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asthma maintenance

asthma maintenance

my name is ann. i have two daughterswho both have asthma. in the beginning whenmy children were first diagnosed with asthma,i was a nervous wreck. i wanted to go out andbuy every little thing and do every littlething perfect. my name is marylouise and my daughter mary grace is 4and 1/2 years old. she loves ballet,biking, playing outside

on her swing set. and she's had asthma sinceshe was 17 months old. in our house, we haveremoved all our rugs, we've taken down all our blinds. she has shades. i wash her sheets in hotwater faithfully once a week. she has dust mitecovers on her pillows. i try to keep the windowsclosed and the air condition on in the warmer weather.

my name is judy. and i three children. two of them have asthma, my sonanthony and my daughter monica. their triggers are seasonalallergies, upper respiratory infections, and monica isalso triggered by exercise. the biggest thing withasthma is consistency with maintenance medication. even though if your childseems to be well for a month, you may think they don't needtheir medicine, but they do.

to keep mary grace'sasthma under control, i faithfully abide by heraction plan for asthma. she gets her maintenancemedication both morning and evening every day and herrescue medication as needed. anthony is very good abouttaking his medication because he's alwaystaken it, and it's become part of his routine,much like brushing his teeth. monica was a littlebit more difficult. she was diagnosedat age 14 and she

had to get used to takingher medication regularly. and i do have to makesure that she does that. i'm david. i'm judy's husband. monica going off to college,and her being on her own, she needs to knowthat we're not always going to be there for her. so we try to drivethat into them, condition them tolook for the signs

and to take their maintenancemedicine and be prepared. although my kidshave asthma, you know, i make sure thati keep them active. that's the best thing. you know, i don't handicap them. they live their livesjust like everyone else. i see my daughter ona basketball court, playing with her friends,and doing very well. and my son playingsoccer with his friends

and there are times that iforget they even have asthma. what i would tell anotherparent whose child has diagnosed with asthma at anearly age is that it's frightening and overwhelmingin the beginning, but once you have a plan,and you institute that plan and you see that it works andthat they're getting better, is that they can leada normal life. they can do all the things thatall their friends are doing. the more you educate yourselfand the more consistent

you are with whateverthe doctor prescribes, the easier your life willbe, and before you know it, you'll be a pro at it,you'll be just fine.

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