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asthma purple inhaler

asthma purple inhaler

(music).wheezing, sneezing, and trouble breathing.well, while it might rhyme, there is nothing cute about it.especially if you're one of the 60 million americans sufferingfrom asthma and allergies, and the biggest causes may besitting right under your nose. okay, allergy awareness month isin full swing and right on cue. michelle casallia is here withsome tips to make our homes more asthma and allergy friendly.so, michelle, welcome. thank you.what's wrong with our homes??

i'm just kidding.(laughter). what are some of the things wecan do to make our homes more friendly to these allergens andasthma problems? well, 60% of all people who haveasthma also have allergies. okay.asthma and allergies are triggered by allergens andirritants that we can find in the home.some examples of allergens can be found in our drapes, in ourbedrooms, in pillows, wall to wall carpeting.sure.

examples of allergens can bemold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, roaches.irritants can be found also in our home, in paints, inchemicals, in cleaning products. some examples also includetobacco smoke, fireplace smoke, carbon monoxide, so you reallyhave to be careful. well, it makes me want to gothrough my whole home and just martinize it.well, how can we decrease these allergies and irritants?i mean, where do we start? well, a great place to start isthe asthma and allergy

foundation of america, which isthe largest, oldest, non-profit patient organization in theworld. it's a wonderful resource.it's a one-stop shop for all of your asthma and allergy needs.wow. okay, take me through, i've donea lot of building and remodeling.what should i think about if i do that again?okay, well there's three categories.if you go to our website at aafa.org, and you go to ourcertifcation program.

aafa.org?yes. going there.yes, we have an asthma allergy friendly certification program,and guide, which is a wonderful resource.in this guide, they break it down into three categories.okay. building and remodeling, secondis outfitting your home, and third is cleaning your home.starting off with building and remodeling, a couple red flagscome up. especially if you have somebodyin your family that is dealing

with and living with allergiesand asthma. if you are building andremodeling a home, you want to try and avoid, if possible,plywood. if you can, try to avoid wall towall carpeting and kind of go with hardwood floors.but if you can't, you can go to our website and find fabulouscertified friendly steamer cleaner.right. you want to keep your humiditylevels below 50%. also, if you're thinking aboutbuying a new heating and

ventilation system, you want tomake sure that you buy a certified hepa filter.one that can be replaced or washable.good to know. now, what about if you'reoutfitting your home. i'm always out there looking forthe right things to buy. what can help me?okay, if you're out and about shopping to outfit your home,you want to check out our guide first.okay. you want to get familiar withour seal.

your seal?yes. we have a seal.an allergy asthma friendly certification seal, and you knowwith that seal that product or service has been scientificallytested, put through rigorous testing in a laboratory, and youcan trust that product or service is made asthma andallergy friendly. so, if i see that seal, i knowit's been tested. i know i can put it in my homeand feel good about it. absolutely.great!

alright, now there are certaintypes of products that are irritants too as we clean ourhome. what can we do about those?yes, a lot of irritants can be found in cleaning products, alsoin dusting products, so you want to take a look.you can go to the guide and see which ones, for example,cleaning supplies like endust, trap the actual dust andparticles, and they don't seep out.you can go and check out some of our asthma allergy friendlycertified vacuum cleaners.

okay.okay, we offer different paints that have been certified,different pillows, mattress pads that keep out all of thosedustmites and moisture. that's such great information,because when you're shopping, you can look for that aafa seal,that certification there, and you can feel safe about whatyou're buying. i didn't know that before today.that's such an excellent tip. it's a fantastic guide andprogram that you can find on our website.oh michelle, thank you so much

for being on the show, and iknow you're also appearing on designing spaces.i am. i'm going to watch for that.thank you so much. alright, in the meantime, youcan log on to aafa.org and thebalancingact.com for all thisgreat info, and don't forget to follow us on facebook andtwitter. (music).

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