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best asthma preventer

best asthma preventer

three-quarters of homes that were builtbefore 1978 have lead paint in there so lead paintwas banned because we found out hey it's killing usseems like a very good reason to ban something so exposure to lead causes permanentbrain damage and half a million american childrenhave elevated levels on the lead in theirblood why because they're living in these houses that have the lead paintlead poisoning is linked to lower iq's learning disabilities and get this evencriminal behavior

in fact there is up benchmark study thatwas crazy it came out i wanna say about a year ago probablylittle less than that that show the connection between lead poisoning and crime so when the gasoline was lighted there there was a spike in the crime lee rate wherever the areas that had themost leaded gasoline now of course there's a causation correlation problem there butthey look into it further

and they found out that even forindividuals yeah the lead is actually i'd seems to be willing to aggression andviolence and crime amazing amazing said you were never thought that right so %uh twenty years ago congresscommitted to addressing the problem byestablishing what's called the office of healthyhomes & lead hazard control so since then the office has partneredwith states cities and the private sector

to remove the lead from over 200,000homes obviously a step in the right directionand a noble thing right well they're still a lot of leadto be removed but the sequester cut the alreadyunderfunded program by six million dollars now this obviously cripple their ability tohelp but wait a second it gets worse so therepublicans now have a brilliant idea they proposed to cut it even more findadditional $64 million dollars so now

children are gonna get sick from leadpoisoning and are you ready for the park that makes iteven worse now i know you're probably thinking of how can it possibly get worse they cut additionthey got another the proposing to cut it even more and wealready know it means to all these horrible problems how could possibly getworse are you ready according to a 2009 studyquote for every dollar spent on controllinglead hazards seventeen dollars to 221 dollars wouldbe returned in health benefits

increased iq higher lifetime earnings tax revenue reduce spending on social onspecial education and reduced criminal activity so using the most conservative estimate i love seventeen dollars in benefits for everydollar invested the six million dollars that sequestration already caught fromletter removal programs what cost our country at least 100 and two million dollars your first the house republicans cart of $64million

that would cost over one billion dollars so my question is what happened deficit hawks i thoughtthe republicans care deeply about balancing the budget and the deficit what you care about that then you shouldfund the program to remove the lead you idiots the science is clear on this and by the way that shouldn't even comeinto consideration really because you should care deeply about the healthconcerns which is a bigger problem so i give you

your any it corrupt government at work

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