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asthma pills names

asthma pills names

when you suffer from seasonal allergies likeme finding relief can seem so out of reach. i’ve tried allergy medicines in the pastbut they were so strong that they’ed knock out the rest of the day. not good when i’mjuggling so many things at work. so after searching around i found a natural allergytea remedy that’s been helpful for me and i hope it will help you too! but before we start be sure to follow my instagramat honeysucklecatering and snapchat at honeysucklebee to find more daily recipes! now i have a varietyof tea leaves that i’m going to combine. all of these teas can be found separatelyat the special tea store like david’s tea, teavana, or any health food stores.rooibos is a native south african plant. it’s

name “rooibos” means "red bush" and describesthe leaves and teas made from it. this tea is traditionally used to treat allergies,asthma and skin ailments. its high flavonoid content makes rooibos an antioxidant powerhouseand immune system stimulant. next we have some dried nettle. nettle isa very potent herb with many uses. it is a natural antihistamine that’s very effectivein relieving symptoms like itching, watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. next we have some peppermint. peppermint isanother popular herb that helps to open up airways and relieve headaches. and now some lavender buds. lavender is calming,cleansing, and anti-inflammatory. it also

has antiseptic properties that helps curesinus infections. i’ll put them in an airtight tin and shaketo evenly distribute the teas. now to prepare my allergy fighting tea: ihave a lemon and i’ll just shave off 2 pieces of its peel. the oil from the lemon peel brightensthe tea and it helps to thin mucous which relieves congestion. be sure to use organiclemons though! next i’ll add in 1 tbsp of my tea mixture to my tea strainer. then i’llpop that into my teapot. do you guys like my teapot? i painted it myself at those potterystores. isn’t it pretty? i’ll boil some water then pour it into myteapot. i like to drink at least 32 oz of this tea a day to make it completely effective.the tea is pretty tasty too! there's an herbal

floral note and the lemon peel really tiesit together. let me know if this allergy tea remedy worksfor you. i know it won’t be a complete cure but it will relieve any miserable symptomsyou have during this pollen-filled season. thanks for watching and i'll see you nexttime. bye! if you're feeling sick be sure to check outmy cold remedy tea and if you’re having trouble sleeping, check out my sleeping teaaid.

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