Kamis, 13 April 2017

asthma prevention medication

asthma prevention medication

i think asthma is preventative and i alwaystell parents that my job is to keep you out of the er and my job is to keep youout of the hospital and i think a lot of asthma is education. educate the parent onthe physiology of it, so they can understand why they give medicines, whenthey give medicines. they're not confused because my job is for you to leave myoffice and understand, you know, that your four-year-old has asthma and that you'resupposed to take this medicine at this time and this medicine at this time andwhy you are doing that because i think if you understand why you're doing that youyou'll do it better. is the parent compliant in making sure that the childis taking the medicines to prevent asthma

and we all are very good about taking, givingthe child medicines that treat asthma at that time but what we want to do is prevent it.so, do they understand how to give those medicines and are they watching theirchildren take them. so, i always tell parents to put it on the dinner tableand have them, you know, take it before dinner and then brush your teeth and thenhave them take before breakfast and then brush your teeth then you can watch themtake it you know they've taken it and they have taken it correctly. i mean hopefullyyou'll avoid all of those kind of exacerbations and hospitalizations, ander visits.

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