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asthma preventative inhaler

asthma preventative inhaler

asthma uk works for all people with asthma works for all people with asthma, andprovides an enormous range of patient information to support people with asthma on aday-to-day basis we also have our asthma nurse advice line, which is an invaluable resource that people with asthma can call in ifthey have any queries to talk to our specialist asthma nurses we're also very heavily involved infunding research into looking at asthma treatments and managements andso we we have a very comprehensive overviewand we hope that we

work as advocates for people with asthma our asthma nurse advice line is open from nine to five, monday to friday and all details of that can be found onour website at asthma.org.uk the types of callls that we get varyenormously we may get calls from people withasma have just had a diagnosis made and they feel uncertain, they feel scared, they need some more reassurance we have calls from people with asthmawho want a better understanding of the treatmentsthat they're taking

treatments fall broadly into twocategories: so you have reliever treatments whichdo exactly what they say, they relieve the symptoms of asthma when you have them and there are preventive treatments which you take on a regular basis but won't have any impact on coughingand wheezing when you actually have it the relievers can be taken on as required basis and some people may need to take them just simply whenthey've got a cold

or perhaps before they exercise butthe preventive treatments which are inhaled corticosteroids taken regularlyin the morning and the evening all the time even when you have nosymptoms and that keeps all the inflammation and swelling within the airways at bay

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