyt: a verb-- a pasttense-- past tense verb. beth hoyt: or give me a verb. i'll make it past tense. mamrie hart: razed. adjective. daily grace: chewy. verb. mamrie hart: napping.

napped. that's an active-- nate: stapled. mamrie hart: --word, right? daily grace: stapled. daily grace: staple. mamrie hart: stapled, nice. beth hoyt: all right, nouns. we're almost done, guys.

mamrie hart: bookshelf. daily grace: antlers. i'll use that-- an antler. a past verb. daily grace: regretted. i was thinking that. i thought regret and forgive. beth hoyt: that's amazing. oh, i have-- theni'll pick that.

i'll make that last-- forgiving. mamrie hart: oh, i mean, like,that ponytail will fix it. beth hoyt: i need four nouns. daily grace: liza minnelli. beth hoyt: another noun. mamrie hart: sparklers. daily grace: courdoroy. mamrie hart: nipple.

beth hoyt: i hope ican read all this. nipple, ok. and a place-- beth hoyt: and a placeand two persons. mamrie hart: i wish you'd beenin the audience last night. beth hoyt: a place-- daily grace: a placeand two persons? nate: somebody put ikea. beth hoyt: ok, great.

mamrie hart: ikea's great. beth hoyt: now i need two morepeople and that's it. mamrie hart: two more people? beth hoyt: give me two userswho've been commenting. mamrie hart: yeah,two viewers. daily grace: give ustwo user names. ok, dakota polly. and then jenny b. beth hoyt: that song isgetting really old.

all right, it's called"hidden present." daily grace: yay. beth hoyt: ok, so "i waslicking." exclamation point. "i'm a kid. i'm supposed to snoop,especially around flag day time. what donnie the policemandoesn't snoop? i just so happened to bein my damn channel. normally i'm not up in there.

it's gooey and flaky." beth hoyt: "plus, thereare manatees. yuck!" sorry. "i couldn't help myself. there i was, right by mysister's old furby. guess nate didn't thinki would watch it. i raved it. it felt chewy. should i staple it?" yes.

"looking closer i saw somebookshelf." wow, crazy! beth hoyt: "i got even closerand regretted an antler. the hidden liza minnelliwas alive. a yelp came from the spark--"what was that one? mamrie hart: fromthe sparklers. daily grace: sparklers. beth hoyt: "a yelp camefrom the sparklers. i opened the nipple, and to mysurprise, a corduroy was inside!"

daily grace: oh my god! you should go to a doctor. beth hoyt: "guess whoelse is in ikea. dakota polly and jenny b justknew i was forgiving." mamrie hart: classicdakota and polly. beth hoyt: that was a reallyvery holiday way to send everyone off intothe merriness. mamrie hart: "i opened thenipple." sounds like the end of a "men in black"screenplay.

it opens up and there'san alien. beth hoyt: oh, i can see that. it could have gone a lotof ways [inaudible] it sounds like. but i like where youwent with that. we're in alien zone. beth hoyt: mamrie hart,[inaudible] promote anything i've done. mamrie hart: i've donesome illegal shit.

beth hoyt: yeah, none of our--none of our bad-ass-- daily grace: pass. pass. beth hoyt: but, like,i mean, don't do it. mamrie hart: that's not goingto live on the internet. daily grace: live yourlife legally. mamrie hart: there's plentyfor my parents to regret googling my name about. but we're good.

mamrie hart: shit justgot real now. nate. nate: ok, i got one. beth hoyt: i said thef word earlier. i regret that. nate: the [inaudible] sea says, "what do you do if youknow what your gift is for christmas?" like, i guess, howdo you act surprised about it? beth hoyt: shall we show them?

i'll demonstrate how, like,a surprised face. ok, so i'll go first. mamrie hart: yeah, i'llgive you a present. beth hoyt: here it is. mamrie hart: but you alreadyknow what it is, ok? mamrie hart: ok,i'm so excited. you're going to flip out! i totally will. mamrie hart: open your hands.

i couldn't affordwrapping paper. oh my god! how did you-- this is-- i was, like, hoping that it'd bea brown one. 'cause it's-- oh, you know me so well. mamrie hart: well, i hackedinto your amazon-- beth hoyt: i love it. mamrie hart: --wish list.

beth hoyt: no, no, no! my turn. that's what you do. you quickly go ontoyour gift then. ok, let's do it to grace. oh, i thought i had a gift. daily grace: no, i'm learning. beth hoyt: oh, grace doesn'tknow how to do it. mamrie hart: she's just alittle baby chew toy.

beth hoyt: all right, i'lldo it to mamrie. mamrie, oh my god. i got you this gift. i've been-- i don't know what to get you. you're so hard toget gifts for. mamrie hart: really? that's kind of bitchy. daily grace: nate, askus a question.

nate: emily finland cello asks,"have any of you played an instrument in middleschool or high school? if not, what instrument can yousee each other playing?" mamrie hart: oh, i playthe skin flute. beth hoyt: the what? daily grace: girl, this is not"you deserve a drink." mamrie hart: i'm sorry. nate: 1,000 people! daily grace: i'm so glad1,000 people are--

beth hoyt: i playedthe clarinet. daily grace: me too! mamrie hart: i playedthe violin. daily grace: i playedthe clarinet. and then my clarinet broke onstage during a concert. beth hoyt: no. daily grace: i gotreally nervous. and i over-lubed it andit fell apart onstage. mamrie hart: that happenedto me at my concert.

no, no, no, no, no. nate, hit us with a question. remember how boring it wasto suck on the reed? nate: ok, new comment then. beth hoyt: when this is over. daily grace: wait, fun fact. my music teacher, in fifthgrade, got arrested for sexually assaulting awoman in our town. she was jogging and he walked upto her wearing only cowboy

boots and started going likethis and got in his car and drove away. nate: oh, good. daily grace: music, it's-- mamrie hart: uh, that'smy favorite story i've ever heard. beth hoyt: that's reallyincredible. nate: anyway, we've gotanother comment. charlotte oliviana says, "whatis your dream gift?"

daily grace: unconditionallove. beth hoyt: that's good. daily grace: and an ipad mini. nate: can i tell you mine? beth hoyt: yeah, please, nate. nate: mine is that thisfurby stops talking. and right now it's justconvulsing on the floor. beth hoyt: oh, it is, like,humping the floor. nate: it's just flapping.

mamrie hart: drinkthe juice, furby. drink the juice. "steel magnolias," anybody? beth hoyt: yeah, totally. drink the juice, shelby. here, i'm gonna-- daily grace: instragram it. beth hoyt: --show youguys a picture. daily grace: instragram it soyou can see what's happening.

mamrie hart: dream gift? daily grace: what wasyour dream gift? beth hoyt: that's what'shappening. the furby's just on the floor. that's sad. daily grace: and herecomes the fish! mamrie hart: oh, this ispee-wee's playhouse, you guys. beth hoyt: um, yeah. mamrie hart: this is--

it's weird, because this isalways what i do on christmas. daily grace: this year-- beth hoyt: this isgetting crowded. i don't like sea animals. they make me uncomfortable. once i went-- once i went scuba diving, andi-- or just snorkeling-- and i thought i could get overmy fear of fish. and i had a panic attack.

mamrie hart: oh, no,you're antlers. daily grace: you antlers. beth hoyt: it's ok. it's ok. mamrie hart: snorkelingis scary, dude. beth hoyt: i had a panic attackas soon as all the fish were all around me. no, i also don't like being in,like, open water with fish able to touch my legs.

beth hoyt: yeah, they wereall over my legs. and also, it was, like, a verytouristy part, so they weren't pretty fish. they were just, like,the black fish that hang out, like-- mamrie hart: and they're, like,totally desensitized, so they're just like,hey, what's up? daily grace: they're the pigeonsof the fish world. beth hoyt: yes!

that was what it was. mamrie hart: good analogy. daily grace: nate,is my order up? m dude cy asked, "what will yourfinal words be as you see the giant meteor coming towardsyou on friday?" daily grace: way to bringthe energy down, nate. mamrie hart: i'll belike, we're gonna need a bigger drink. and, like, with a--

with an eye roll like that-- daily grace: mine is goingto be creed rules! beth hoyt: nate, what's yours? i feel like you might havean answer ready for this. you might be prepared. nate: probably this sucks. i mean, there's a giant meteorabout to hit you. no-- mamrie hart: so why wasn't iinvited to your 13th birthday?

this sucks. girls are gross. daily grace: what wouldyours be, beth? mamrie hart: i love you, nate. i do. beth hoyt: i don't know. i'm really-- i'm honestly really thinkingabout this, like, what i would--

i mean, it probablywould be, like-- daily grace: mine wouldbe like, derp. i'd be like, i can'tbelieve it. we all-- i read new york magazine. mamrie hart: i think you shouldget "derp" tombstone. daily grace: yeah, derp. that's my face. mamrie hart: do youguys want one?

i feel like i'm just drinkingshots by myself. daily grace: i'll drink one. beth hoyt: i'm stilldrinking this. daily grace: um, nate, you gotanother question for us? nate: i'm getting one. uh, ok. somebody else-- ok, emily b loves tea asks,"just turned 19, legal in canada, on the 17th.

need you lovely ladies to tellme the best drinks to order." beth hoyt: ok, soshe's starting. i would drink, i don't know-- daily grace: don't drinkanything blue. beth hoyt: oh, for sure. good one. daily grace: i mean, it's justgoing to be a problem. mamrie hart: however-- beth hoyt: wait, forher birthday night?

or just in generalto be ordering? nate: first drink. first legal drink. beth hoyt: oh, well, itshouldn't be too strong, because it's the first-- youknow, it's the first. you gotta last all night long. i think a prosecco or achampagne to celebrate. daily grace: classy. daily grace: start with that.

here's a great tip thati recently learned. that if you're having a long,long night of drinking, you should always end itby eating a banana. because if you get sick-- andthis is what astronauts do when they do that, like,g-force testing-- they eat bananas, because if youpuke, it's like the most pleasurable, enjoyable puke. mamrie hart: mmm. daily grace: write it down.

daily grace: and you get, like,a ton of potassium for a couple hours. and then it leaves your body. mamrie hart: life tipsfrom grace here. beth hoyt: grace is here to helpus have more enjoyable vomit sessions. wow. mamrie hart: see, but bluedrinks, they're gross, but they make, like, drinking fun.

'cause it's, like-- beth hoyt: yeah, thatis exciting. mamrie hart: --it's pretty. daily grace: you should justdrink anything in a goblet. beth hoyt: also, it's alwaysexciting to throw up blueberries, 'cause isn'tit always like, didn't i chew you? you know what i'm talkingabout, right? mamrie hart: i liketo imagine--

i like to imagine thatthat's beth's-- that's beth's pick up line. daily grace: what? mamrie hart: beth walksinto a bar-- beth walks into a bar and islike, this is really weird, but did i chew you? daily grace: i like that youthink it's a pleasurable experience because after youthrow it up you get to question whetheryou actually--

beth hoyt: yeah, 'cause youwonder how you [inaudible]. mamrie hart: um, have we met? daily grace: it's likewhen you eat corn. beth hoyt: oh, puking. oh, great. mamrie hart: drink water! mamrie hart: drink all theeffin' alcohol you want, but drink some water. beth hoyt: seriously.

daily grace: yeah, hydrate. hydration is key. it's getting louder. daily grace: it's farting. ok, i think it's been an hour. although, it feelslike it's been 10 minutes slash four hours. daily grace: i think this isjust one long panic attack that i've been in.

mamrie hart: yeah, i know. thanks for inviting me overto do mushrooms, guys. beth hoyt: is this happening? is this happening? daily grace: this is our job. beth hoyt: mamrie, will youplease tell people where they can find more of you. daily grace: nowyou can say it. mamrie hart: phew!

i have a show called "youdeserve a drink" on youtube. daily grace: as you'veseen here, she make delicious cocktails. beth hoyt: yeah, you should makethe ashton kutcher one for-- that sounds likea holiday drink. mamrie hart: yeah,fuggedaboutit. daily grace: well, there mightbe a new episode up on friday. mamrie hart: yeah! sorry, guys me and graceare separated.

and so they're not comingout as frequently. but we'll fix that. daily grace: the last one shedid was with michael buckley, "what the buck." and you shouldcheck it out, 'cause it was so funny. beth hoyt: cool. daily grace: he was such afun, lovely, chatty man. i love him. mamrie hart: a verychatty man.

daily grace: love him. mamrie hart: and then on twitterand instagram and all that jazz, i'm mametown. 'causei'm not just a person-- i'm a destination. beth hoyt: grace-- mamrie hart: sponsored by thetourism department of beth hoyt: --maybe there'ssomeone who doesn't know where to find you. will you tell them?

please, go subscribe tomy youtube channel, youtube.com/dailygrace, andon my damn channel, mydamnchannel.com/dailygrace. also, don't forget to subscribeto just my damn channel, right hereon youtube. and you can find me on twitterand everything else as grace helbig. so do that. beth hoyt: nate.

people want to findyou, i think. daily grace: nate'sgot a youtube. it's really funny. mamrie hart: [inaudible]in the corner. nate: i do. it's youtube.com/okaynate. and then also on twitter@itsnatebennett. daily grace: your lastname's bennett? we might be related.

beth hoyt: oh, that makethings really awkward. mamrie hart: let'snot investigate. beth hoyt: and i'm onyoutube.com/bethinshow and thebethhoyt on twitters. and thanks for watchingyou guys. mamrie hart: thiswas super fun. beth hoyt: it was really fun. daily grace: i hope that weall survive the mayan apocalypse,

subscribe to thisshow, you guys. and i hope that you geteverything on your lists. beth hoyt: happy holidays. daily grace: happy holidays! mamrie hart: don'twatch "roots." beth hoyt: great ending. mamrie hart: she said aw.

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