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asthma shots steroid

asthma shots steroid

greetings! eric bakker, naturopath from new zealand. author of candida crusher. thanks for checking out my video. i've got lots and lots of emails from people. questions through my youtube channel, thischannel that you're looking at now. here's one from a lady in new york, and she'sasking me: "how do you get candida?" well, you don't really get candida from ashop or facebook or wal-mart. it's not something you really buy or you getgiven from somebody, like a sexually transmitted

disease. it's something that you naturally have. i want to make it quite clear that it's notsomething that's generally given to you. it is true that some yeast infections canbe transferred sexually, but it's much more common for a person to have yeast in theirbody which will go haywire or crazy when the opportunity is right for it to do so. we call it an opportunistic organism for thatreason. so, yeast is like any other bug. it wants to be fed, it wants to be loved andcared for and be told it's nice and all this

kind of stuff. but, it looks for food. it looks for opportunity. it exploits weakness. try and understand that your immune systemis really what keeps you from getting a yeast overgrowth in the first place. if there's a vulnerability there, then theyeast will obviously look for the vulnerability and exploit it, and that's how you get candida. when we mean "get candida," i assume thatyou're referring to candida overgrowth or

just too much yeast in the body. there are many different types of yeasts thatlive inside the body and on the body and they live in perfect harmony with many other typesof bacteria which keep them in good shape. the levels are all kept down. but again, when that's breached. getting candida is something you can do internallyfor example by regularly taking the oral contraceptive pill, birth control pill or hormone replacementtherapy. chemotherapy drugs. corticosteroids, especially inhaled steroids,you get a ton of yeast infection with that

yeast overgrowth with that. there are many different types of pharmaceuticalmedications that can predispose you to it. lifestyle can allow you to get candida, especiallywhen you're under high stress, because your body is going to produce its own steroid whichcauses immune suppression. not unlike taking a steroid for asthma forexample or injecting steroid if you've got shoulder pain you might get a steroid shotin the shoulder, which is a crazy thing to do but some people still. so as you can see, it's a vulnerability andits exploitation of the yeast that will predetermine whether a person will have a yeast infectionor not.

strong immune system and not taking any pharmaceuticalmedications put you in a very good chance of not contracting a yeast infection. low stress lifestyle and understanding thetriggers which i've spoken about quite widely on this candida crusher youtube channel. understanding those concepts will put youin a position that you won't get candida. however, high stress, drinking alcohol, takingmedications, you could be a sitting duck for candida like i was when i was in my 20s andi had no idea about what candida was. so, that's how you get candida. exploitation and vulnerability.

candida is not a bad thing to have, many peoplehave it normally occurring in their body, but it's when it gets out of hand. as i say, if you've got candida, try and findout what breached that vulnerability. why did you get it in the first place? smart people try and work out the causes andsilly people forget the causes and only treat the symptoms. so i hope that answers your question fromnew york. thank you so much for tuning in. don't forget to click on the link below ifyou haven't already got my report.

thank you.

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