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asthma steroids

asthma steroids

>> the controllermedicines are steroids. when parents hear that theirchildren will be on steroids every day, they're concernedabout several things. >> steroids--at firstthey did concern me. because, i guess, as anatural reaction you hear steroids and it definitely--it alarms you. >> the steroids that we useare natural products of your adrenal glands. they're a normal part ofthe chemicals that your

body produces. >> the most important concernsseem to be about growth. >> however, there's a numberof studies now that show that children with asthma who useinhaled steroids for many, many years developand achieve the full growth potential that they wouldhave achieved had they not gotten inhaled steroids. >> many people are concernedthat taking medicines for their asthma will make themdependent on those medicines

or that, if they use themregularly or every day, that they maynot work as well. >> but this reallyisn't the case. there are a number ofstudies that show that asthma medicines work betterif you take them every day, and they don't lose theireffectiveness over time. >> i've seen my childvery, very sick, and i realize that heneeds these medications. and it's just like anyother type of illness.

if you have medicationthat can help your child, you have to givethe medication. >> families need toknow the facts about controller medicines. these medicines are safeand work through natural ways that the body healsswelling and inflammation. they use low doses delivereddirectly to the airways where asthma occurs. controller medicines havebeen shown to prevent flares

and emergency visits andreduce symptoms for children with asthma. in order to work best,controller medicines must be taken every day. children receivingcontroller medicines do need to see a doctor regularly tomake sure the dose and type of controller medicineare right for the child.

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