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asthma steroids side effects

asthma steroids side effects

this is what happens when you eat garlic onan empty stomach! garlic is mainly preferred as a part of manydelicious dishes as it adds to the taste, whereas many people avoid intake of garlicdue to its strong smell. apart from the taste and smell there are manymedicinal properties of garlic, which make it active ingredients of the alternative medicine. empty stomach intake of garlic- is it good? yes, it is good to eat garlic on an emptystomach. there are many studies which have supportedthat garlic act as a natural antibiotic when consumed on an empty stomach.

it is recommended to eat garlic just beforethe breakfast to keep the bacteria on the bay. some of the prime benefits of eating garlicon an empty stomach include: hypertension relief– it reduces the stresslevel and provides relief from hypertension. prevents heart problems– due to effectivefor blood circulation garlic is good for the heart and prevents many heart troubles. improved digestion– garlic provides relieffrom stomach problems such as diarrhea and promotes proper functioning of bladder andliver. it is also effective to stimulate the appetiteand digestion.

with all these benefits, garlic is well knownas a healing food since ancient times. use of garlic in alternative medicine: the alternative medicine has highlighted theimportance of garlic to cure many diseases. it is mentioned that garlic helps in detoxificationof the body and thus keep up safe from infections. it is used to get rid of worms and parasitesas well as to prevent diseases like diabetes, typhus, some types of cancer and depression. one should keep a note that people who areallergic to garlic should avoid the raw intake as it can lead to skin issues, headache aswell as an increase in body temperature. if you see any of such symptoms after intakeof garlic, then stop the consumption immediately.

it is also suggested that people on hiv/aidsmedication should avoid the intake of garlic as it can lead to side effects. if you don’t like the strong smell of garlicthen you can use the pill of garlic as a natural supplement to take advantage of the benefitsof garlic. other benefits of garlic: garlic has many more benefits and is activelyused to cure many diseases. here is in detail how you can use garlic tocure some chronic diseases at home. for respiratory diseases- you can treat manyrespiratory diseases like lung congestion, bronchitis, asthma as well as tuberculosisand pneumonia.

garlic treatment for tuberculosis: it is a very simple process to cure tuberculosiswith the help of garlic treatment. 1. take a bulb of a garlic and divide it intovarious portions. 2. you can directly consume the raw garlic oradd it in the sauce along with the egg yolk and oil. 3. if you don’t like the taste of raw garlicthen roast it to light brown color in the

oven. 4. consume the entire bulb of garlic every dayto cure tuberculosis. garlic treatment for bronchial disease: you can make a special infusion at home usinggarlic to cure bronchial disease. take 200gm of garlic,700 gm of sugar and 1000gmof water. now, boil the water and add garlic to it. let the garlic boil for 2-3 minutes and thenadd sugar to the mixture. heat the mixture for another 2 minutes andthen keep it aside.

5. drink 3 tbsp of this solution daily to curethe bronchial disease. garlic treatment for chronic bronchitis: to cure chronic bronchitis, the garlic homeremedy is the excellent solution. see how to prepare the garlic infusion totreat chronic bronchitis. take 40 gm of garlic, wash it properly andcut down into small pieces now, add 100gm of 90 proof alcohol and storethe mixture in the airtight bottle. let the garlic soak in the alcohol for 5-6days. later strain the liquid and drink 1 cup ofthe solution every day to cure chronic bronchitis.

in order to treat asthma and catarrhs youjust have to drink warm water with 15-30 drops of garlic extract every day. you can breathe the vapors of garlic by infusionof garlic in boiling water to treat constipation and hemorrhoids. the application of garlic provides quick relieffrom earaches. another important application of garlic isto treat colds and fight warts. you just have to apply a few drops of garlicextract on the affected area to cure the problem. keep in mind: there are numerous properties of garlic andhealth benefits which make it preferable if

you add it in your daily diet. the medicinal properties of garlic will protectyou from various infections and internal diseases which in turn help you to remain healthy.

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