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asthma inhalers blue

asthma inhalers blue

[music playing] dr. wolf: i have seenchildren with severe obstruction to their breathing.walk in quite comfortable, quite calm and totallyunaware of the fact that they are close tostopping breathing. dr. palfrey: asthma is acondition that affects children when their breathing tubesget very, very tight. maureen: when you have anasthma attack three things happen inside yourairways or lungs. the first

thing is the bands on theoutside tighten and squeeze. second thing, there is aswelling inside your airways and the third thing isyou form a lot of mucus. dr. wolf: coughing isin fact the most frequent symptom ofasthma in children. children presentwith coughing in a particular pattern.they have a cough at night. they cough whenthey go out and try to play sports. they coughfor a long period after

they get a cold. barbara: triggers are thethings that cause asthma symptoms and makebreathing difficult. some of the most commonindoor asthma triggers include second-hand smoke,dust mites, mold, cockroaches, household pets, and evenfuel-burning appliances. paul: there are severaltypes of medication a child could be taking that canquiet the inflammation that’s involved in asthma.it’s important that you keep

in close contact with yourphysician while your child is being treated. dr. wolf: controllermedications are to be taken everyday and theybasically control the underlying problem of asthma.quick relief medications or rescue medicationsare different. they are rescuing the patientfrom the acute episode. dr. palfrey: when a childis diagnosed with asthma, of course the first thoughtthat goes through a parents

mind is “oh my goodness,he’s not going to be able to do his sports, to play with other children.”that is absolutely not true. children with asthmacan do anything. paul: a child with asthmacan have a very active life as long as theirasthma is controlled. but we have excellentexamples of children who are high-performingathletes in school. there are professionalathletes with asthma and

if your asthma iswell controlled, there is not any reason your childcan’t do anything he or she wants to do. [music ends]

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