Kamis, 20 April 2017

asthma steroid shot

asthma steroid shot

a baby girl born with birth defects died shortly after she was born. her mother contracted the virus on a trip to latin america while she was pregnant. dr. mallika marshall takes a look at an option for eczema. he was itchy all the time.

tried not to itch and everything but it's impossible not to. it's a condition called eczema. an overactive immune system attacks the skin leading to red, irritated itchy patches. it affects one in eight

children. typical steroid creams are not ideal. it made his skin sensitive to sun and seemed to make it thinner. you can thin the skin and develop steroid acne and get stretch marks.

reporter: new options are long overdue. we haven't had a new treatment in decades. and there's the hint of a new one. the new medicine would be given as a shot every other week to calm the immune system.

designed to people who have not responded to steroid creams. symptoms improved 50 to 75% over 12 weeks. information is a concern and it's likely to be expensive, tens of thousands of dollars a year. for kids with severe

disease, i would hope these things would be covered. i would gladly take a shot

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