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asthma nebulizer side effects

asthma nebulizer side effects

so now we're ready to actually use the nebulizerwith the child and whoever it is that's going to be using it. as you can see i've got thecompressor on a flat surface. got it plugged in. i got everything connected up. we're goingto be using the mask with autumn and i have the medication inside. so what i'm going todo is i'm going to come around here and show you how to place it on the face of the child.i'll go ahead and actually put it on her first. carefully wrap it around like so and thenyou want to find out from them how it feels. is that too tight autumn or does that feelokay? okay. that's feels okay? alright, so you've got the ability to tighten or to loosenwith the strings right here, they're pretty flexible. okay, so the next step everythingis all in position. she's comfortable, you

don't want them to be in a area where they'regoing to be to fall off or be jumping around, that kind of thing. as you can see also she'sgot a book here, something to keep her occupied during the treating which it's probably goingto take anywhere from about 8 to 10 minutes. and then we can go ahead and turn it on. youknow that it's working properly when you see the mist. the mist will be kind of be goingin and out accordance with her breath. so that let's you know that it is working andit is therefore going to be going into her lungs which is where you want the medicineto be going. does that feel comfortable? and she can either hold it herself or you canstay there and hold it for her depending on with the particular child.

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