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asthma inhaler side effects

asthma inhaler side effects

e-juice is made with the mixture propylene glycol abbreviated pg, vegetable glycerin abbreviated vg, nicotine and flavoring. sometimes wateror a sweetener will be added too. the amount of pg to vg will vary by brand. we'll answer common questions like how dopg and vg affect vaping? is it safe and what are the side effects? vegetable glycerin is a lot bigger thicker than propylene glycol.the consistency

is similar to cooking oil, while propylene glycol is thinner like water. you can see the pg e-juice just flows right through, while it's a little bit of a struggle for vg. e-juice with more pg carries the flavor a lot better and delivers a greater throat hit. since vg is denser, e-juice with more vg will generate more vapor. here's a comparison between 100 percent vg e-juice and 100 percent pg e-juice. due to the thickness of vegetable glycerin, clearomizers and cartomizers

will have a harder time working it. it couldalso cause build up around the coil faster which clogs the atomizer. vg e-juice works really well in dripper style atomizers. increasing the nicotine level will also increase the throat hit, while theflavor will be more distinct with less nicotine. this is the samee-juice flavor at 0 milligrams and at 18 milligrams. overall it comes down to preference, but remember vg is for vapor pg is flavor and throat hit. you canalso get 50/50 e-juice to balance the two. both pg and vg

are used in food, medical, andpharmaceutical products. asthma inhalers actually use pg as well. propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe by the fda. vegetable glycerin is organic and made from plant oils, it's a sugar substitute used sweeten food. some assume thatpropylene glycol is harmful because it's used inanti-freeze, but they don't have the full story. the fact is it use as a safer alternative for ethylene glycol to make non-toxicanti-freeze.

just because an ingredient is used in anti-freeze does not make it harmful. for example water is also in anti-freeze, butthat doesn't make it harmful. the chances of being allergic topropylene glycol are low and rare for vegetable glycerin. chancesare you would already know if you're allergic, since a lot of consumables and householdproducts i made with these ingredients. allergy symptoms propylene glycolinclude: eczema, throat irritations, and nausea.switching to 100 percent vegetable glycerin should resolve these symptoms. side effectsfor pg and vg include: dry mouth, sore throat, andincreased thirst;

which all can be cured by drinking morewater. the symptoms are usually just seen when starting out vaping. it could last a few days to a week or untilthe body adapts to e-juice. remember not everybody will experience these side effects. sometimes switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarette can be confusedwith e-juice side effects, but are actually withdraw symptoms from quitting cigarettes. keep watching and subscribe because we'lldo a tutorial on how to make your own e-juice. thanks for watching.

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