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asthma injection steroid

asthma injection steroid

14 year old michael costamay have found a remedy far more effective than anythinghe could buy at a drugstore. michael's tree pollen allergyonce kept him confined to his house for most of the allergy season. there would be days where my dadwould just have to drive. drive me on my paper route. to have the air conditionerblow on my face and it's. it's it was tough. but last year michael began receivingthe most powerful long-term

treatment an allergy sufferer can get. allergy shots. every week michael receivesan injection of a very small dose of pollen allergen. the dose is so small that it does notcreate an allergic reaction. over three to five years the shotssensitize the immune system. in effect teaching itthat the substance is not a dangerous invader. for michael. the shots have hada dramatic effect.

i wouldn't be able to bedelivering the papers if i didn't have the shots. michael costa's father is alsoundergoing desensitization shots. he's allergic to bee stings. so allergic that the next timehe is stung he can go into anaphylactic shock. michael costa is nowon venom desensitization. tolerating his shots very well. and he is effectively protected.

after five years of treatmenthe will be effectively cured. in addition to michael's father. his brother kevin is alsogetting allergy shots. the shots requirea long-term commitment and they aren't alwayscompletely effective. but they can offer whatevery allergy sufferer craves... ...the possibility of a cure.

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