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asthma steroid inhaler side effects

asthma steroid inhaler side effects

>> dr. lamperti: i'm here today to talk alittle bit about the optimal ways to use your nasal steroid spray. in my career as a nosespecialist and rhinoplasty surgeon i also find people who have functional issues withtheir nose. certainly allergies and the like -- often patients are placed on nasal steroidsprays to help with these symptoms. there are often some ideal ways of using the spraythat often we as doctors fail to mention or bring up to patients. first, you really haveto use it daily. it doesn't work well every third day, every other day, once a week. itreally takes a consistent use and finding it as part of your routine. doing it afteryou brush your teeth after you shower. those are ways that i find that help with patientsremembering to use their spray. additionally,

patients need to realize that the spray doesn'twork very fast. i takes a good month or so until the medicine starts working. and soafter a week or two if you don't find much effect, well that's because it hasn't reallystarted working yet. so really keep with it. i tell patients to use it for 2 or 3 monthsto really give it a fair shot to see if it improves your symptoms at all. a few othertips that i give patients that i prescribe the medications to is how to hold the medicineand to really apply it. so i'll show you. the first is to use your right hand when sprayingyour left nostril and then switch hands and use your left hand to spray your right. andnaturally what happens when you hold it that way is that you angle the nozzle a littlebit off center so it doesn't hit your septum

and that is really what often causes nosebleeds and irritation and is another reason patient often stop using the medicine. thelast trick that i have is to hold the bottle upright facing the ceiling and then tilt yourhead forward and downward like that and that gives a natural trajectory where the medicinewill get to the back of the nose, really apply the medicine ideally versus using it likethis which patients often will do. and the spray will hit the top of the nose and dribbleback out and really just end up irritating the top of your nose. and lastly a lot of patients say "you knowwhat dr. lamperti i'm using the spray just like you said and i don't really like thetaste or smell of the medication. it doesn't

agree with me." there are various medicationsavailable and they do have different scents. some people don't really care, they're justhappy that it works for them and others are really bothered by it. and that's fine. it'sreally something that you should talk to your doctor about. and there are different alternatives.they don't all smell the same or work the same -- with regard to irritating perhaps.most people tolerate them fine if used right, really talk to your doctor about switchingto an alternative medication if you don't tolerate the initial choice.www.drlamperti.com

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