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best drug for asthma

best drug for asthma

how to treat asthma with ginger! asthma is a commonly known lung disease. thisdisease causes mild to severe difficulty in breathing and this again entirely dependsupon if it’s an acute asthma or a chronic one. the difficulty in breathing is causeddue to blockage in the airways of the lungs and this is also considered as the initialmost sign of asthma. there is no definite cause or reason for asthmabut there are many things that could trigger asthma attacks such as: pollution.dust. psychological factors such as stress, depressionand despair.

hereditary.excessive smoking. being a passive smoker.kids with respiratory infection. sudden changes in the weather.food allergies. childhood infections.allergy to certain medications. the factors that can trigger asthma attacksare many and one of the most common one is dust and pollutants. these not just triggerasthma attack but can also be the primary cause for asthma. as far as the treatment is concerned for asthmathere are many over the counter drugs available in the market but often these medicationscan be quite addictive.

so the next best way to answer the query abouthow to treat asthma is with the help of some easy and natural home remedies. these remediesare made using completely natural ingredients and this makes them safe, side effect freeand very affordable. they have also been proven to give guaranteed results in curing and preventingthe body from asthma attacks. this is exactly what we shall be discussingabout in this article today. in this article we have listed out some of the most popularand highly recommended natural asthma remedies using ginger. from the use of many other natural ingredientsto treat asthma one of the most commonly and highly effective natural ingredient is ginger.

ginger is a root vegetable which is knownto heal and treat the symptoms of asthma naturally. it has also been proven be many scientificresearches that the consumption of ginger during asthma attack also helps in easingout the breathing process and reduces the breathlessness. this is also the main reason why most of thehome remedies to cure asthma mainly promote the usage of ginger in them! so here are out top most recommended and trendingsolutions for your query about how to treat asthma with ginger. treat asthma with ginger using home remedies!!!

1. ginger & salt remedy: ginger is known to be a great natural sourceof anti inflammatory and anti viral properties. this makes it one of the best natural ingredientsto get rid of the symptoms of asthma. try this remedy and get an instant relieffrom the breathlessness caused due to asthma! ingredients: small ginger pieces ( 2 to 3 ).salt ( 1 pinch ). small bowl. directions: 1. take a piece of ginger and cut it intobite sized small pieces of about 2-3.

2. now add into a small bowl and sprinklesome salt over the ginger pieces. 3. mix it well so that the ginger is wellcoated with salt. 4. now consume this as and when you get anasthma attack as it immediately helps in clearing out the airways in the lungs and allows youto breathe easily. 5. this is one of the most instant naturalremedies for asthma. 6. one needs to consume this remedy only whenyou get an asthma attack. 2. ground ginger remedy: this remedy is for the ones looking for naturalcures for asthma and don’t have that much free time on hand to sit and prepare a homeremedy for the same.

it’s a quick and quite effective one andone can easily follow this one everyday just before going to bed. ginger soaked in water helps in doubling upthe potency of ginger to cure the symptoms of asthma and also prevents the chest andnasal congestion. ground ginger ( 1 tsp ).water ( 1 ⽠cup ). small mixing bowl. 1. take a small mixing bowl and into thisadd in the water and the ground ginger. 2. now mix this well until the ground gingeris well dissolved in the water. 3. now take a tablespoon of this mixture justbefore going to bed.

4. if you feel uneasy after consuming thisthen you can also drink a glass of warm water after consuming this.5. follow this routine if you are worried about how to treat asthma with ginger at home.6. continue doing this everyday for at least 2-3 weeks or until you don’t experienceany symptoms of asthma.

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