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best asthma treatment

best asthma treatment

when he was a baby, he was really, reallysick. he had gone to preschool and had an incidentwith peanut butter, and that's when we first realized that he had a peanut allergy. we went to another clinic here in little rock,and they began treating him and giving him testing, and they told me at the time thathe was too young for allergy shots. so, we began the long process of finding theright medications that were perfect for him. and, his medication list got very lengthy. because we were not happy at the other clinic,and, i feel like that it was the best move that we could have made for him.

and, we've been very pleased with the outcomethat he's had. the seasonal allergies have been somethingthat we have struggled with ever since he was a baby. it's difficult as a working parent havingto be home with him all of the time because of the allergies he's developed. and the seasonal allergies, especially inthe springtime. the puffy eyes, the wheezing. when we started at little rock allergy, hewas tested for those seasonal allergies. i saw an immediate positive response fromcarson when he began allergy injections.

they do have a lab. and, they can make our own extract, and that'sa big benefit for us, because that does not have to be submitted off to another companyand take a chance on the extracts being made, and not being made correctly. don't just treat the symptoms. don't go to the store and just get the zyrtecand try to self medicate. and don't get on the websites and try anddiagnose your own kid. the problems are still going to be there,even though you've treated the symptoms. big, big improvement.

i've been really pleased with the directionthat the doctors here have taken with his care, and the way the allergy injections havetaken care of carson. he's able to play sports and be more involvedin some of the things he loves to do.

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