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asthma inhaler steroid

asthma inhaler steroid

hi i'm robert and i'm going to give some account of my experience taking yamoa because i have had asthma all my life really from childhood and i have taken every kind of conventional asthma medication more or less as it was developed and certainly as soon as ventolin and some standard bronchial dilators were invented i've been taking those inhalers

since they've been available before that was serovent and before that was ephedrine pills, little bitter pills that one put under the tongue and basically i have had asthma all my life and there was a point about twenty years ago when my gp told me that i can no longer continue taking the ventolin inhalers because i was taking them so many times a day and i started taking the long-acting

one which was serovent, and that went on for a bit and then i think because of the policy of the national health service they said that i, that that can't be prescribed unless it's prescribed with a steroid, an inhaled steroid as well so probably for the last 20 years i have takeninhaled steroids and long-acting bronchial dilators every day of my life and i have continued using the puffers as well and mainly my

asthma has come on when i have had a cold or bronchitis or it's exercise induced so as soon as i start running i started wheezing and also i have allergies to dust and pollen and cats and various other things and this has gone on and in the last 20 years that i have taken inhaled steroids i have had many other lung problems i have had acute bronchitis twice and pneumonia once

and i do in myself feel that this is because of the steroids have inhibited my immune system and i various times tried to wean myself off steroids because i don't like taking medication all the time and each time has been a disaster i have had a rebound from stopping the steroids my asthma has got extremely bad and i have had to start taking them again and in fact in extreme cases, i think both the times i had bronchitis

was in a sense after the rebound of stopping taking inhaled steroids and basically earlier this year i was given yamoa by a friend and i started to take it and during the course i took for one month two a day and during that time i stopped taking the long-acting bronchial dilators and the inhaled steroids and

by the end of the first course i was basically free of asthma and i had no rebound and i've been able to run without triggering asthma, i still have a little problem with cats and i occasionally have mild asthma attacks and i occasionally use my puffer which i still take with me but it's so seldom that i use it now not more than once a day and that's one of the advantages that i have found of stopping taking the long-acting serovent

is that i can take the, is that the ventolin inhaler is much more effective than it used to be and then after the first course i had a break when i was relatively free of asthma and then i felt my asthma coming back a little bit and i took another month's course and i am just starting a third course now but i am basically relatively free of asthma now and incredibly grateful for this product, thank you.

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