Kamis, 13 April 2017

asthma preventers

asthma preventers

hi i am mandy bridgeman here with a mold fact of the day. high humidity levels in yourhome can be causing mold in your air that could be wreaking havoc in your house. today we are gonna look at ways to check the humidity level in your home so you can prevent mold contamination moldgrowth is fueled by moisture vapors in the air more moisture in your home the higherthe humidity level keeping humidity levels relatively lowis the only way to inhibit mold growth

higher humidity levels in your home canbe caused by many different factors so making sure that your home's humiditylevels are between 30 and 50 percent can ensure a healthy home environmentfor you and your family some surprising factors you may not evenbe aware of such is doing laundry cooking wateringyour indoor plants and even showering can contribute to mold growth other factors which may contribute tohigh humidity levels are unsealing windows poor ventilation animproper drainage purchasing a hiker meter can help youdetermine humidity levels in your home

by simply taking a sample up thehumidity in the air this is similar to the way it thermostattake the level of heat in the air you can purchase a hikermeter many hardware stores home supply stores department stores as well as electronic store. purchasing a hiker meter is easy and inexpensive way to checkhumidity levels in your house and prevent mold contamination for more information how to remove mold from your house visit us at www.moldbust.com

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