Jumat, 21 April 2017

asthma symptoms

asthma symptoms

we were married 64 years, and we'd both doit over again. i wouldn't trade it for anything. you better not. when you get to be a certain age and you can'twork anymore, you have to try to get used to living on a limited budget, plus you don'thave that cash flow that you had before. it made it difficult to get financing, to dothe things we needed to do in our down-sized home. our house needed insulation. it hadoriginal windows in it, so it needed duel windows. we found out our duct work was leaking25%. that of course, wasn't good for our asthma. once we met mark the hero representative,we were able to finance this. our average bill was 450 bucks a month. now it's like, 210. i can't believe the difference. i save more than i pay.

a lot of people say, "at your age, why wereyou going to spend that kind of money?" i said, "i might live for another 10 or 15 years.why not?" why not live comfortably? our asthma symptoms have improved, because i've been able to sleep all through the night without having a coughing spasm. hero is just a real hero to me, because they've helped me do something that i couldn't do.

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