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asthma steroid pill names

asthma steroid pill names

>> there are two typesof asthma medicines-- quick-relief andcontroller medicines. quick-relief medicines,such as albuterol, relax tightened muscles inthe airways during a flare. quick-relief medicinesshould be taken only as needed for asthma symptoms. if a child needs to takequick-relief medicines regularly, it is a sign thatthe asthma is not under good control.

controller medicines,such as inhaled steroids, help reduce swelling,also known as inflammation, in the lung. controller medicine shouldbe taken every day to reduce symptoms and prevent flares. >> you can't take yourmedication when you're just having symptoms, you know. i think you waitedtoo late then. >> it's very important that youtake the medicines every day

whether the childhas symptoms or not. >> when i don't take mymedications every morning and every night, i can'treally do my gymnastics as good. i get tired. >> patients should incorporatetheir daily steroid or controller medicines intotheir daily lives just as they brush their teeth orchange their clothes every day. that's the key to successin using these medicines.

>> families need toknow the facts about controller medicines. these medicines are safe andwork through natural ways that the body healsswelling and inflammation. they use low doses delivereddirectly to the airways where asthma occurs. controller medicines havebeen shown to prevent flares and emergency visits andreduce symptoms for children with asthma.

in order to work best,controller medicines must be taken every day. children receivingcontroller medicines do need to see a doctor regularly tomake sure the dose and type of controller medicineare right for the child.

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