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asthma inhalers with steroids

asthma inhalers with steroids

thanks for tuning in. doing another case number 23. this is going to be a guy called jeremy. a 26-year-old guy called jeremy.jeremy is not his real name. i tend to disguise patient's names and ages. they're very realcases. i see plenty of patients. here are some of my case notes from patients from lastweek. so i do protect my patients' privacy, and i'm very much into privacy and confidentiality.we'll just call this guy jeremy, a 26-year-old guy. jeremy, in fact, has presented with quitea lot of different problems. jeremy's coming with asthma, eczema and badcandida, a bad yeast infection. jeremy has had a lot of problems growing up with eczemaand asthma as a child and was put on lots of different antibiotics for throat and earinfections, and as a young child, went onto

all kinds of different medications for asthma.steroid inhalers, preventatives. also, salbutamol or ventolin.i've had many patients placed on these drugs. i've seen them many years. eventually, theirairways become dependent on these drugs to allow them to breathe properly. they developa lot of anxiety around asthma, particularly the bad asthmatics. and of course, they havemultiple food allergies. they end up with infections, so they take lots of antibiotics.they get sick. and of course, then they get yeast infections. it's just one big's a big filthy drug spiral. this poor guy, he's actually a health careprofessional. he's also drinking quite a substantial amount of alcohol. i've got a food allergytest here for jeremy. i've just covered up

the top, so you can't really see any detailsof the patient. you can actually see there all the lines going right out there in the"yellow" zone. this a us biotech food allergy report, and all those lines signify quitea lot of food allergies. dairy allergies. we've got egg allergies. we've got citrusallergies. if we look on the other side, it's just as bad here. look at all the grain andlegume allergies this guy's got. it's incredible. you can see massive amounts of allergies there.if we go to the other side here, you've got a huge big garlic allergy there.when patients become dependent on medications, and particularly, if they drink booze on topof antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs, they get a lot of leaky gut. they get a lot ofpermeability of the small intestine, which

makes them very reactive to foods. the firstaim of jeremy is to make him understand that the alcohol is only wrecking him. if he can'treally give up the booze for a while so we can repair the leaky gut, we're wasting ourtime. your clear indication here of this guy withmassive grain allergies. have a look at this. you can see here all the allergies towardall the different grains. you'd be quick to assume that he's got gluten problems. thathe needs to go on these paleo kind of diets away from all grains like a lot of peoplebelieve. but this guy's drinking spirits all the time. he's drinking beer all the time.he's taking antibiotics. he really needs to get off these kinds of medications and thiskind of lifestyle if he wants to repair the

gut. that's going to help his immune'd have to be crazy to continue this kind of lifestyle.that's my main focus with jeremy is to do that. and of course, to work on the yeastinfection, so he's been looking at my book. we've put him on the canxida remove, the antifungalproduct i developed. we're already getting some early indications of the turnaround ofthis case. i'll repeat the food allergy report, probably, in six months and have a look atthe gut function to see what kind of allergens are still present. but i suspect they'll bea lot less than there are today. what you can take from this case is that ifyou have been diagnosed with asthma, eczema, you're taking antihistamines, all those drugs,you're drinking booze, you're taking antibiotics,

you need to make changes if you want to improveyour immune function. particularly, you need to improve your gut function. that's the corething i want you to get out of this. with improved gut function comes improved immunefunction. you don't have to avoid gluten, wheat, and eggs all your life. and eventually,jeremy will be able to enjoy all those things again back in his diet. he'll just have topull his head in and make changes. that's this case. thanks for tuning in.

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